Sweat Until Our Clothes Slide Off !!!

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  • Welcome back and if your new your also very welcome! This is a tread I started so I would move my bum. (I HATE working out) It doesn't matter what or how long you choose to move. You did it and maybe you'll learn to love it. That is my goal. So the weeks theme is " Sweat Until Our Clothes Slide Off!!"
  • Today I did some lower body sculpting and a 1 mile WATP.
  • fiberlover - You know you really inspire me. WTG with your workouts!

    The weather outside is/was horrible snowy, wind YUCK! I just wanted to set at home and watch my chick flicks and skip today. Well I decided to make my workout shopping. I had a few things I needed to pickup. So I put on my pedometer and we went home after I hit 2 miles.
  • Thanks Mezster - I really decided that I had to do workouts everyday. I treat it like brushing my teeth, just needs to be done. And truthfully, after months it is such a habit that it feels funny if I don't do something every day.
  • Fiber - Wow I hope that I will feel that way someday.
  • Hi!!

    I decided today to wear the pedometer (sp??) and track myself -- I heard somewhere you should do 10,000 steps a day -- so my deal is that whatever I'm short each night, I have to make up on the treadmill. So, it took me 37 minutes to get myself where I should be -- I hope to get more walking in every day and up my steps!!
  • Shelby,what a great idea!
  • Nodding head agreeing with J415! Hey like they say if you want it bad enough you'll do it if not you'll make an excuse. WTG Shelby!!
  • Just have to say it......Jen...that picture is GORGEOUS!!!!

    There...I've been waiting DAYS to say it!

    Sorry for the thread hijack!

  • I have 3 days of tougher workouts to do. Today was Hard core Fusion. It's getting easier, at least I know which moves are coming up next now so I don't look like an idiot (too much anyway )
  • I am here to say that today I sweated until my clothes almost fell off!!! I did the WATP 3 mile express. This is the first time in months I have been able to do a full workout!( Sore foot, then sore back). I was so whipped!! But, it felt wonderful!!!!
  • Way to go Luckyducky!!
  • My 3 other team members were MIA. I didn't want to, but I made it in. I did weight training and abs. It was a good night, a snow storm started upon leaving. Woo Hoo, I can get my sticker for the day!!!!

    Does anyone look at the fat on their abs and wonder when it will burn off while completing cardio? Calories in-calories out. I can't wait to see how(in 7 weeks) how much I have lost in my hips. I am so huge...it is an annoyance. I want the fat rolls off, for good.
  • famograham - Jump in anytime we all love positive comments!!

    fiberlover - Sounds like your going to feel so good burns this week. (think I'll hang on to the back of your shirt to drag me along)

    luckyducky - you get the nakkiee carrot dance for that!!! Congrats on finishing!

    better health3 - WTG on the weight training and abs. I look at my tummy all the time! Have you taken pictures so you can see your progress?

    As for me TOM and feel yucky. I pushed myself off the couch and did 2 mile WATPs. Today I'm going to add abs workout. You guys are really inspiring me to move! Thanks so very much!!!
  • Quote: Just have to say it......Jen...that picture is GORGEOUS!!!!

    There...I've been waiting DAYS to say it!

    Sorry for the thread hijack!

    Thanks Linda! My girlfriends and I did it a la "How to Look Good Naked". All we needed was Carson Kressley to be there!

    BAck to the topic: I am walking for 30 minutes at lunch. I am all ready with my shoes and my MP3 player! No excuses this time!!