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Default What a Goofball!

I just spent 15 minutes hooking up my laptop in the family room, rearranging my treadmill, everything just so, plopped my new Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD in, started it up. I thought you did those on a treadmill! There they all were, just walking in place on the floor.

I got the 3 mile weight loss walk DVD, cause that's all they had at Target. I made it to half of the second mile and my hips and legs were screaming at me, SIT DOWN! You also use hand weights for part of it.

Something tells me I should have maybe gotten one for a mile or two to start. Oh well. Some of the people doing it with her have lost over 100 lbs! Whoo hoo. I imagine they must have watched what they were eating, would love to hear their stories.

Have any of you tried any of her DVD's?
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I have never tried her DVD's, but it sounds interesting. I am going to buy the Dance Dance Revolution for my Wii system and dance the pounds away! (I hope).

By the way thank you for the chuckle, I would have probably done the same thing LOL.
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WATP videos are awesome...great if you don't have a lot of space, also.

Many people here use them, check the Exercise forum for more info!
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I use it and LOVE it! I do 6 miles a day 6x a week and so far its working for me. Good luck with it!
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I totally just lol'd. =D =D You're gettin' all fancy with the treadmill, just to find out it's walking. In place. =D =D I'm seriously impressed you made it to where you did, tho. I struggled the first few times just to do the slow 1 mile walk, lol!!

BUT I LOVE LESLIE SANSONE. I actually look forward to doing WATP. I have the 1 & 2 mile express DVD (it's definitely an introductory video). I just bought the 3 mile DVD and the 4 mile walk/jog DVD to vary it up a bit.
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I have Leslie Sansone's 3-mile walk. I started walking outside, but when it got cold, I bought the DVD. I like her, but I can only take so much of her giggliness, so I don't do it often.

Good for you for taking it on! I don't think there's much difference between doing 1 mile of the 3 mile DVD or just doing 1 mile of the 1 mile DVD - so I think you made a great choice as you can progress with the same DVD.
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I actually just did one tonight. I love it! I keep doing the same one. I do it on Comcast ON DEMAND. Its the one mile booster. I think its fun and the time flys by. I think I might try the one mile jog booster next though. I have been doing the walking one for awhile now.
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I was just going to say that I recorded some of her programs off of TW on Demand. They have about 8 different videos on there this month. I've been walking outside since it's been so nice so I have not used any of them yet.
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LOL. I didn't get the whole "walk at home" thing when I first looked into the DVD either. Just do the first mile or two and ff to the cooldown.
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That's really funny!

My sister couldn't understand how you walk at home until I actually played one of the dvds for her. She said Leslie talked too much LOL!
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I like them. They are something quick and easy to do at home when I don't have time for anything else. I agree with Laurie about her giggliness. Next time you do it, don't use the weights and I bet you an make it all the way through. That's usually what I do when I'm just starting out is only do the footwork and then start adding in the armwork later.
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I love Leslie's dvds...I use them all the time.

She does actually have a sort of treadmill dvd-she did it for something called the Treadclimber. I've never seen it, though.

At there are some treadmill workout dvds. There is a new one called "Walking Strong" by the instructor Tracey Staehle.

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I love the WATP DVD's. I don't mind Leslie too much. I have the 1, 2, and 3 mile DVDs. I also have a treadmill. I like the DVD's because it gives me more variety for my "walking." Just using the treadmill everyday gets boring!

Thanks for sharing that info, Sherry. The "Walking Strong" DVD looks like it would be a good one.
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Red face

I love the WATP's DVD's too. I have about 4 or 5 of them. I started with the 1 mile and just worked my way up. A lot of the time I put one on, mute the TV and put my Tunes on and just go to town.

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Thanks for the tips ladies! My legs are sore today! And my shoulderblades are killing me, I definitely overdid the weight part of it. Every time I think I'm getting in shape something reminds me I'm not that great yet!
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