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  • This time last year I was a WHOPPING 307 lbs!!!! Size 26+, and MISERABLE!!!

    This year I am 244 (ish), in size 20, and ready to see what the next year brings.
  • A year ago I was over 250 pounds. I was dealing with a chronic foot injury and dealing with everything by putting food in my mouth. I didn't get serious about my weight until last fall...since then I've lost over 30 pounds and it feels great! My clothing is too big and now, I am committed to planning my food for a healthful day and writing down everything I put in my mouth.

    This is a wonderful thread.
  • I have the pixs to show where I was a year ago
    I hope to be taking my first 25 lbs weight lose in the next couple of weeks and they are going to be quite different than the photos I had my DH take exactly one year ago today.

    You can see them at http://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/pixtogo

    That is what misery looks like!!

    I had several false stops and starts but once I connected with this web site I have been slowly and steadily losing weight. I feel really pleased with myself that I decided to 1) not make any Christmas cookies this year 2) wore clothes that I haven't wore in years and got compliments to boot 3) eased up on the working out 4) decided to change food plans starting the New Year BUT ONLY after researching and reading about all of the plans that are available. 5) I am more emotionally available to others including when my Mom told us that she has two types of cancer (besides being diabetic) the week before Christmas! Food gains perspective at times like that! 6) I made other non-food goals while I was working on changing my eating habits. 7) I am a happier, more peaceful person.

    Thanks for being here, all of you and you all,

    May 2008 be even better for you and me!!

    Go! Goal! Go!
  • I weight 50 pounds more, and just started my diet on Thanksgiving
  • Not only was I around 285 this time last year, I was 285 most of the darn year.
  • YEESH! This thread got me thinking, so I went back and checked my fitday for January last year. I have gained 28 pounds this year. BLAH!

    SO, my goal is to weigh LESS next January, than I do now. I don't know how much less...but LESS!
  • Great thread! Lots of needed inspiration. This time last year I weighed 2 pounds more than I do today; this time last month I weighed 8 pounds more than I do today. This is the first time in 15 years that I've lost a year's worth of weight.

    Preparing to age backwards in 2008...... (I restarted Weight Watchers December 27)