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Angry So I just threw a hissy fit at the hotel front counter.

We had set up a reservation on Priceline for a hotel here in town just to get out of the apartment this weekend. The original bid was just for one night. Once that reservation was made, the site said we could have the same room for the same cut price for Friday night as well as Saturday night, so we made another reservation.

Well, because it was two reservations, the computer accidentally checked us out and NO ONE TOLD US on Saturday morning. We come back and not only do our keys not work, but our stuff is gone from the room! By stuff, I mean a cheap pair of board shorts for him, my expensive fat girl swimsuit, and two pairs of flip flops.

Long story short....they returned his cheapo board shorts....but my $70 SWIMSUIT IS STILL GONE. Housekeeping can't find it, blah blah blah, and the front desk manager was extremely unhelpful. As someone who has been working in customer service, I can sense a diversion tactic a mile away.

So....I threw a huge **** fit in the front desk of the hotel. I expect a call from the head general manager within 48 hours, or the crap will hit the fan again.

Now, I sound angry, but I'm really just annoyed. The suit was about a size too big for me now that I've lost weight, but dude....that's a lot of money for me! Just cut me a check for $50 or something and help me buy a new one.....not to mention I really liked those sandals.

And why is it the cheap stuff gets returned but not the obviously more expensive suit?

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Work it!
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Hi there! I can understand your annoyance! What happened was by no means your fault. They should have taken care of it right then and there. You shouldn't have to wait for a call back from the head general manager. Though, being in the service industry for over 12 years I understand that there's a pecking order. May I suggest that when you speak to the head person that you remain calm and assertive. (Have I been watching too much Cesar Milan?! lol) State that your needs had not been met and how that makes you feel. Try to connect with him/her on a human level. Keep going up the ladder until you get what you need!

Stay positive - all WILL work out in the end!
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I would be annoyed, too! I hope that things get worked out for you. Please let us know!

It sounds to me like someone may have made off with your suit
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Ugh, that SUCKS! Seriously, I bet the manager will offer to reimburse you. Some getaway!
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ugh i hate when service don't help you right then & there, so annoying - they're getting their minimum wage and could NOT give a $**t, no kidding!

I hate to say it, but the person who cleaned your room is probably enjoying a lovely new swimsuit - or is that being cynical???

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It was your stuff, it was their freaking fault you did the right thing. I wish I could say the same for them. Forget $50, they need to pay you the $70 and toss in something extra for the inconvenience.
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Oh man, I left a small bag with my birkenstocks and a few various other things like tshirts and toiletries at a hotel in Atlanta once. When we came back 2 hours later (thankfully, we hadn't left the city yet), they gave me my bag minus my birks. I mean, there's no way to prove anything, but there was lots of glaring.

Whoever ended up with them probably couldn't even wear them comfortably because i had the left sole shaved down to meet my weird shaped foot (broke it pretty badly several years ago, have all kinds of metal in it).
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Well, I work during business hours this week, but Hubby will be burning up the phone's raising **** for me if they don't get back to us by Wednesday noon [feeling a little generous].

We'll see.
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I really hope you get it straightened out...how awful for you!

For the record, can I say that I use priceline ALL the time and have NEVER had something like that happen to me....

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If you don't get satisfaction with the hotel, also try Priceline. My friend booked through Priceline and then found out the hotel had bed bugs (gross!). The hotel refused to refund her the money so she called Priceline and they refunded it without issue. Sure, your situation is different but because of their booking problems, your stuff was removed.

Good luck!
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