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Yup! I buy the Smart Ones desserts, and I really enjoy them. They're great for me because they are prepacked into servings, and one is enough for me to really feel satisfied. I don't have one every day, but I'll eat three or four a week.

I eat a lot of fruit in general, so it just doesn't scream "yummy dessert" in the way that chocolate mousse does. And there are days when I really want that yummy dessert.

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I agree with others that said a serving is the entire box, it is for me.

Also, I forgot to mention that I always (always) keep dark chocolate on supply for a chocolate fix. 50-100 calories of decadent dark chocolate will satisfy my sweet tooth more than any thing.
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I have Skinny Cow in the freezer. But only because ice cream has never been one of my trigger foods. I don't even think about the fact that it's there.

Anything that's more cake-like would be gone in one day and isn't allowed in the house.

I was just telling my husband last night that I'd pay $20 for a really juicy nectarine for dessert. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Can't wait for the summer fruit.
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I do better without dessert in the house. I'll eat a whole package of skinny cow ice cream sandwiches in two days. I have no self discipline.
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Trader Joe's is great for frozen fruit.

I used to eat the lower calorie treats and decided I would much rather eat one "real" thing once a week then something "fake" every day. So usually some time on the weekend I will let myself have one cookie or a cupcake or something if I really want it. Some weeks I have it, some I don't.

My one other chocolate fix item is really good cocoa powder mixed into Almond Breeze with a bit of Splenda. This is great for me when i need a chocolate fix.
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I have skinny cow ice cream and 100 calorie packs in the house for when fruit doesnt cut it for my dessert.

I dont have them every day.. but I will eat them as a lower calorie alternative when I'm craving junk. I have to be careful though... some 100 calorie packs taste too much like the junk food I used to eat -- and I cant have just one serving.

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I have a treat every night (as long as I didn't over eat during the day). I know that I can't have a gallon of frozen yogurt or light ice cream because I can't stop at one bowl. So I get the lower calorie ice cream bars, fudge bars, or ice cream sandwiches (between 100-150 cal). Anything that is pre-packaged as one wrapped serving I have been able to control my urges to have more then one. I plan to keep doing it because I don't feel deprived, but I would stop if I could no longer limit it to one. Though I don't let myself have it during the day just my evening snack because then I would be more likely to go back later in the day and have more.
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A box of Skinny Cow ice cream would be history in a very, very short time around me. I wish they sold them individually. Oh well. The only ice cream I can allow in my home is the Tofutti Brand Chocolate Fudge pops. They're not even ice cream at all. They're 30 calories a pop and I can usually stick to one. Every now and then I will have 2, I figure it's not so terrible. I also buy the Popsicle brand sugar free ices @15 calories a piece. I have control with them. They're pretty good, but not good enough to want to down the whole box.

Somewhere around the middle of my journey, I couldn't trust myself in the beginning, I started eating the jello sugar free puddings. I had it with a squirt of fat free whipped cream and a sprinkling of Fiber One. It was quite good. I have since had to do away with them as I was not finding them quite so satisfying anymore and was scared that one would turn into two.

I sometimes have a sugar free/fat free yogurt, partially frozen, with Fiber One Cereal for my dessert. I LOVE those. I eat them so much. I don't know what I will ever do if I tire of them.

I do like a snack at night and sometimes, it's some kind of salad. It doesn't necessarily have to be "dessert" food to do it for me. I know, I'm odd.
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I've been eating SF jello. =/ And the SF/FF cool whip. It's tiding over my sweet-snack cravings.

Unfortunately, my sweet tooth isn't as bad as my salty tooth. =/ I'd MUCH rather eat chips or Funyons than ice cream or something.
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Thanks for the tips! I am definitely going to check into the frozen fruit at my supermarket. I've enjoyed frozen (red) grapes for a while... They're fantastic!

I do eat dessert, most days. I have Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and the low-cal chocolate pudding. I've also enjoyed some of the Weight Watchers bars (the Peanut Bliss 1point par is delish!), but I find them pretty expensive, and I can't keep buying them. Another option, especially for people looking for Whole Foods, is the Fruit juice popcicle (sp?). They're quite low-cal, and there's no sugar or weird chemicals added... It's just like runnign fruit through a blender and then freezing it onto a stick! Great stuff, and tasty. I love the strawberry ones.

I think having a sweet snack now and then keeps me on plan, though. I could definitely understand how, for some, it would be too tempting and would cause a binge. There are certain things I just can't have in my house. Like Pasta. Don't even get me started on Pasta.

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It's amazing how you can be thinking about something and somebody on 3fc will start a thread on it! I was just thinking about starting this thread myself, and here it is! My sweet tooth has always been my major issue and the thing that got me in this fix to begin with. When I started my plan, I used NSA fudgesicles as my daily treat, and I was pretty good about not eating too many. I don't like to use artificial sweeteners too much, but they have surely helped me to lose the weight over the last months. Now I see myself starting to binge on them just the way I used to on the real stuff. So it's time to address the behavior instead of just putting a Splenda band-aid on it. I had just today decided on some new rules. No more NSA fudgesicles, pudding, sugar free candies, etc. I will allow myself the real thing, a piece of dark chocolate once/wk. But I will not keep it in the house, I'll walk to the store on Saturdays and buy a single serving. I will keep an eye on my daily afternoon latte with a shot of sugar free syrup. I haven't been tempted to have this more than once/day, and it would break my heart to give it up, but if I start to overdo once I am not having the other stuff, then this will have to go also.
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I allow myself dessert every night, and I usually don't have any of the prepackaged "diet" desserts, unless it's no sugar added ice cream or SF pudding. It's my freebie and I'll spend it on junk (unless I've bought fruit that I need to eat), so long as my nutrition for the rest of the day is on par and I've had enough veggies, fruits, fiber grams, etc. Now, in the beginning, there is NO WAY I could have been trusted to have the ingredients to make s'mores in my house (I make them with the individual squares of Lindt 70% dark chocolate instead of hershey bars) or cookies, but now I think I can. Perhaps I'm just getting cocky, but I haven't splurged on it yet, and if I ever do the junk is GONE. Just like that.

One less junk-filled sweet snack I have is cottage cheese mixed with sugar free jell-o (berry flavors work well for this). The cottage cheese gives it a boost of protein and the SF jell-o gives it some bulk, sweetness, and flavor. A lot of people might find this disgusting, but this is something that I've been making since I was little, so I guess I've grown accustomed to it? Haha. It also works well with yogurt.

Every afternoon after my workout I'll also have a smoothie, consisting of a scoop of vanilla protein powder (I like Designer Whey), a serving of frozen fruit (be it frozen berries, peaches, bananas, pineapple, or a combination), and about 3/4 c. water. Usually when I make them they're about 150 calories.
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Well, everyone knows I'm Mrs. Eat-Whatever-You-Want, so I definitely did the diet desserts. Making my own desserts out of whole foods sounds like a lovely idea, but I'm too busy half the time and too lazy the rest of the time to do that, unfortunately. I ate a LOT of the choc chip cookie dough sundae from WW Smart Ones and the Blue Bunny fudge bars, but I can't stand the sight of either of them now (as is true with everything I ate a lot of before I got pregnant). I liked the fact that they were portion-controlled and I could easily count them into my daily caloric allowance, which is what it was all about for me. I didn't restrict myself to one dessert a day, either -- if another one fit into my calories and I wanted it, I occasionally had that one too. I always wanted something sweet after my meals and snacks (never broke that habit and guess what? I didn't have to), so I often ate York peppermint patties as sweet snacks too.
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I always have a pack of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in my freezer! Most nights an apple or orange is enough of a "dessert," but everyonce in a while is isn't. If I don't satisfy it, I will eat everything else trying to satisfy my sweet craving (crackers, chips, popcorn, etc). So, now I just go for it, I have the 140 calories (with a full bottle of water) and then it is over with and I can continue the rest of my night! Different things work for different people though!
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I'm totally with you on the eat the "real" thing. I don't eat the diet desserts but occasionally I will splurge and just eat something regular. The ingredients are usually better than the "diet" stuff but then again it isn't something that I'd do every night.
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