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Default The Bathing Suit Thread (Shudder...)

So yesterday I went bathing suit shopping. If that isn't one of the biggest incentives to stay on plan, I don't know what is. I actually went immediately from the store to the gym when I finished trying on the horror suits. I learned several things:

-Fat or thin, it is still a nightmare.
-Actually saying, out loud, to yourself "Oh my god, a 1000 hours at the gym and I still look like crap" will make the stranger in the next changing room laugh out loud.
-Upper inner thighs on a 43 year old former fat woman are not that attractive. I stood there and actually considered whether a couple of tanning sessions would be worthwhile to take away some of the white glow of my extra leg flaps.

On the upside, I actually get to go swimming this year without wearing a t-shirt and a please don't feed the whale sign.

Anybody else take the plunge into bathing suits yet?

And no, I didn't buy anything. I'm still preserving the illusion for myself that losing another 6 or 7 pounds will make all the difference in how they look.
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What is a bathing suit? I haven't seen one of them in a good long time!

You are doing a fabulous job... and I have to thank you for the laugh... I will someday steal the 1000 hours at the gym line for my first bathing suit shopping trip, just to see how many people I can get laughing!
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I have! I'm going to Jamaica next week, and have bought 2 new suits-plus the 2 I have from last year. I have decided to embrace the thigh flaps! lol. I'm bigger at the top and was concerned about support, so I bought 2 bra-sized suits from I can't believe what they do for the girls! Maybe it will draw the attention up there, rather than the thigh flaps, arm flaps, etc. lol I've decided that it is what it is, and it's a far sight better than squeezing into my old size 24 suit.
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Oh how I can relate.

After losing 165 lbs, this 44 year olds inner thighs is what took the worst beating. And the area under my former butt.

But oddly enough, I LOVE how I look in a swimsuit. The part that the swimsuit is actually on, that is. I love how my stomach, waist, torso and back look. I also love my shoulders, collarbones, and arms. So, how I have worked around it - is to wear a pair of shorts with my swimsuit. After not wearing a swimsuit and therefore not stepping foot in a pool or the ocean for over 15 years, probably more, I am thrilled to be wearing a bathing suit - shorts and all. I bought 3 of them last summer and I went swimming for the first time and it felt MARVELOUS. Absolutely marvelous.
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I splurged on a slimming halter suit last year -- I think I look okay in it. I'm more self-concious about my arms more than my thighs (although this year I'm sporting a thick 8 inch scar on my thigh). I want to get another new one this year, but I love the halter ones because it holds up my deflated boobs nicely. I got $50 Kohl's cash, so I might just put it toward a new suit . . .
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lol I'm twice as big as ya'll and I like my swimsuit. =D I hope I don't get more self conscious the thinner I get.

I bought a cheapie $30 swimsuit at Walmart a couple weeks ago because we were out at the beach and decided to go swimming because it was warm enough. I don't think I've felt more comfortable or liked a swimsuit better. (I always fell for the plus-sized swimsuit price gouging and would spend over $100 on a suit). I really like halter tops, and for some reason it lays flat down my belly. I like it, and I don't mind looking like a whale. =D
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I bought a tankini at Target. For the record, 25 year old former fat woman upper inner-thighs aren't much better. I did like, though, that I could buy the different pieces of the tankini in different sizes at Target...this allowed me to get a slightly larger top than I would have otherwise, which provides some looseness over the loose skin on my stomach, and enough length that I'm not actually exposing any skin between the bottom and the top, both of which I like. It ended up being fairly flattering, overall, I thought.

Interestingly, this is the first year I've purchased a swimsuit that isn't black, though I may purchase a black tankini top so I get, effectively, 2 swimsuits out of the deal.

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I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Something's on my mind and when I log onto 3fc, somebody's started a post about it!
I was shopping (online) for bathing suits yesterday. I'm actually very excited about getting a new one, but I haven't had to face a mirror yet. I have never let fatness keep me out of a bathing suit, we spend lots of time at the pool and beach in the summer, and now swim at the Y in the winter, but I haven't gotten a new one yet, and my size 22s are bagging enough to show some things that shouldn't be shown, so I guess it's time!
On the upside, I actually get to go swimming this year without wearing a t-shirt and a please don't feed the whale sign.
Ouch! Be nice!

We are going to look FABULOUS this year, ladies! Armflaps, saggy butts and thighs, scars and all!
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My inner thighs suck. I've always enjoyed swimming so even at my highest weight, i went out in a bathing suit and I've never really used a coverup.

I recently bought a swimsuit that I plan to wear in a couple weeks. It is a halter but yikes the V is deep.
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I actually bought a bikini for the first time since high school. I cried in the dressing room-- I was by myself and I literally cried.....
I brought it home, tried it on for dh and decided it didn't fit that well so I brought it back. I ended up buying another bikini! I was so self-conscious even in the store that I was holding a bikini-- like someone would see me and ask why I was buying that?!?!
Now, it remains to be seen whether or not I'll actually be brave enough to wear it is public, but I hope so. It is keeping me motivated to do my sit-ups and lose those last few pounds in hopes of my saggy, stretch-marked tummy miraculously disappearing.
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I can't wait to buy a new swimsuit this summer, I think! I'm not sure how much I've lost so far but I came to really like the one piece skirt thing I had last year and it covers up the top of my legs. Hopefully my upper leg fat won't sag beyond my skirt? Yikes!! Never thought about that!

Years ago, I would not have stepped out in a bathing suit but I figured everyone knew I was fat anyways so why not enjoy some of my favorite things to do...swimming & tanning! Once I wore the suit out, I became comfortable in my skin...maybe too comfortable!

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I picked out a kind of cute swimsuit last year. I would NEVER go out in public in a swimsuit though. In fact, I have only gone out in public in a swimsuit ONE time and I was 15 and slightly chubby. A white bikini....good lord what was I thinking!?! Anyway, I got a cute Tankini, I guess that is what the style is called. Its a tank top with a skirt bottom. It covers thighs and tummy's. I only wear it because I have a pool in my backyard. When we have people over, I usually wear a t-shirt. I will not even get near the pool when certain people are over. I wish I didn't care...but I do. I know when I get to my goal weight, I will never be able to wear a bikini and I'm alright with it. I just want to feel comfortable and good in a swimsuit.
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I've never let my weight keep me from a swimsuit. I love water and swimming too much. I just don't care what others think of what I might look like. At home I do wear a two-piece.
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Originally Posted by Robin41 View Post
On the upside, I actually get to go swimming this year without wearing a t-shirt and a please don't feed the whale sign.
You are hilarious!
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I also hate bathing suits, BUT I don't hate them enough to let that stops me either..I love swimming.

I have noticed in the past few years that there are SO many more options than there used to be!
I love that at walmart, they have tons of different pieces in the same fabric. Tops, bottoms, skirts, coverups...and then, you can also mix and match the different fabrics too.

We have to love our wobbly, jiggly, selves, and have some fun! At this point, I don't want to look back on my life and say "I wish"...

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