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Default Fiber One Bars

What do you think of them?
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I think they are so YUMMY!!!

And I think you had better be near a bathroom after you eat them!! They are sitting in my cabinet for just this reason!
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Trying so hard....
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I dont know, how many calories and fat grahms?
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I love them, but Sandi's right about the bathroom. They make my stomach hurt a bit after, so I don't eat them very often. I ate them a lot when I first discovered them. I can't remember the calories and fat, but I know they're 2 WW points.
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I love them... especially the peanut butter one (150 cals, 4.5g fat, 9g fiber).
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I have eaten the Peanut butter one,and loved it, and had no problem with bathroom issues, but I eat Kashi Tlc bars more, love the flavor of these.
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I love the chocolate one. Usually have one for breakfast every morning. Doesnt cause me any issues thankfully.
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Anything in a bar form is a likely binge target for me. I love the peanut butter ones but bought them one time and ate the whole box in two days. They're not kidding around with the fiber. I believe I spent the rest of the week running to the bathroom. But they're yummy.
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I have less blubber!
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I love the chocolate ones...No bathroom issues here either.
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Do they taste as good as the picture on the box looks?

I saw these while shopping in Sam's on Saturday and was SOOOO tempted to buy a box--but I resisted because I'm like Robin41. If they tasted as good as they LOOKED, I'd've been in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!
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No bathroom issues for me either. I love them too! I think if you are already on a high fiber diet, you should be fine. Otherwise, slowly work your way up.
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Love them but use them sparingly because they're still a processed food. As a treat I'll have one every now and then as a late evening treat with a cup of coffee that I sweeten with chocolate soy milk. YUM.

(I usually don't eat after 8:00 but sometimes I do this because if I eat one of these bars late in the evening I'll stop at one and the next day I'll forget how much I loved it. If I eat one in the morning I'll eat another at noon, then snack, then get my drift...)
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I Love Them Too Much. I Don't Buy Them Because I Can't Stop At One And Calorie Wise And Other Wise That Is Not Good.
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I love them. I have to space them out every-other-day or I have stomach issues - no bathroom needed, but keep the air freshner on hand. I think the ones I get at Sam's are chocolate oat. They really stick with me for a long time, too.
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I love 'em!

My friend introduced me to the Chocolate flavor a few weeks ago and swore that I'd like the PB version, even though I don't like peanut butter. She was right! I keep a box of each kind at home and carry one in my purse everyday so I'll have something to nibble on when my late afternoon cravings kick in.
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