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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Default Arrgghhh I Hate!!!!!!!!!!!!

stretch denim!!!!! WHY on earth does it seem to be ALL that is available to purchase??? I must have tried on 20 pairs of jeans this weekend since mine are all falling down (i know i know, boo frickin hoo) and all i can find have the stretch in them -- they cling to my fat thighs til about my kneecap and then release, wow that look does so NOT work for me!!!!!

I have a fabulous pair that I love, perfect length, nice and straight leg no clingy but i tore the *** out of them doing home renos LOL and they cannot be found again

I'm in Canada and about the only plus size stores are Cotton Ginny, Addition-Elle & Pennington's, all with stretch, same with Wally Mart...sigh....

Rant over
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Is it not possible to order jeans online? Thats what i do when i can't find plus size jeans in the stores.
I can sympathise with the cut of the jeans. All the jeans here in the UK are either wide leg or skinny fit, or alteast thats how it seems. I've just taken to wearing skinny jeans even though they do nothing for me!
I'm sure you'd be able to find some online, plus, there is usually more choice in sizes online.
Good luck with finding some!

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Originally Posted by Trazey34 View Post
but i tore the *** out of them doing home renos LOL
You crack me up!

I actually love that the jeans have stretch in them. I have a friend that hates it like you...and she gets some of her jeans at Kohls. I don't know if you would have that store in Canada. Do you have Lane Bryant? They have a brand called Seven and a lot of those jeans don't have stretch. They are really cute jeans but I can't wear them. If jeans don't have stretch...they look really bad on me.
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*shyly raises hand* I also can only wear stretch denim, otherwise I have "diaper butt" because my booty is fairly nonexistent compared to the rest of my body. It just tends to fit better if it has some stretch to it... haha.
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Yep . . . I love the stretch jeans, also . . . think it must be something to do with basic body shape I'm big in the waist (what waist ), as compared to the hips.
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Come on, slap on a pair of stretches and get back to work -- I saw pictures of myself yesterday from five years ago in a man shirt and yoga pants -- I think I would even take the stretch jeans over that mess!! My thighs are way too big for stretch jeans -- makes me look like a tree trunk!! I definitely need a little bit of "hang" on those thighs. Good luck finding pants -- my the "good fit fairy" send a pair your way and, while she's at it, send me a pair that are long enough to not make my big size 11 feet stick out and look like row boats!!
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I also love stretch jeans due to lack'o'booty and hips, but since Wally-World wasd mentioned, the ones in the US have some clearence stuff right now and I picked up some utility pants, I think they were 9-10 bucks a pop? No stretch and very very comfy. Actually paired some black ones with an olive green T and camo ballet shoes, I thought it was nice to be able to wear a more "stylish" outfit than stretch leggigs, yoga pants and hubby's tshirts.
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I was at mark's work warehouse today. (my town doesnt have AE, CG or penningtons) and I'm pretty sure they have some non stretch denim. They dont have stuff past sz 18 or 2xl but it's worth a shot!
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