Will not buy peanut butter till I lose a bunch

  • Well I have discovered I cannot have peanut butter in my house. I even went online and bought some peanut butter with 2.5 grams of fat per serving. I still binge on it......can't make myself stop. So...........there will be no more peanut butter of any kind bought until I drop a lot of weight. That is just the way it has to be. But I love it!
  • You know, sometimes it has to be that way. I am a big fan of everything in moderation, but if there is a trigger food you can't stay away from, then I feel it should be banned (at least for now).
  • Peanut butter and peanuts are something I LOVE. I find that I crave them mid-month, so I make sure to have SOME here. I have found that if I go and buy the natural peanut butter - the kind where you grind it yourself - and I just buy that small amount, I do just fine. That way, even if I do eat ALL that I bought, it isn't that bad.
  • Oh yeah, PB is a trigger food for me.
  • Reeses peanut butter cups are my downfall.
  • I ate it a lot when I started but had to give it up. There is just no portion control when it comes to peanut butter.
  • I have peanut butter issues too. The only way I can have it is if I measure every single bit. So I dole it out by the tablespoonful and it goes in my fitday, which reminds me how calorie-dense it is. For some reason it's easier for me to control when I'm counting calories, so that works for me. It's that or remove it from the house, though, so I sympathize.
  • Thats the only way I think get that trigger food out of the house!!! Theres a whole load of stuff I cant have in the house potato chips, chocolate, just cant have it!! Peanut butter is also one I cant have in the house, if you have to actually go to the shop to pick something up when your having the craving, it usually has time to sink in so i can take control!
  • I love peanut butter. But I don't ever eat it. I have definitely become a calorie snob. I just don't get enough volume for the calories. It's not worth it to me. So therefore, I choose to do without it.

    Good for you for recognizing your weaknesses and taking the proper steps to ensure that you don't overeat. For now.
  • Great job at reconizing this!!
    P.B.was a trigger food for a while( about a year ago), no more, now it is ice cream, and cookies. I don't buy them at all, not even the fat free type, they all end up in my mouth.