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Default January - NSV's

Welcome to one of the most popular threads here at the 100lb club!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, NSV stands for Non Scale Victory. This is where we share our progress on matters that don't necessarily relate to the actual number on the scale. Such as making a healthier choice, resisting temptation, receiving a compliment (we're big on those), fitting into clothing better, something in the fitness area and so on and so on. So let's start filling it up.
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Wow - I've never had to search so far for this thread! Come on - where are all the nsv's?

I was chatting with someone on msn & the first thing she said is she heard I was getting into great shape. I love that people are talking about my weightloss!

I also have really been thinking about it & you know I never actually believed I would lose this much weight before. I really, really didn't believe I could do it. So I'm counting it as an nsv that my thinking has changed & I'm doing it.

As well, I was thinking how it is crazy that I've lost 70lbs but don't really see that much of a loss. So I went looking at some older pictures last night & you know - there is more of a change then I realized! I will try to post some pics soon.
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Um its a little nsv I guess as even though I went off the rails a bit this past month or so I've been back on plan the last few days and ready to plough on until goal.

I was in the gym tonight on the stepper and did thirty minutes... got off and didn't feel as if I was about to die and thought back to this time last year when I couldn't even do two minutes without feeling like my legs/lungs would explode - so even though my fitness has temp lapsed recently it's still better than a year ago
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I swam laps last night and realized somewhere near the middle that I hadn't stopped every lap to catch my breath and shake out my arms like I had the last time I swam (summer). In fact, I went the whole 1/2 hour without stopping!
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Great victories ladies. Any step no matter how small, will get you to your goal if it is in the right direction. I got on my treadmill for the first time in months. I had to dust it off but I walked for a mile. I will add time and speed, but for now just getting on was a victory.
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My nsv for the week is the fact that I'm walking outside despite -20 degrees. I sucked up the fact that it's cold and went plowing through the snow- which is actually a good core work out too
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You are doing great.

Pat yourself on the back and see how far you have come. You are doing something now you couldn't do before. That is wonderful.

Your another one. Shows us how far we really have come when we realize we can do something we couldn't do before. You keep going, swimming is so good for you.

Find ways to enjoy that treadmill. Watch tv, listen to music or a book. Makes the time fly by and your workout is even more fun. Nice going.

You are a stronger person than I lol. I don't plan on going outside, unless I really have to, until the spring thaw lol.

I did both of my walking/aerobic videos today again and did my resistance training. My knees aren't bothering me to much and my hip doesn't hurt anymore. Hope things stay this way. I love to walk with Leslie.
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Great start to the new year everyone...let's keep it up!

I was waiting through the line to pick up my daughter from kindergarten yesterday, and realized that the loose skin under my skin has gone almost all the way away! I still can pinch some, but it is more than halfway GONE! I sometimes would grab there and feel disgusted, but yesterday I had to come home and look in the mirror with my hair pulled back and doggone it, my face looks somewhat thinner! Not as round and my double chin has really gone away a lot. This was BIG incentive to keep on going!
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Sitting on the airplane and not worrying one single bit if the seatbelt would fit. That freakin' rocked!
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Great NSV's!!! Keep it up! This morning I did 30 mins of cardio before work! I am also noticing those lumps of fat on my upper thigh area are almost gone! And the BEST one of all...last night when hubby came home from work, he told me that I was looking very skinny. Now, I am far from skinny, but WOW, what a compliment!
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I actually did double the amount of walking last night than I *thought* I could do! I aimed for 20, and got 42 minutes in. Whoo hoooo!
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That is great. Bet those legs felt good after all that walking.

You keep going at it, you will be " skinny " in no time. You know, hubby might just be right lol. We don't see our selfs as others see us. I bet you are skinnier than you think.

I bet it did. So nice to feel confident and not self conscious. Nice going.

That is great. How we feel about how we look is a big part of the journey we are all taking.
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great job everyone!!

my NSV for well, today...

It is FREEZING outside today (-7 with the windchill), and i needed to run out to the grocery store.. i have a really nice winter coat, but i hate driving with it on because it is really bulky so i grabbed a very furry looking fleece out of the back of my closet to wear instead.
I realized after I put it on that it is my "oversized" fleece from high school - 10 years ago.. well, it's not so oversized as it was then, but it's roomy.. and a size MEDIUM. a junior's medium at that. I don't think i could wear any more layers than i am right now under it (i have on a short sleeved and a long sleeve t-shirt) but it's comfortable and looks GOOD. I haven't worn this in at least 5 years.
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Moments like that are when we see how far we have come. You enjoy that moment.
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It was -4 with windchill today. I put on tights under my pants and went running anyway.
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