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I will sometimes have some coffee or diet soda (Moutain Dew Code Red), because the caffeine is an appetite suppressant. I don't do this often, though.

Other strategies I use are chewing strong minty-flavored gum (like Altoids), or drinking some water and waiting to see if it's really hunger I am feeling or was I just thirsty?

If I do snack, I will usually have a piece of fruit, or a veggie (like a tomato). I recently discovered mini-pitas (a serving size is 5 pitas, 140 calories), and I will dip them into salsa or hummus. Sometimes I will have peanuts, or a small package of beef jerky.

And sometimes I just ignore it and wait until my next meal to eat anything.

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Like many, I find that my worst cravings are at my TOM. Then, something "substantial" like crackers and PB works for me. Most other times, I'm ok if I remember to snack mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening, but the snacks have to be a fruit, vegetable and evening small piece of cheese or a few almonds. Otherwise, I get cravings to the point of distraction. That's when I dive for the celery, then the gum, then the tea, then the... you get the idea! As long as it's low-cal and not full of additives, I'll try it!
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when i get that "want to snack feeling" at night, i go to bed as soon as i can. not only does sleeping keep me from eating, but i get to be exciting about waking up for breakfast! hee hee

well i know you cant got to bed at work, so this isnt much help to you. but just thought i would share anyways.

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If you absolutely can't distract yourself, and get past the feeling, which usually DOES pass within a few minutes if you "get yourself out of the moment", I find a bag (I always have these with me) of raw string beans are GREAT for mindless munching. Really crunchy and satisfying.

Another great snack that I like is cucumber salad. I bring it to work with me every single day. Some sliced cucumbers, kirbys actually, vinegar and Splenda. Very yummy.

I also chew gum and I keep tic tacs with me. They're 1 1/2 calories a piece. Then of course there's the hot tea, a diet soda or water.
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For's usually sf gum, a very small dab of natural peanut butter, hard boiled egg white, sf candy, fruit, tea, decaf coffee.........
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I'm with Rhonda and Schmoodle on the sugar free candies. At work we once had someone bring in SF salt water taffy from the shore. There were 3 of us that ate 5 or more pieces. One person spent the afternoon in the bathroom. I spent the afternoon in severe stomach pain, and the other person felt sick also. One or two pieces is ok but watch out!
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For the sugar free candies, just check the ingredients. It's usually the sugar alcohols that cause the, erm, gastrointestinal distress. You can find sugar free hard candies that are made with sugar substitutes and NO sugar alcohols, which should make your tummy much happier.

I also second the diet soda. The carbonation always makes me feel full with no calories and gives me a different flavor in my mouth and something to put in my hand, which is usually al I need when I'm having a mental craving and am not really physically hungry.
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I'll chew on gum. I love the new Stride gum, the flavor really truly does last! I put one in my mouth right after lunch today and kind of forgot I was chewing it until 4 when it was time to go home!

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When I am feeling snacky, I want things I shouldn't even be thinking about! Usually I want something salty. So I eat green olives. They are really salty and I can't eat more than a few...and they are like - maybe 5 calories an olive. I get the big ones stuffed with different things - like garlic and jalapenos. I also drink crystal light for something sweet. That usually satisfies me.
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When I want a snack I make myself wait five minutes to make sure that it is hunger and just my brain saying ohhh food. Of course this doesn't always work haha. Depending on what kind of snack I want will depend on what I get. I have fat free sorbet, great for after dinner when that "I just need something else" kicks in. I take time putting it in a glass (so I can see how much I eat and glasses are smaller than bowls), get out a long handled teaspoon and savour it. If its something salty then I often have a handful of pretzels or a glass of water (I don't crave salt often and find usually it is more I am needing a drink). When I just want something to give me some filling, a snack bar or a banana.
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I guzzle 16 ounces of water. I wait a bit & guzzle 16 more. I wait a little longer. If I am really hungry then it will have to be a snack. Peanut butter on a spoon, or some unsalted nuts and some fruit. Or a quick pack of oatmeal & raisins & cinnamon.

Also if you want the carbonation w/o the chemicals, seltzer is a great substitute & comes in a lot of great flavors.

And, yes, sugarless gum works wonders.

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I smoke but don't do that! Eat veggies as everyone said. Or I love 100-cal. Smart Pop microwave popcorn (1 WW point/ bag!!!). Also I always have my very moist and delicious 1 WW point cupcakes on hand. Here's the recipe:

1 box store bought cake mix ($0.99!)
1 (15 oz.?) can pumpkin puree (< $2.00!!)
1 cup water
1/4 c. egg substitute (optional)

mix all together until smooth. Batter will be thick. Follow the temp. and time directions on the box. You can do a cake but I recommend making 24 cup-cakes. 24 for $3.00! The pumpkin adds a ton of Vitamin A and you can't even taste it! I make these all the time and wrap them individually in plastic wrap and store in an air tight container so they're like the 100-cal. packs that I can't afford to buy.

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Oh I forgot! I also get Light Baby Bell cheeses By Laughing Cow at Trader Joe's (only place I've found them). They're individually wrapped and have a wax coating that's fun to peel away. I carry one to the gym and have it with a banana after I swim. I've recently started to carry them to school with me so I can have a quiet snack while I'm studying in the library. 1 WW point.
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I suffer from the same anxiety, eat then want something else. I won't be really hungry, just "want" something. I find that I am so weak that I sometimes give in and eat a no no.
Sandi, thanks for the ticker tips.

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Sandi, I got the flowers to do, but now I want to erase the hearts.

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