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Default has anyone tried Fage brand yogurt?

People on another board I frequent recommended Fage Greek yogurt. I bought some yesterday (2% type) and it's delicious! I added a little honey and wheat germ, and it's so good! It's really low in sugar and does not have any chemicals in it. It's not like regular yogurt-it's thick and creamy. I'm going to have it for breakfast tomorrow with honey and strawberries....

I found it at Wegmans, but they also have it at Shop Rite, Acme, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

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I absolutely love it. I buy the fat free or 2% and eat it with fresh blackberries. I adore the consistency, it's like super duper rich cool whip (kinda, hard to describe).
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Yes! I eat it almost every day. It's Greek yogurt, which is typically thicker than the yogurt we are used to. I eat the version without any fat and add a tablespoon of honey and a small handful of nuts - usually walnuts. It is delicious and has plenty of protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something new and healthy to eat.
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Yes! my favorite evening snack. 0% with agave nectar and some sliced almonds. Yummm!
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Pretty harmless really...
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It sounds really good, but I've never seen it in my neck of the woods, do normal grocery stores carry it or can I find it in a health food store perhaps?
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No description available.
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Yes! I love it! I have to make a special trip to Whole Foods and everyone in the family eats them, but they are terrific and worth the $$ and the trip.
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I'll have to make the hour trip to Trader Joe's and look for this. None of the stores in my area carry this and I keep hearing great things about it.
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I eat the Fage 5% Greek Yogurt. I add a few blueberries, a splash of vanilla, toasted hazelnut or caramel sugar-free DaVinci's syrup, a sprinkle of cinnamon & chopped, toasted almonds....its delish!!
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When I used to eat dairy, I'd make my own greek yogurt with a coffee filter. It was much cheaper and just as good (I think).
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I drive out of my way to the health food store to buy them. Fantastic. I put stevia and vanilla extract, then top with your choice of fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.
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Default did you do it???
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1 question. Did you guys like regular yogurt to begin with? I'd be tempted to try it, but I don't like regular yogurt.
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I LOVE it, but it's a little out of my budget at more than $2 a pop.. Sometimes going up to $3 just for the snack sized ones! I'd love to have it every day, but with grocery prices shooting up the roof ($8-11 for a regular pre-packed bag of grapes?!? I never remember them costing anywhere NEAR that much!), I feel bad spending $2 on one yogurt.

As far as making the thickened yogurt, as a poster above said, you can use a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Regular American yogurt is just runny because it has too much liquid. If you strain it, it becomes thicker and creamier, and if you strain it for a long while, you actually end up making a Middle Eastern cheese called 'labnah' or 'lebneh'.

I actually won't eat most American yogurt as it's too runny and turns me off, and the American-style low-fat or fat-free yogurt has gelatin which I can't eat for personal reasons. Occasionally I'll find a thicker yogurt, something like LaYogurt Sabor Latino (which unfortunately isn't a low-fat yogurt), or I'll just buy a Middle Eastern brand or a yogurt labelled 'home-style' or 'old country', which is generally thicker.

But of the thick yogurts, Fage is DEFINITELY one of the best. You can get a spoonful, turn the spoon upside-down and it will just stay. Gorgeous!
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I've heard alot about Fage yogurt and I live relatively close to a Trader Joe's so I think I will give it a try, however...

Is it sweetened at all?
Does it come in only one "flavor" (I'm guessing it's plain based on the combinations some people use)?
And can someone tell me the calories and serving size?

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Im a work in progress!!
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Is this only in specialty stores or can you find it in grocery stores?
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