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Default I Broke A Barrier!!!!!

Ok i started this weightloss journey last year in december and it has been a slow journey.. I do feel alot better about my self and have alot more energy... most days.. but in late feb- early march my life was hectic .. i was looking for a new car trying to cope with my hubby being away for work for the first time with me having both the kids . ( he has done it before when i was pregg with number 2 ) and i got run down and endedup sick and weak.. for weeks.. anyway in this time i gained back 4 pound :P...
I got back on track a couple of weeks ago and i quickly lost those 4 pounds and got back down to 273 and have been losing since and now..............

I have finally broken the 270 barrier wooohoooooo 269.5 BABY!!!! hooray.. for those of you that have felt stuck for a long time.. you know how im feeling i was 273 in the beggining of febuary went up while sick and then now .... im doing a happy dance ..

from now on i can say 260 something instead of 270 or 280 something lol .. my start weight was 288.8 beleive me everypound has not wanted to come off ... they all were happy where they were sitting on my butt and belly let me assure you.. lol

Calorie counting has been my plan and its working so im gonna keep on couting away .. 1900 cals plus 30 minute elliptical 6-7 days a week and small weights 3-4days for 20 minutes and im losing 1-3 pounds a week would be more if i didnt keep eating chocolate.. lol .. the easter bunny is gonna have his furry little behind kicked if i see him again this year.. how dare he leave so much choclate in my possesion lol ..

OK i just thought id share my excitement and small victory
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YAY! Good job!!!!

We have an agreement in this house with that evil Easter Bunny... he brings very little candy and plenty of silly gifts (coloringbooks, puzzles, bubbles, kites, etc.) and sometimes a big gift or two also... this year he delivered a swingset for the little ones and a bike for our oldest.
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LOL! At your easter bunny threats!! Well done on breaking that barrier your doing so well getting back on track. Keep it up, you can do this!!
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Great job!
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Great job! New decades are always fun!
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Congratulations, I know exactly how you feel. I am having the battle with 253 right now. I just need to buckle down, I can't wait to see how good it feels to be under 250. Funny about the Easter Bunny as well, he's also not allowed to leave alot of candy at our house either, especially if its the kind I like. This year he left coloring books and other little prizes along with the candy.

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That's great for you sticking it out and making it over that barrier. Keep it up!!!!
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Congratulations on breaking a barrier. You are doing a great job!
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