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2beautiful2Bfat 01-20-2008 10:20 PM

scale fluctuations
I really began this journey last monday and have basiclly weighed myself each morning and have seen a consistent drop except for one morning when it stayed the same. Friday I weighed in at 213.5, I didn't weigh yesterday and then today I was 211. Now this afernoon I decided to weigh myself just to see the difference that eating would make. I expected to be up a pound or 2 but it said 209.5 I since drank a glass of crystal light and weighed myself a few minutes ago and it said 214!!! So I went to the bathroom (pee) and it said 212.5!! What is going on? should I just stop weighing myself?

Purplefirefly 01-20-2008 10:27 PM

Yes, stop before it drives you crazy! There are going to be fluctuations during the day and day to day, just relax! I weigh every morning and sometimes before bed, but all I let worry me is the weekly weigh in where I change my ticker...and that's on Monday for me. Some people weigh in once a month or every couple weeks, it is whatever works for you. I like the once a week because it is a big motivation for me, others it doesn't work that way.

Just relax and stop comparing every little move you make...pick a weigh in day and just focus on that. I like watching all the other fluctuations, but I know it drives others nuts...find what works for you, but definitely don't worry about those little fluctuations!

JayEll 01-20-2008 10:36 PM

I agree with purplefirefly. Weight changes all the time. Pick a time of day, such as after you get up in the morning and pee, to weigh. Always weigh at that time for the purpose of tracking your weight loss. Always use the same scale and wear the same clothes (or none).

Some people only record their weight once a week, so they don't go nuts with the day-to-day changes. :dizzy:


Heather 01-20-2008 11:26 PM

Think about what you're doing when you weigh yourself. You are weighing all of you. Everything that's in you and on you. So when you eat food or drink liquid, the weight of it is part of YOU, until it's digested and excreted. And whatever you where gets weighed. As does whatever water you are retaining. And the weight of your muscle. And your hair. And your fat.

So, here you are trying to lose FAT, stuck with a tool that measures ALL of you!

There are tons of fluctuations. Some of us either don't mind them or learn to deal with them or are even interested in what makes the scale go up and down. Other people hate them or can't deal with them. How often you weigh will depend on how well you can deal with those fluctuations!

Regardless of whether we weigh many times a week or once a week or less, most of us choose to record our weight until circumstances that are as similar as possible. I record my Monday morning weight, after peeing, in underwear only, always on my bathroom scale. While this is still subject to some fluctuations, it's the best measure I have of my actual weight loss (or maintenance) over time!

So, get used to the fluctuations, cause they aren't going anywhere!!

2beautiful2Bfat 01-21-2008 09:47 AM

Thanks for the good tips!! I think I am going to use friday morning as my weigh in day and only chaneg my ticker then. I will continue to weigh daily because I need it but I will try not to obsess over it. Although I woudl love to see that 209.5 come back again!! Anyways I weighed this morning at 211 so I am happy!

Thanks for all the support!

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