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Default I made it to the 220s!

229, to be exact. . .

And I am FLOORED! I have had a really rough day. I had a not-so-little pity party about my infertility, which involved potato chips and chocolate chips. (Hmm. . it was a chip theme! ) I didn't care about my snacking, but I did have really healthy (low-calorie) meals.

I couldn't believe it when I lost just a little bit of weight today, bringing me down to the 220s. I can't tell you how much I needed a little boost to my day.

I am trying so hard not to get down-and-out about all of my bloodwork and infertility problems, but it just sucks. I HATE that I turned to emotional eating again. I hate that!! But I am stronger than this. Tomorrow will be better. I will look for the blessings in my life, and in those around me. I will NOT focus on my shortcomings, but I will praise God for all that I DO have.
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Omgosh!! So exciting!!!

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YEAH-- good for you. I am so sorry about your infertility problems and hope those will ease as you continue your weight loss. I am so excited that you have hit the 220's. That is a reason to celebrate!
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congrats on making it to the 220's! I hope to join you one day. You made a great accomplishment which in its way proves how strong you are. Today just wasn't a good day. I hope everything starts to turn in your favor...and again congrats
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Yay for the 220's! Doesn't it feel great? As for the emotional eating - I feel you on that. It's tough, but at least you recognized what you did and know that tomorrow is a new day. I'm sorry to hear about the infertility issues though. That must be so rough. I wish I could give my fertility to woman who really want it. I have severe tokophobia (fear of pregnancy and childbirth) and you'd get so much more use out of it than whimpy little me.
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gonna win the thin!
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wow, what a wonderful "pick me up". good job, you deserved it!
sorry about the fertility stuff, that sucks. me and my gf are dealing with that stuff as well, we even got a fertility doctor helping us, but dang its expensive!

congratz again!
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Congrats on the weight loss, and sending hugs to you!!!

Take care,
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Congratulations on the new decade!!!
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WOW!! 220!! I wish I were there with you!! You're doing great!! Today is a brand new day for you. Think positive.
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I can't wait until I can say I'm there (that's pretty much what I weighed in the early college years. )
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Awesome news! Congratulations!

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That is awesome. Congratulations on the 220's. I can't wait to join you. I'm sorry about your fertility problems but wanted to say that you are doing a really good job refocusing yourself after a slip up.
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excellent work! 220 is my next goal....100kg.....I can't wait. Thanks for posting and helping to keep me focused on my next goal.

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Good job! That's so awesome
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