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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Default Commence Kicking, Please :)

Hi Guys!

I need a collective kick in the pants!

I'm down 53 lbs., but I've stalled in January.

I made it through the Holidays down 3 or 4 lbs., and was feeling pretty darned good about myself. however, since that time I've really let the mentality of "hey this is for life, it doesn't matter how long it takes to lose 100pounds" get twisted around in my mind to mean "hey it's gonna take a few years so you might as well have a little treat this week" ugh!!!

This week I've had Swiss Chalet, potato chips, and bakery cake and have bakery cookies at home. I bought 3 to last 3 days, instead of the usual dozen I'd buy back in the day and have them gone over the weekend. That was my compromise??!? Couple this eating with NOT moving, and well, you see where I'm going...miraculously I'm only up 1 lbs, but I know how fast that can change.

I guess I'm not really asking for anything, I just wanted to PUT IT IN WRITING that I'm not fooling anyone, least of all MYSELF, and only I can get me back on track and I'm here to pledge that I will

Thanks for listening!
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Realizing what you are doing and taking steps to fix it is a great start! Don't worry, you can overcome this and get back on track. Besides, we are here to support you!
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Trazey (rhymes with crazy! LOL), I admire your fierce honesty! You know what to do, just DO IT baby!
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I had lost a nice amount of weight (32 lbs) and had knee surgery. Now I'm 32lbs heavier again.
I admire everything you've done to lose the weight you've lost.
But PLEASE do NOT put yourself through the guilt, heartache, (and joint ache) that I've been through!
Please focus on the goal...So you think it'll take X months to make your goal...what if you achieved your goal earlier??? YOU CAN DO THIS!
By the way, I really wish I'd have asked for a kick in the butt when I was gaining weight...I simply didn't turn my computer on so that I didn't have to face the fact that I was gaining. I didn't have to change my ticker...nothing.
Beware the power of the mind.
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sometimes all we need is to kick ourselves in the butt
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Turn your thinking around, talk back to yourself when that warped logic starts to jump in your head. When you think "It's going to take a couple years, might as well have a treat," STOP there and tell yourself "It will take even longer if I keep eating!" or when you start to think "this is a lifestyle change, I can have a treat" STOP there and tell yourself "This is a healthy lifestyle change with OCCAISONAL treats, not every day treats. Every day treats is not a change, it's the old me."

You get the point, just correct the thinking. It probably won't take you years to get there if you get back on plan. The more you indulge and go off plan the longer it is going to take, so that excuse of it taking so long doesn't even make sense, does it? The excuse of lifestlye change makes even less sense, because it is a lifestyle change and that's why you should keep on your plan so you can keep on it forever. You know all this, you know what to do...sounds like you got bogged down with thinking how long it's going to take, how much there is to lose, etc. and it got you down. DON'T LET IT. Keep going! It will only take much longer if you keep undoing the progress you've already made.

I'll give you a instead of a kick, you really need both right now.
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Trazey, the one thing that kept me going long after motivation and momentum faded away was wanting to discover what I really looked like under the mountain of fat. I had always been overweight/obese -- unlike those who gained weight later in life -- and I honestly had NO IDEA what I would look like at a normal weight. It probably sounds silly, but I was so curious to find out who the real "me" was!! So I didn't want to quit or slow down before I reached my goal.

It was the last 20 - 30 pounds that completely changed my appearance, to the point that my own father didn't recognize me. And I didn't recognize myself in mirrors and store windows. It was a reward that really was worth pushing hard for!

So when you're tempted to slack or coast along, think about uncovering the real you and discovering what you really look like. Think about the joys of a body that works effortlessly. Think about the whole new wardrobe! And think about the incredible lightness that comes from leaving a million pounds of fat baggage behind.
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I think you're just a victim of January. January is cold and dark and anti-climactic. It takes a lot of effort to lose over the holidays but it was also a really easy think to focus on. Now comes January and it's hard to get back into the swing of just focusing on making good choices everyday, with no end in sight.

Personally, I'm trying to renew my commitment by imagining how slim I could be by spring when I can go back to shorts and working out outdoors. It won't be much of an unveiling if I don't lose the rest of the weight.

You've lost a ton of weight (and with a great attitude), so pat yourself on the back and keep going.
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I found myself stalling after I lost 60 pounds... in my mind it was the weight 'I had always been' and thought I had the whole weight loss thing down. So I started allowing treats and snacks.. then I stopped really tracking my calories and stopped exercising daily.

The biggest thing for me was to change my ticker... to acknowledge I lost the weight but also set a new mental goal for myself. I joined the points challenge to mix the weight loss up and keep it fresh in my mind - and kind of changed my exercise routine. Maybe you need to shake things up to recommit yourself?
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I agree...January can be is hard..For me,my old mind set say's,you made it through christmas,now relax,enjoy and reward...and my old ways of rewarding are damaging..

and reading your post..I want to say this...please dont..dont fall back to the old pattern's..Do what you have to,post pictures,post here,go back through old journal entries to see how far you have come,and what you left behind..

I know this,just as alot of people do..I have been going back and forth for years just as some..and Im back to misery..again..I keep looking at my old journals and it says all the same thing,this summer Im going to do it,this summer Im going to visit some old friends..and that has been going on for years now..when!!!!...So for a little bit for me,and mostly for you..just tackle today..and I will do the same...

you have come soo far..take a class or something!!something to see how far you have come,but a reminder of where you have to go...
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and now that it's been read by so many of us it's official. You can't fool yourself because we all know (hehehe) and are watching Stalls are so hard, especially this time of year. You've been a great inspiration to me and I'm glad to see your attitude is still so bright.

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Default know you can do this!!!!You've got some great advice so far!

I agree about can be very depressing.

Reward yourself with the gift of continuing on this journey full force, and find out how Meg feels, knowing that person she never knew before! I love that idea!

We can do this together!
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I had lost around 70 pounds a couple years back and I hit 250. I did the same as you and started getting complacent and then just went back to my bad habits. Good for you for realizing it's happening and working to change it.
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Yep, now that you've admitted this to all of us you will have to be accountable . Are you still doing your biggest loser at work? I know when our contest was over last spring I kind of just stalled during the summer. Maybe you can start the contest again.

I've started looking at spring and summer clothes online and I image myself wearing them. It motivates me!

You can do this!
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