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Unhappy Just want to cry


I haven't been here in a little while. And I had just started posting, anyhow. I just want to cry and quit. I was doing WW and lost up to 17 pounds. I went up and down and kept 10 pounds off. I was losing VERY slowly. I am taking medicine I have to take that causes weight gain. I HATE it. And there is no alternative for now. My doc says I can still lose, but I say let her try it for awhile. The last three weeks have been VERY stressful personally, and I tried the best I could to do WW, but did eat some extra stuff. I guess I should give myself credit for keeping on trying.

I went back to WW this week after missing two weeks' meetings. I didn't weigh because I thought I couldn't take more discouragement. I am so scared I have gained more back. And I am SICK of WW. I have been on it since June 1---so you can see how slow I was losing. And I don't want to find out what I weigh right now. I feel HUGE. I don't know what else to do. I don't want to give up. I hate being this heavy. But I really want to cry and quit. Thank you for listening. I need help.
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Don't give up. I know you won't or you wouldn't be here.
Maybe WW is not the right plan for you. Take some time to think about what works for you and what doesn't. And losing 10 lbs. and keeping it off is an achievement, particularly when you are fighting the medication. give yourself some credit. If it comes off slow, that is fine, as long as it is coming off. What does your doctor advise for weight loss?
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Hey, I remember you from a few weeks ago when you were posting that your son was going to help you with an exercise program. How did that go?

You and I both know what happen when we quit! Nothing good. And of course, you're not going to! Maybe WW isn't the *plan* for you? Try something else for awhile and see how it goes. As far as facing the scale, it's up to you. I know when I've been off plan and gaining it can be humbling to see the number. But when I know I'm being good and doing what I can to be healthy, the scale is only a tool to confirm it. I'm in a competition here right now so I have to weigh myself every week, but after it is over I'm going to stop weighing myself regularly. Hang in there and keep coming here and posting and reading. It is soooo vital to staying encouraged.
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How about seeing a nutritionist, I know that has helped me in the past -- also, does it really matter what the scale says? It's not like if it says 10 pounds over what you think you were that "poof" it made you 10 pounds heavier -- you weigh what you weigh -- think of it as your starting point and work from there. Your weight is NOT the measure of who you are.
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Kathy - first of all

I'm sorry that your meds are slowing down your weight loss. Please don't quit! You are right you should give yourself a lot of credit for not giving up. If you give up where will that leave you? You are worth the effort.

I know it's no fun to pay WW when you are not losing weight it feels like a waste of good money. I love the WW program and will follow it for the rest of my life, but I never went to a meeting. Since you already have the materials is it possible to get a buddy that you can be accountable to and then just do WW from home (PM if you want, I'll be glad to help). There is so much great info online. I weighed in once a week with my school nurse but it didn't cost $ if I decided not to weigh. Would something like that be an option for you?

Cut yourself a little slack. As long as you are heading in the right direction and making positive changes you are a success. It's like so many people have said here "fake it til you make it". We all have times like that. You've come to far to turn back. Please don't give up. I believe you want to do this and I believe you can. Remember we are here for you
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I agree with schmoodle, maybe WW isn't the plan for you. Weight loss isn't a one size fits all thing. I tried everything in the book, including WW. Nothing stuck with me until I started counting calories. I use a computer program through my gym but other people use fitday or thedailyplate. There are so many options out there research other options and see what fits your life best.
It looks like our weights are about the same. If you need any extra support or have questions feel free to ask.
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I have tried to lose weight several times and recently changed my thinking.

Even when I slip up and binge or just have a small cheat I still record EVERYTHING I eat online at I only cheat on stuff I can when I eat out I do so at chain restaurants that post their nutritional data online. Sure I have MANY days I'm not proud of...I had a gem of a day about a week ago where I ate 5 ice cream sandwiches and 4 hot pockets. I also use the site to track my weight. I weigh myself EVERY morning and have a nice little digital line graph that the site does for me. Even when I have horrible weeks I still feel like I accomplished something because I tracked everything I ate and weighed myself every day...and oddly enough using this method since I've started I have not had a week where I gained more than 1 pound (even during bad weeks)...being aware of EVERYTHING for better or worse has made a HUGE diffrence.
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I'm sorry, I can only imagine how stressed out you are. You totally need to give yourself more credit. You HAVE been doing a great job. It might be beneficial for you not to use the scale right now. Instead, focus on feeling good about what you're doing. You might not be able to change the way things are, but you CAN change the way you feel about them.

You're doing really well, though. =D Keep your chin up.

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Oh, Sweetie! I'm so sorry you're so down!

You CAN do this, but the one thing you have to NOT QUIT!
If you feel afraid to face the scale, it's MUCH better to do it now, than to withdraw, not weigh, and keep right on gaining.

I KNOW you can do this...we believe in you!

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Default Hang in There

I feel for you.
Give yourself a hug for posting your feelings on the board. It really helps to reach out to people.
It sounds like you have alot of things going on right now not to mention having the obsticle of meds that contribute to weight gain. I truly applaude you for sticking through it with personal issues going on. That kind of stress is my worst enemy. Give yourself a big pat on the back for that. You are stronger than you think.
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Weightloss is hard enough without the added difficulty of medications that make you gain. I feel for you.
It seems to me like WW isnt the way to go for you, or maybe it is but you need to change your focus.
Instead of focusing on the scale, why not focus on making it as many good days as you can? And with good days I dont mean just low cal days, but days when you are eating things you know are good for the health, and also days when you get some nice exercise.
That way you know you are doing something very positive for your health, even if the pounds come off slowly, you will get the benefits of a healthier body
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I am so, so sorry to hear about your difficulty with weight loss - it's hard to take when a needed medication stalls all your good efforts. I am so glad you posted.

If weight watchers isn't the one plan you think you can live with - check out others. We will be here with you...holding your hand all the way.

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I was wondering where you were. It's hard to forget that little snowman. I'm sorry that the meds are slowing things down for you that would be discouraging for anyone.

I've switched to using a different approach about every 4 days. I was looking again for the perfect one, and it just wasn't there. I got bored with the same restrictions and food week after week. I count calories and do low fat for awhile which allows me lots of fruit and veggies and then I switch to Atkins which allows the bacon and creamy meals. I try to stay within the calorie guidelines in Jillian Michael's book "Wining by Losing".

Is there another program that you have been attracted to that you can give a try for awhile?

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I agree WW might not be the right program for you . While it is an excellent program. there might be something else that will suit you better. Have you thought about calorie counting. or South Beach, check out the other forums , also go to 3FC web site and click on diets, many diets are described,. It is OK to experiment to see what works best for you. Do not give up.
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Hi Kathy -

Glad yer back...

I vote with the others that maybe Weight Watchers isn't your thing. Is it too structured? Not structured enuf? Is it the meetings? Or is it the frustration that the weight isn't coming off fast enough?

By your ticker you've lost 12 pounds. To that I say The meds thing has got to be hard - is there any other meds you might be able to try that has different effects on weight loss? It sounds like you already talked to your doctor - but I thought maybe...

Know we are here for ya - you are not alone in this.
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