I give up!

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  • After getting the new scale and looking at a higher weight for a few days, I went to the Doctor and his scale is 2 lbs heavier than even my new scale. I give up, it is so depressing, I have been off my plan for at least a week now and am spiraling downward. I have lost my motivation I guess. I was looking into a weight loss center in a nearby town. Has anyone tried the weight loss centers and actually lost weight? Help!
  • I have spoken to a few gals that have used curves, and they love it.
  • Chu Chu...
    Never give up!! What is going to happen if you give up? Are you going to be happier, healthier? Find what works for you but don't give up!!!!!!
  • I've been there before, most of us have, but what does giving up mean to you? If you give up on learning to play an instrument, or writing that great american novel or your autobiography, you're not in any worse shape than when you started. Unfortunately, with weight loss, the body's response is to regain the weight plus a little extra to spare. So you kind of are stuck in a no win situation.

    But, if you look at your food and exercise plans as having benefits besides weight loss, and start looking for those benefits, it's easier to not give up. Also, don't be afraid of tweaking programs to your needs. You don't necessarily have to go looking for programs, trying to find the program that fits you. Instead, start tweaking what you already know about yourself. Start with small changes. Use a sticker reward chart, with small goals, and and plan small rewards for when you achieve them. For exercise, find ways to move that are fun for you (even if it's dancing in your pj's watching MTV).

    TOPS is a great organization if you benefit from the social support and the accountibility of weekly weigh-ins. It's very affordable on most budgets. My husband and I just joined our local chapter, and it was $24 to join, and $12 for a spouse, and $3 a month. We've each lost 10 lbs so far (3 weeks), and with a 10 lb loss, you get to choose either a charm or a month free of dues (each chapter runs things a little differently, so the incentives vary). If you gain, you pay a ten to twenty cent fine (double fines after holidays), and the biggest loser for the week takes that home (My husband and I each won that once already, each about $2 - $3, so it's fun to try to "win back" your monthly dues. Any healthy diet plan is allowed, though the officially endorsed plan is a food exchange based plan. I'm following a food exchange plan, but not exactly the one TOPS endorses (it's a little higher protein, found it in the Duke Diet book).

    There are state and national recognition events, rallies, and retreats you can go to.

    Check out tops.org if you're interested.
  • How frustrating! The interesting thing is that I don't get nearly as hung up by the physical challenges as I do the mental ones. You know that you didn't gain weight - that they're just different scales - but I can absolutely see how it would prey on your mind. I have never tried a weight loss center, but I can see how it would be great to get your focus by using one of those. The most important thing, though, is to get your head back in the game. How do you do it? That's the tough part. Maybe the weight loss center... Maybe recalibrating your scale so that it starts out where you think you should be... Maybe heaving a big sigh, noticing that several of our club started out close to 300 and have been successful, and just deciding that you're going to be one of those...

    It's tough to get started. But posting here means that you don't want to give up. Keep looking for the answer, and remember that we want to be part of that answer!

    I also like TOPS, by the way. Mine doesn't work the same way that Colleen's does, but it's great to have the social support.
  • While I don't know anything about weight loss centers, I do know what it's like to feel frustrated. As I recall, you're in my age bracket, and at this point in life, I don't think giving up is an option if you want to be healthy. As others have said, what will giving up get you but more of the same, and, frankly, I'm betting you're tired of that. In the scheme of things, does a few pounds difference on a scale really matter? If the number is important, then choose a scale and stick with it. (It has been important to me--important enough that I don't weigh at my doctor's office ever so remember that you can just say NO when they ask you to weigh in.)

    You don't need motivation; you need commitment. I imagine you're committed to brushing your teeth each day, to paying your bills, to going to work if you work outside the home so make that same kind of commitment to losing weight. Don't make losing weight be about a certain date, a certain scale, a particular type of food--just start eating right and exercising now. If you feel like you want to spend money on a weight loss center, then go for it, but remember that programs only work if you will do the work.
  • I was 287 lbs, at only 5 feet tall. It took me 20 years to get my act together. 20 years of miscues and false starts. And here I am, 160 lbs lighter. Healthy, strong, fit, active and happy. Ecstatic in fact. Imagine if I had given up.

    You CAN do this. I promise you, you can. You need strength, determination and commitment. You have the power to do this. You DO have the strength that's required. Dig down deep. It's there.
  • Don't give up. You cannot quit if you want to succeed. A year is going to pass whether you are eating right or not. At the end of that year you will weigh SOMETHING. Right now you are making the decision whether it will be MORE or LESS than you weigh now. In a year will you be glad and thankful that you gave up?

    I know this is hard. This is KILLER hard. But it is worth it.

    FIFTEEN pounds gone!
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  • Giving up means admitting you failed -- but you haven't failed because you want to lose weight, you know what your goal is, you just haven't found your own way to get there. It's not about will power -- it's "want power". You can't "will" yourself thin but you can "want" to lose weight, there are good days/bad days for everyone. I hit 37 years old yesterday and the thought of hitting 38 next year and being right where I am now disgusts me -- so I'm back on track, making small changing and getting my act together. I'm a hugh "weigher" -- used to be 10 to 20 times a day. The scales are just a number, it's more important how you feel -- when I eat right, I have more energy, feel better and can eventually tell I'm losing weight -- so what do I need the scales for??? I spent the last two months binging terribly, gaining 30 lbs back and basically laying around on the couch. That is no way to live!!

    Go to a weight loss center, if it sounds exciting to you -- join, if not -- keep looking, find something you are comfortable with. You can do this and you will!!!
  • I haven't lost any weight for a year no matter what I do, but I haven't given up, so you can't either!

    Seriously, I know how you feel; the scale at the gym weighs six pounds heavier than my home scale, and let's not talk about the doctor's office. But in the end it's an arbitrary number, and no matter which one you choose to start from, it's going to go down. Think how much more accomplished you'll feel when you meet your goal after starting at an even higher number than you originally planned on!
  • NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!! NEVER NEVER!!! rest if you must, but NEVER give up!

    Ive lost probably the same 60 pounds over and over (lol) but Im here dangit, and Im still standing dangit, and no one is going to stop me!

  • Don't quit AuntChuChu! When I was thinking about quitting someone on here said (not to me, to themselves) that if they give up the scale will only go up! Those are the roads we have to choose from, weight gain, weight loss and maintenance. Maybe you need a little break, some time practicing maintenance. Take that if it's what you need right now. But, please don't give up. You can absolutely do this.
  • No, AuntChuChu - NEVER give up. There are no solutions in doing that!! You can lose weight. You have received some great advice thus far, but I did want to at least pipe in and say DON'T GIVE UP! We are here for you when you need some encouragement. Just be sure to speak up.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  • Hi ChuChu,

    Yes, I have tried the weight loss centers....I've used Jenny Craig and Nutri-system (before it was mail-order) Yes, I did lose weight. Unfortunately, I gained all of the weight back plus more. The good diet centers can help you with a specific regimen and group support and can be very beneficial, however, it still all comes back to the individual and their motivation and committment. I can't count the number of times that I've had to re-commit to this lifestyle and weight loss challenge......its usually a daily necessity. I'm constantly having to remind myself of my reasons for doing this. But, as long as I never ever give up, I know that I'll eventually reach my goals. Take a long look at your life now. Can you imagine living like this for the rest of your life? If not, pick yourself back up and keep going! You can do this!
  • I know what you mean.....those stupid scales drive me frigging up the wall and make me want to kill them. It makes you feel like you aren't doing any progress when diffrent scales say different things. But hang in there, you will see results soon.