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Default How long have you been here?

That other post about how so many people come and go, and so few stick with it and lose the weight, got me to thinking. I have noticed a lot of people who only hang around for a week or two and then disappear. But I am sure there are lots of us who are in this for the long haul.

So how long have you been posting here?

I came here in August 2007, so that makes it about 8 months.
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Well . . . I was around for a couple of months back in 2001. Never posted, but did do a lot of reading in that time. Latest adventure began January 2006.
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I've been making better eating choices since April 2007.
I joined in October 2007, but I think it was in December 2007 that I rediscovered the site and became more actively involved with it. That's 4 months.
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january 2008 and i here still lol just a slow old road and i have had a couple of speed bumps too .. like this month i have gain 5 pounds .. yippeee 5 pounds that took me months to take off just like that poof.. lol .. but im still here i lose and gain and lose again lol.. i actually got to 269.5 woohoo i was below 270 for the first time in who knows how long.. and i stayed there for 4 days and then started gaining again lol .. BUt im still here and im still trying and in the end that is what is gonna get rid of this weight ..

IM on plan and i feel good .. Im pissed i have gained weight but im off my butt doing somehting about it no more sulking.. its happened lets unhappen it lol

I am also not gonna weigh myself until i have too lol .. As this slip up was a result of the scale shifting up when i was on plan and then getting the whole.. whats the point.. frame of mind .. lol i spent a few weeks sulking and 5 pounds is that reuslt of that sulk.. lol .. ( i was sick too but defienatly sulking lol)..
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I first came here in January of 2007. I was on vacation for 6 weeks, and haven't been here much lately because we are getting our campground ready for summer. I'm not here on a daily basis but I still check in on everyone.
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A looong time! I definitely consider myself an "oldie".
I've been here though thick and thin, sometimes more than others, but always here. I've been here through making it halfway to my goal, gaining it ALL back plus 23 friends, and I'm still here and tackling it again!!

The 100 pound club has been a MAJOR part of my life since (have to post to see my join date...) April 2005, the 19th, I believe!

I HIGHLY suggest NOT leaving here if/when you lose momentum. There are people here (you know who you are!) whom I love dearly, and have become very true friends.

Stick around! There's nowhere better!


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I read here for some months before joining. I joined about six weeks ago, because I thought having a place to be publicly accountable, even if no one knew me, would help. And it did!
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I'm a newb, been visiting the site since about October last year but only recently joined so that I could really be part of the community. So glad I did, its been great
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I've been here since November 2006 and I've never left. I've not had stellar losses that impress everyone, but I've managed to maintain what I've lost and lose a few more pounds every once in a while. I credit my friends here on the 100lb club and on the Biggest Loser Challenges for keeping me motivated to keep trying. I've seen a lot of people come and go,which makes me very sad. I've also seen several of those people come back, which makes me very happy! And, I love having new friends come join in. The support I've found here is much better than any support group/plan that I've paid big money for in the past.
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I was reading the WW Canada online forum for a couple months and wanted to be able to post but didnt want to shell out the $$$ So in August 07 I started googling 'free weight loss forum' and ended up at 3fc. Been around ever since.
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Sept 2006 - Although my latest weight loss as seen on my ticker is from May 2007 until today... nearly a year.

I see a lot come and go but I see a lot of the same faces too.
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I only just discovered 3FF at the beginning of this month. I've never really felt comfortable with forums and things like that but this place was so open and inviting that I immediately joined and have been checking in every day. It's already been a great help.
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I've only been here since March but I plan on staying around!!
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I was here back in 2001 or so I believe... I even met a girl from NYC who came over to the Netherlands (she was very cool, and I ended up making friends with her friend here - after all we lived in the same town!!).

I dropped out of sight for a while, couldn't remember my log-in details and so I signed up... 2 years ago?... as velveteen. I have been off and on for the last year and decided very recently that this is where I want to be, where I want to make friends, where I want to give and get support and where I will be when I reach my goal and even further onto maintenance...!

I had been a member of DWLZ while I was on WW from 1999-2001 but I never really found my place there. Since I don't go to meetings, I really need the online support and I need to feel like I "belong". Maybe that sounds silly, but it's just what works for me. It took a little while to find my place here too, but I'm not afraid anymore to just jump in and add my thoughts, opinions or support all around the board

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August 1999 - since the last century! I actually think I was here before that but we didn't start showing dates joined on profiles until then.
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