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Default Where is everybody?

The board seems slow. I hope people aren't off taking a break for the holidays! Why wait til Jan 1? Do it now. No free pass for December. On Jan 1, will you weigh the same as you do now? Or more? Or less? It's up to you!

Ah well that's my pep talk for the day. I'd love to see more people posting!
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Going down, my way!
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It is very quiet around here, I must admit. I'm gathering folks are just busy with shopping, decorating and parties. I'm sure this place will be bursting through the seams with posters come Janaury 2.
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Default hey, hey, you two

Lyn and lady,

I feel your impatience. I think you are very wise to warn against waiting until Jan 2. ....there were other posts today with great wisdom about not waiting to start our lives. None of us has, that said, what do we do? What are we willing to do on Dec. 9. 2007 to ensure our goals and to make the lives of those around us better?

I am trying to not wait until Jan. 2 to be feels great to move, and for the most part, healthy eating habits feel better than unhealthy ones.....besides that, it is the season....the season to reach out and help anyone we can....

So, let's be ACTIVE!!!
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if only she'd lose weight
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My job is eating my life. Overtime, overtime, overtime. Have to take it while I can get it. I can't speak for anyone else, but that is where I have been.

Also, HR is cracking down on internet surfing and I have to be a good girl.
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it's always something
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It's always this slow before Christmas.

Just wait
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Christmas Shopping!!!
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I think people get busy and many folks have such a hard time at Christmas with food. This is the first December in years that I will be really trying to watch what I eat and try to have a sane relationship with food during the holidays. It makes me nervous...frankly, I am a bit scared. It takes so much energy NOT to eat. I'll take each challenge as it comes.

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Live with Intention
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I can understand why the board is so slow. This is a busy time of year for so many, and it's an emotionally challenging time of year for us trying to get over our addiction to food.

I'm not waiting for January. Most days I'm right on plan with food and exercising at the gym 6 days a week. Last night I went to a Christmas party and I had one to many cookies and one too many glasses of eggnog. I'm a little tired and achy this morning but I'm eating my Kashi and having my tea and then I'm going to the gym. I might not have the most intense workout but at least my butt will be working out.
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This is my first healthy Dec. and I thank this board for helping me! I have been making the time to get on here because it does help remind me what I am doing and why...esp. like staring at my tickers in odd moments of silence! A lot of people have tons of social events, still have to work, and then there's decorating and shopping and all, just busy! I have blown off most parties so far because hubby is off in Arizona until next weekend and I don't want to go alone anyway....that's the excuse, but really I don't feel strong enough to face all the yummy food just yet, have to let the sugar withdraws die down some first.

Anyway, that's why I'm not too busy to be here...and I am SO glad i am here and working out instead!
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i think I'd be lost without my daily visits to 3fc!!
And doesn't it feel good to know that we've got a big head start over all the posters that will be showing up in January! This will be the first year on Jan. 1 that I won't be thinking "I've really got to do something about my weight this year".
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Just Me
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It is a busy time of year

I'm always here but I don't always post.
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I took the handmade challenge. Im doing all handmade gifts for my family/friends. So that alone has been eating up my time. Im still around though.
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Wow, great to hear from you guys! Yeah, I guess it is a busy time. I have five kids, but I do most of my shopping online (great deals) so here I am. LOL! And I am also very happy that I am not waiting til Jan 1. I am down another pound today and if I can hang on through the cookie-making, etc, I hope to get rid of 5 pounds in December!
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I find being on plan so important for my emotional health. For me, an already stressful time like Christmas becomes a nightmare when my eating is out of control. I never want to put myself through that again. I'm so thankful for a little slice of sanity this year!
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active kids, active mom
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This is the first moment I have had to stop by today. My day began about 9:00 last night with my youngest vomiting through the night. That seemed to slow down right around 4:00, only to be followed at 5:00 this morning by my middle child vomiting. He went on until just before bed time and now, guess who is losing weight today in a bad bad way? Yes, I was the third to catch it. If I don't move too much I cam okay right now -- but who knows? Let's just hope this only lasts the 12 hours it lasted for my kids/

WHat a 24 hours.

All this to say, I have a note from hubby for today's absence, but I hope to be up and running (literally) tomorrow!

Thanks for the reminder.
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