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Default Accountability/Planning/Menus- Week of April 28 - May 4 ...

Do you need accountability? Support? A place to post your menu or your workout plan? Or, do you just need to chat? Please join us on this weightloss journey.
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Hi folks - I had an good on plan day yesterday - I kind of changed things around as the day went on. However, I made adjustments and stayed under 1500 calories. I am grateful.

Today I am working in my office and taking it easy. My "pieces and parts" have been hurting.

lots of water
journal food

Breakfast - egg white scramble, pnb toast, watermelon
Lunch - cottage cheese and banana, carrots, garlic toast
Snack - yogurt, fruit
Dinner - 12 grain pancake, soy bacon, sf syrup, green beans
Snack - oatmeal, fruit, milk, flax

I hope you all have a great on plan day!
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Good morning chicks! Had a busy weekend with the kids - Saturday we went to Hershey Park and Sunday we had a roller rink party for DD's 10th birthday. I wasn't completely on-plan, but I think I did pretty well overall. Back to normal today! Another busy week lies ahead...

Beverlyjoy, sorry your parts are achey. Feel better soon!

Here's my today - haven't shopped yet this week
B: chocolate cheesecake smoothie, Kashi waffle with peanut butter
S: V8, cheese stick
L: Goat cheese, apricot and pistachio salad
S: Latte, triscuits with LCLC
D: Chinese buffet for DD's birthday dinner. I'll have egg drop soup, a big plate of green beans, and some fish
S: NSA fudgesicle
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Good morning, Friends

Just dropping in for a quick 'Hello' then it's back to the job for me. I'm running up against a looming deadline on my current project and I'm waaaay behind. But, I won't use food to relieve the stress....I promise. I'm not sure if exercise will be included in my day today. I will probably be riding the desk chair well into the evening.

Beverly, I'm sorry to hear that you've been aching lately. I hope you find relief soon.
Schmoodle - I've always wanted to go to Hershey Park. I really want to go a spa somewhere and have chocolate wraps, massages, etc!

I plan on re-starting the C25K program next Monday. This week, my focus will be to just get this butt moving again. I'll start with daily walks with Hubby. We haven't walked since last Wednesday.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.
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Okay it's been awhile, but **poof** here I am I have been kind of struggling, intentionally maintaining, and just to the point I didn't want to chat much. BUT I am back on track now. The BL contest began yesterday and my goal is to be OP every day of the competition. I am sugar detoxing as part of OP and it's rough...but, it is my only food requirement right now, because I know it's going to be rough for a week or so.

Beverly--so sorry to hear you are hurting I forgot how much your "pieces and parts" make me smile, just love your wording.

Rhonda--love your "former quitter" title! I'll miss you on the blue team, but glad to hear from you here.

schmoodle--your breakfast sounds so delic can the smoothie be made without sugar? What is in it?

I'm listening to Ali (1st female biggest loser) on Jillian's radio program right now and she is SO inspirational, she has me pumped up for my Jillian workout, which I didn't want to do just a half hour ago. Going to do it now before that inspiration dies out...have to do it before noon to earn my OP sticker!
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Good Morning! This morning I did a 2 mile walk slim dvd. I am already ahead of schedule w/ water (may need to up my goal) and am eating breakfast. I packed a healthy lunch which I absolutely intend to eat today. I am on track for getting sticer #3 in a row!

Beverlyjoy--Thanks for getting us started! Sorry to hear you are sore.

Schmoodle--Sounds like you had a fun, busy weekend!

Rhonda--Good luck w/ the project!

Purplefirefly--Hi! How's the poison ivy? I am so excited that the challenge has started! I keep forgetting to tell you, but one day last week I found myself slowing down at the gym and my 'pretend' trainer yelled at me....I thought of you! It really helped to get me moving! Did you get your workout in?

Plan for tonight is to go to the gym right after work--arms/shoulders and more cardio.

I almost forgot....I am down 2lbs today! YAHOOO!!! The scale really does move!!!!

Have a great on plan day!

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Hi everyone,
To my fellow "Just Beachy" challengers I am excited that it has begun too!

Beverlyjoy--Please take care of yourself.

Girlygirl--Gotta love those projects! !

Purplefirefly--I've downloaded a few of Jillian's podcasts but haven't had the chance to listen yet.

mj5--Congrats on the loss! Go blue team!

Exercise: I have done Water Exercise for 50 minutes.

BF--ww english muffin, egg, provolone cheese, veggie sausage (third day in a row-love it) and orange juice
S--yogurt with graham cracker sticks
L--LC meal (salmon dill with ww noodles) and a banana
That's what I haven't eaten so far

S--banana, fruit cup or applesauce
D--Citrus Couscous Chicken Salad (maybe I will actually eat it tonight)
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Hi all
Already logged my exercise, which is good because it's going to be in the 90s, if it isn't already.

B: PBJ, 2 apples
L1: Chicken tacos, cucumbers, milk
D: Ground Beef Green Bean Casserole, bulgur, milk
L2: Oatmeal with apple, milk

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Hi again...time for some personals!

Schmoodle - I have always wanted to go to Hershey Park. All that chocolate smell. It's like a sweet perfume to me! Trips can be hard on a plan - I am so glad you did pretty well.

Rhonda - Good for you planning to avoid food when you know you'll be stressed. That's awesome. I am glad you will do the 25K next week.

Purple - so glad to hear you are back on track! You CAN do this.

Mj5 - good job on the two mile walk DVD. are doing it all. YAY Down two more pound. Hip hip hooray! That's wonderful.

likenoother - GREAT job getting your water workout in already. The water is wonderful. Good plan.

Cheetara - glad you got your exercise in before the heat. That's good planning.

Thank to you all who wished my "pieces and parts" well! I appreciate it.

Carry on, folks - do the best you can because you are worth it.
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Hi again! I am starting to hit that late afternoon slump, so I thought I would pop in!

likenoother--I am SO happy the challenge has started! Great job getting your exercise in!

Purple--I have to remember to check out Alli's interview. I meant to do it last night, but forgot. Oh, I finally tried the strawberry kiwi special K20. YUMM! I am going to get some of the mix the next time I am at the store. It was really, really good! Thanks for the tip!

cheetara--Great job getting in your exercise...90's...ick, that's too hot for me!

Beverlyjoy--Hope your pieces and parts are feeling better! Thanks! I totally slacked last week w/ working out in the am and I feel SO much better when I do. I promised myself to get back at it today!

I WILL go to the gym! There, I said it, now I must do it! I really need to update my mp3 player. I'm getting bored w/ the music on it.

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Menu today:
Breakfast--steel-cut oats with 1tbs brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, organic raisins, 1/2 tbs walnuts
hot tea
1C skim milk
tuna cup, 1tbs low-fat mayo, squirt of dill relish, minced onion
10 All-Bran crackers
1C strawberries
YoPlus vanilla yogurt
homemade chicken soft taco--whole wheat tortilla, chicken, sprinkle of cheese, pinto beans, lots of red leaf lettuce, chopped fresh tomato, slice of avocado, salsa, touch of fat-free sour cream, chopped black olives
iced tea

~1520 kcal, 29g fiber, water

I'm down two more pounds, to 230. I hope to drop into the 220s this week--haven't seen the 220s in three years. I've also dropped on the BMI chart from 36 to 35, but am still "obese." *sighs*

Hope everyone's week started well!

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Hey guys! I'm back! And five pounds heavier than when I left! Well, I weighed myself this evening and not in the morning and was at 278. =/ Some of that is water weight. I did eat too much, tho, and a lot of bad processed foods. BUT, I did probably eat half of what I would have six months ago, so I guess that's a plus. I didn't get much exercise in at all, but we were running around a lot and it was hectic.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning and record that to start anew. My ankles are swollen, either hormones or too much sodium from aforementioned processed foods. So hopefully I didn't gain too much.

I am too late for the BL challenge, which makes me REALLY sad. =/ I had been seriously looking forward to the competition to give me some motivation. =/

Anyway, I had a good trip. I'm looking forward to getting back on track again. I'll be back for personals tomorrow!
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gonna win the thin!
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Hey there. I had a great day. I am op and I even made myself go to the gym. I was there for 30 mins and was about to leave when I nagged myself into doing 30 mins on the elliptical. It was great. Im ready to get back on track with losing.

Highlights today- tofu scramble, kitty kisses, workout, watching ‘the medium’

Later ladies!

Beverly- yay for staying under 1500!

Schmoodle- busy days can really throw you off. Good job not getting derailed

Girlygirlsebas- good job not using food to ease stress.

Purplefirefly- wow I think we are in the same position. I have been maintaining for a few weeks now, I just didn’t have it in me too push up hill this month. We are both back on track yay!

Mj- 3 days! Whoohoo. That is great! Did you make it to the gym?

Likenoother- good luck!

Dark blue- yay! 2lbs! that’s so fantastic. Don’t you love it when the numbers go down

Bigtxmomma- welcome back tex. I missed you
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Hi chicks - yesterday was a good on-plan day. I am grateful. Also grateful that the scale is finally smiling today as I've lost 2 pounds. I could just pinch myself - I've lost 70 pounds from my highest weight and am 2 pounds away from Onederland. Thanks, everyone.

office work

lots of water

breakfast - grits with lite cheese, watermelon
snack - hard boiled egg white
lunch - ham and pea soup, veggies
snack - yogurt with all bran
dinner - egg white omlette with mushrooms & cheese, toast
snack - cereal, flax, fruit, milk

MJ5 - hope you could make it to the gym. Yes, change the music in your mp3 and I bet it will be a good motivator.

Darkblue - Congrats on your weight loss!!! Yay. I always love reading your plan...sounds yummy.

Bgtxmama - welcome back! Yes, some of that weight is probably water -especially since your ankles are a bit swollen. Jump right back into your plan - you'll be fine.

Mathpuppy - I am so glad to hear you've been OP.- that's great. All that exercise too - you are doing it all and it feels so good.

Everyone, have a GREAT healthy day - treat yourself as good as you'd treat a special friend.

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Good Morning! I overslept again and didn't get in a watp dvd this am. Not going to beat myself up over it, but I AM going to the gym today. Plan is legs/back and cardio.

Darkblue--Congrats on 2lbs!

txmomma--Welcome back! I am sad you missed the deadline for the BL challenge, but hopefully there will be another one! We'll help keep you motivated here!

math puppy--Great job!!!! Yes, I made it to the gym and I did my planned workout!


I have also been really paying much more attention to my portion size at dinner. When I start to feel full, I get up, take care of my plate, and drink some water. Oh, and I have been cooking less too. So far, so good!
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