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Wow, what an insane work week this has been! I haven't been posting, but I have been reading here every night just to relax a bit. I always eat when I'm stresed out, so we'll see what tomorrow's weigh-in brings. I have been trying to be careful, and I did get one evening of exercise in, but there have been a few slip-ups.

MJ--congrats on the 14 pounds gone! Sounds like the earrings and hair together will be great!

Beverly--hope the foot gets better!

Txmomma--if quilting gives you pleasure and if it is a de-stressor, then do it for you. Everyone deserves their own hobbies.

I'm off to find something helathy for lunch. You all take care!
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HI everyone,

no time for personals sorry!

Quick update: soreness is gone. but is replaced by general overall grumpiness and feeling unwell. I can't pinpoint the symptoms. Just feel YUK. I'm sure TOM's not helping. I finally caved and took an Advil. I am aiming to get outside today and get a walk in.

2 kids have a fever...maybe I am on the way??!....I sure hope not. Feel sorry for hubby, I am just sooooo grumpy and it's not his fault.

Okay, bye for now...hope everyone stays on plan.
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Ginger...both my kids have had fevers this week

My daughter supposedly had an upper resp. infection and had a course of penicillin. She had a fever of 103-ish for a day or two. Then my son had a headache and some major lethargy and also had a 103-ish fever...what is going on on this island??? Some very strange things going around right now!

I hope your little guys feel better soon...and you too of course!!! I hope you don't get full blown sick!

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Hey guys!

Had an relatively on-plan food day. Didn't do exercise, tho. I'm really happy because I got in contact with the local organic co-op and placed an order for a share of vegetables & fruit. I'm excited. =D I've been wanting to get hooked on locally grown produce for a while, but we NEVER make it to the farmer's market because they're too far away and open only in the morning. So this should be just as good.

Things went really well until we went to our fav Mexican restaurant for dinner. I didn't eat any of the tortilla chips, but my dinner (I got fajitas) was criminally greasy. =/ I took most of it home, but DH & I decided we're not going back. =/

Hope the weigh in goes well, Darkblue!

I'm sorry you don't feel well, Ginger. =( Take it easy, you're probably coming down with something.

Hope your kids feel better, too, Linda. I wonder if there's a plague going around BC!

Take care, everyone. And now it's dancing carrot time.
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What is the "blue team" or "team blue" I keep seeing in peoples' sig lines?
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gonna win the thin!
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i didnt have a good day calorie wise today.
i did alot of window shopping before i realized that. i was so stoked to find clothing that i would love to wear when i was thinner (finally).

i really hate shopping, everthing makes me look frumpy and ugh. and usually nothing looks appealing to me on the rack, probably because cute big clothes are rather limited. but i got some excersise walking around the pacific shopping center today, and i found myself in some clothing stores that had awsome clothing.

i bet ill cry when i finally get to wear normal people cloths. i cant wait.

giving up when it gets hard or because things dont go as planned, is just not worth it anymore.

im okay with the fact that i accidently over ate today, because tommorrow ill try harder, and ill keep trying, until i get it right. =)

wishing you all well and good night.
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Darkblue, I think they refer to the 3FC Biggest Loser challenge going on.

math, it really does suck that there isn't good clothing in larger sizes. Sigh. I'll probably cry when I wear a size 14.

Is 14 the highest most lines carry? I don't even know anymore. lol

Hope everyone has a great day today! Just chilling around the house today, and hopefully I'll get to work on the quilt. I didn't get any exercise in yesterday, so I PLEDGE at least 1 mile WATP.

Bfast - small bowl of chili w/ LF cheddar cheese, 3.5 small Gimme Lean pieces
Lunch - leftover eggplant/zucchini w/ shirataki noodles
Dinner - something with brussels sprouts!
Snack - string cheese, LFLC
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Hi chicks, sorry I have become an occasional visitor here! I have been so busy with work and family, lots of travel lately too.
But I am doing pretty well with food and much better with exercise, so I'm not hiding from you because I've been bad!
Hopefully next week will be easier and I can come visit more. Hope you are all well and on track.
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On My Road To Good Health
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Smile Starting my journey into another week...

Weigh in on Friday showed I have maintained. Not unusual as I was PMS. Of course, being perimenopausal, PMS can last quite awhile. I usually see the best losses after TOM. Also, I have been using all of my weekly WW flex points. I need to learn to make better decisions, especially weekends and evenings. Any tips for planning?

Had a great visit with son and grandchildren. He is home from his second deployment in Iraq for a couple of weeks. Please keep he and family in your prayers as they are in the process of a divorce. (A couple who married young and have spent more time apart than together...Both nice people, lovely children...).

Need to get back to business after being away for a couple of days. Have a great week everyone!Beth
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello! Cleaning is going ok...slow, but ok. Exercise hasn't been good, but I am doing a lot of lifting and lugging of stuff....the neighbors are going to think we are moving when we put our garbage out....the pile will be huge....I hope they take it all!!!

The weather has been icky...sat night we lost power for about 3 hours (wind, rain, sleet, ice, snow, thunder and was pretty wild!), but we were ok.

Hopefully by tomorrow we will be done w/ the upstairs and then can do some fun stuff!

Beverlyjoy--How are you doing? Hope you are holding up ok w/ the weather!

Rhonda--I am w/ you, I am SO ready for some warmer weather!

purple--How was the party?

txmomma--ok, if you saw what my upstairs looked like, you would be excited to get it cleaned too! It was embarassing! (notice I am using past tense!!!) I'd be happy to send you snow...last night we had snow, rain, sleet, as well as thunder and about wild weather! Who cares what your family says, the quilt will be gorgeous! Oh those fruits and veggies sound SO good! Good for you! In case you are counting....we found 2 dead mice!

darkblue--I wish it was 14lbs! It was actually 14 on plan days in a row. Hope work slows down for you!

ginger--take care of yourself!

linda--hope everyone feels better at your house soon!

math puppy--Good for you for setting yourself up for a + start tomorrow!

Schmoodle--Pop in when you can!


Have a great night!
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Just checking in quick again...I really miss reading and posting personals to all you guys I hope things can slow down during the week and I can get back here more. I am doing well with food but not much exercise unless you count tons of playing with the kids outside and helping in the backyard. I have to move bricks tomorrow....HAVE to get it done, so that will be a great workout there.

Hope to come back tomorrow and catch up some I miss you all!
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