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Default Re-assessing - A year in review

Hello everyone. Well here it is, 1 year from when I initially began my journey.... I'm thinking that it's time for the year in review. I haven't met all of my goals but I've met some and have at least made a dent in them all. You all have meant so much to me in this journey, as slow as it has been going for me so I wanted to share my year's progress with you. Ok... here goes....this is where I came from, starting on October 1st last year to now.

#1. Lose Weight
-Well, this is one I've made a dent in. I've lost 32.5 lbs to date. Not the 100 that I was hoping for but it's progress. Recently I've become complacent, I haven't been trying hard, or at all really. I've just been going through the motions. I'm at the weight that I get to every time before I just get complacent and gain it all back. My hope with this reassessment is that I can update my goals and break through this barrier. I'm still impressed.... I've gone so far from a size 22 to a size 16. Big steps.

#2. Get my career on the move
-right on track, officially on the move and in a very good place

#3. Stop drinking
- Well, a year ago I was pretty much on the path of being a career alcoholic. I was drinking every myself, at home, with people, out, in large quantities. Today, though I still go out from time to time and have my not so shining moments, I have gotten myself for the most part in control, I'm not getting wasted at home every night, I don't go out that often. I've abandoned all places that knew me by name.

#4 Quit smoking
- Not there yet. Have made some progress, not smoking a pack+ a day, not even really smoking every day. But not entirely off the sauce. I haven't smoked at all today, and like with everything else I'm just going to try to keep it up.

#5 Get out of debt
- Ya, right. still plugging away. This is going to take a while, probably another 6 months or so.

#6 Move into the city
- this goes with the debt. Looks like it's going to be spring by the time I can afford this, but that is ok.

So. Overall I've made progress and really combing through it and looking at it makes me see again that I can just pick up and keep going. I've updated my show that I've gained back 8.5lbs over the past few months. It's not a lot, but it's not in the right direction, and we all know how it goes. 8lbs here, is 30 in no time and I don't want that and if I don't update it then I'm just lying to myself and continuing the complacency.

I've set a new mini-goal for weight loss, I'm aiming for 15lbs by Christmas. This will get me out of my funk, out of my 'bad this is where I give up' weight zone and into ONEderland. I'm also about to commit social suicide again. When I first started the smartest thing that I did was to stop going out, stop hanging out with my bad influence friends, stop going to bars. I just stopped answering my phone for about 6 months so I think I'm going to do that again. I'm going to just not go out...well with some exceptions, I'll go the gym,and my gym buddy can join me if she wants. I've stopped going when she bails on me, and I generally don't work out as hard with her there so I'm just going to get back into the habit of going alone and if she calls me and wants to go fine, but I'm going to stop relying on her. And my healthiest friend in the world just moved back from London which means I officially have a non-lame friend to do healthy things with who will follow through with plans. She can stay.

I'm going to go to the gym a minimum of 4 times a week. I'm going to take advantage of this lovely fall weather and do some sort of outdoors activity every week. I will log all my food, 3 meals 2 snacks a day, lots of water. I will practice yoga and relaxation and not let my job stress me out to the point of throwing it all out the window. I will continue to pay off my debt, try to save, look at moving. I will continue to try to quit smoking and stay on the wagon with the booze.

It may only be October but as far as my time frame works today is a new year, it's the start of year 2. I will continue and I will not give up. Christmas mini-goal here I come!
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Looks like you have a lot of goals, and are on the right path to achieving them I wish you the best of luck that all your hard work will pay off!

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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sounds like a plan! You may not have accomplished everything, but DENTS are the main thing -- otherwise, a year would have passed and you would have been in exactly the same boat, or *gasp* even worse off! so congrats on the changes!
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Look at you, you're on your way!
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Thank you for sharing! I get overwhelmed by my goals, too, and looking at ALL of yours, I think you have really made great progress! You have aimed high, and although you may not have hit your desired mark, you've come a LOT farther than you would have if you'd aimed a lot lower!
I'm so proud of you! You've made me look at all my goals, too, and see where I've come in a year.
Bless you!!
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Yay for non-lame healthy friends! I need some of those, too.

Our goals are very similar, except I quit smoking six years ago and drink very little.

Nice assessment! Personally, I would think it's **** to quit smoking AND try to lose weight at the same time. I had to wait like four years to know I was ready to move on to weight loss after quitting smoking.

Keep up the good work!
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Shairing her ESH...
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This is an EXCELLENT post!! You've inspired me!
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I can't wait to see you reach your Christmas goal! One-derland, here she comes!
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Thanks gals,
what can I say, I'm a sucker for goals. And when I get complacent and off track I figure it's worth it to pull them out again and try to refresh things so I'm back on track!

I want this ONEderland by Christmas so badly. I remember last Christmas I was down my first about 8-10lbs and caused such a stink about food (it's just me and my parents) they were trying to be so supportive but didn't understand why I didn't want them whipping out the bags of potato chips in front of me, and that even though I made the traditional Christmas morning coffee cake no I couldn't eat any. Ha, it was so hard and felt so endless then. I also tried to go for my first jog, ahhh what I must have looked like all flapping down that trail in broad daylight.....Remembering that makes me realize how different things actually feel this year, and it feels much more reachable.

Straight to the gym tonight.
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I think you have been doing great!! Not only have you lost weight, but You stopped drinking!!! That is great!! I know you can do anything you set your mind to.
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Never want to go back!
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Great job, Sunshine!!! I'm so happy that you are making such great progress!!
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I think you're doing FANTASTIC. Any time you're on your way toward meeting a goal, that's a very big thing. I went for so many years not working on myself at all, and I know how hard it is to make those steps toward change. Everyone who tackles goals like the ones you've set is a hero to me!

You can reach Onederland by Christmas, and we'll be right here to celebrate with you!!
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3 + years maintaining
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You've got some MAJOR goals there young lady. Just the fact that you are ready to face them all at once is incredible and you should be commended. And I know that you will get to each and every one of them. One step at a time. You're well on your way already!!!! You may not have reached all those goals just yet, but boy oh boy - what you've achieved to this point - is quite an accomplishment.
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AHHHH Robin there you are! How are things.

Well ladies I celebrated my one year anniversary with a 100% on plan day rolling in at about 1500 calories at a healthy distribution and an hour & 1/2 workout.

Ahhh that felt good. Here's the real question... I noticed something at my gym tonight...apparently Monday at my gym is free pizza night...where the gym provides you with pizza.... does this seem counter productive to anyone? Anyway, I pass on the pizza while AT the gym. ha
Thanks again everyone, until tomorrow!
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Great attitude, great focus, great goals! Congrats on what you've accomplished and what you're going to accomplish.

I've got to say - I would be FURIOUS if my gym served pizza. The gym is where I go when my husband brings home pizza for him and the kids. Good job for passing on it. I think I might have been mad enough to even say something, though. That's INSANE.
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