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xGurlyGrlx 04-12-2008 01:54 AM

Like LisaF - I would like more room in my suitcase. Not because my clothes will be smaller and I can take more...but because I won't have to pack my OWN towel because I don't fit in normal sized ones.

1. I want to go to sporting events again and not feel like I am spilling into someone elses seat.
2. Be able to fly by myself and not have to have someone I know sit in the middle because I spill over my seat.
3. Be able to find CUTE clothes esp. underwear.
4. Be able to dress appropriately for the weather. No layers, long pants, or long shirts in the summer.

- #5 - You can now and you will find someone! You are beautiful. :hug:

LittleBigGirl 04-12-2008 02:15 AM

1) Be able to take a normal bath towel to the gym instead of a beach towel.
2) See my sexy collar bone.
3) Get my hourglass figure back.
4) Re-join the swim team.
5) Not have to make massive alterations to every clothing pattern.
6) Getting back into a size 12.
7) No more knee pain.
8) No more feeling like my head will pop off after climbing the stairs.
9) Not brush against people when getting on/ off the bus.
10) Be confident enough to go to a club and dance the night away.
11) Wear my guys dress shirt and be sex and kittenish, instead of looking like a sausage.

KateRN 04-12-2008 02:39 AM

i want to wear pretty underwear!! i wear sports bras all the time because bras always make my back fat stand out!

SeaWave 04-12-2008 11:18 AM

So many of us have similar items; I know I'll be referring back to this list for inspiration when I need it! I have a few that I'm sharing from my journal. They're in no particular order, so I don't want to number them.

* Wearing sexy lingerie (as opposed to bras that look like body armour!)
* Dancing (without jiggling so much it hurts)
* Being active with no pain and without being short of breath.
* Being spontaneous instead of cautious.
* Easily finding clothes that fit - love vintage clothing!
* Enjoying “candid shots” of myself
* No rubbing thighs!
* Being able to keep up with the boys, instead of waiting around for them!
* Not have to worry about weight limits on amusement park rides (back in the day, I would to go on Every.Single.One.)
* Being healthy when I reach old age
* Wearing form fitting clothing - no elastic waists!
* Setting a good example of health and perseverance (despite set backs) to my son.
* Wearing billowy clothes because I like them, not because they’re the only thing I can find that will fit!
* Thinking “I remember when this towel wouldn’t fit around me!”

Schmoodle 04-12-2008 12:05 PM

Having lost the first 58, these are the things I have enjoyed already:
Feeling great!
Finding collar and hipbones
Feeling cute!
Fitting into a towel
Going snow tubing with my kids
Shopping in the regular sizes
Fitting into places - airplane seats, restaurant booths, etc.
Enormous reduction in headaches and allergies
Realizing I do have some self control and willpower after all
My daughter is able to wrap her arms all the way around me and squeeze
Being able to look at the bottom of my shoe to see if I stepped in poo without bracing myself on a tree and pulling my foot up with my hand (this happened the other day)
Crossing my legs (tho my daughter says it's bad for me, I couldn't do it for so many years, now I do it all the time)
Tying my shoes easily
Not needing to use the handicapped stall in a public toilet so that I have enough room to maneuver

And here are the ones I'm really looking forward to in the future:
Going to Hershey Park with the kids in a few weeks - I'll ride the rides
Many years of good health and seeing and playing with my grandchildren
Fitting into a size 14 - then 12, then, maybe even 10!
Playing at the pool this summer without feeling so self conscious
Not suffering so much from the heat
Lots of fun clothes shopping
Having a family portrait done
Keeping this weight off forever!

Ookpik 04-12-2008 10:34 PM

1. Getting more into sports. Last year I joined a softball league, this year I took up swimming - I'm looking forward to being able to play more vigorous sports, such as soccer and floor hockey.
2. Having more confidence when it comes to men.
3. Wearing cute, smaller outfits.

jewelrymaker81 04-12-2008 11:09 PM

*I'm super-girly, but it's hard to feel cute and feminine in your clothes when you're big. And I'm tall so that doesn't help either. I just want to be able to wear pretty, feminine clothes.
*To be able to buy a bra anywhere. Pretty ones. And underwear too!
*Everytime I move I think about my fat. Are my rolls showing more? Are people looking at me? I'm done with that. I hate being so tormented by my fat. I hate to sit with my back to a crowd - like in a restaurant I'll take the seat closest to the wall at our table. And it is a table - because my roomate and I usually request one lest the booth be too tight. I want to go into a restaurant or a theatre and just sit. There should be no thought process to it, just sit!!
*As bad as they are, I would actually like to have a normal period again.
*I hate when people see old pics of me and say, "wow you were so pretty." I want to be pretty now!!
*I want to run around and play with the kids at work without worrying about my fat jiggling.
*I used to have the most beautiful hands. I always got compliments on them. My fingers were long and thin and my nails grow long and healthy. My nails are still long and healthy but my fingers are chubby and I hate it.
*I want to have more energy. I'm a fun person!
*I want to sleep well. I've diagnosed myself with sleep apnea (everyone I know thinks I have it too. I just haven't been to a dr.), and I'm hoping that with weight loss, that will go away as well. I hate being tired all the time.
*I want to feel confident when I meet new people. I also want to feel confident around strangers. I'm 26 years old and I still feel self-concious around teenage popular snobby types. I'm like, I'm a grown woman! Why should these kids make me uncomfortable??
*I'm actually in pretty decent shape to be as heavy as I am and I don't have any real problems getting around. But I know I could do so much more.

Doragone 04-13-2008 03:00 AM

I love these! Not asking for a table, seeing light between the thighs, and Robin, what an inspiration. Tell us how you got here (to your goal, almost). Awesome!!!


Beverlyjoy 04-13-2008 09:17 AM

Wow... I have loved reading these! So many are things I hadn't even thought of - but, agree and look forward to them myself.

I look forward to:

- wearing smaller clothes and being able to find more of the things that I like

- not having to worry about fitting into the seat in an airplane

- sitting in any chair I'd like to - with no fear of damaging it

- finding my once very small waist

- showing my grown up son what his mom looked like when he was a little boy

- being able to move about more wistfully

- not being the fattest person in the room

- not being the fattest person in the familly

- dancing at weddings feeling free and that people are not thinking "Look at that fat women dance."

I know I'll think of more.

Iwanawurkit 04-13-2008 10:06 AM

I have enjoyed reading all the things to look forward to and I plan on borrowing some of these as I jot them down in my journal. My daughter will be getting married next year and I have so much to look forward to.......
* Buying underwear at Victoria Secrets......you know their underwear only goes up to a size 12....not panty size but jean size.
* Buying smaller workout clothes to wear at the gym.
* Being able to wear my ipod arm band without the circulation being cut off and that is with the adjustment to the largest size.
* Looking like someone who may have an eating disorder.....I have an eating disorder now but no one comments on my size except how big I am.
* Walking into my doctor's office for my yearly visit and he has to look on my chart to see who I am.
* I look forward to not being told that I need to check myself in at the hospital for a liquid diet because I can control real food.
* Running in a mini marathon.
* Being taken seriously at the job I perform.
* Enjoying the reflection as I wait for the elevator at work.
* Being able to buy clothes off of the clearance rack.
* Feeling comfortable getting my picture taken.

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