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Default My "new year" resolution!!!

So, I turned 37 yesterday and realized it's been 10 years since I started gaining this weight. Ten years ago, I was 27 and 150 pounds -- I can't even visualize it any more, how sad!!!

But, I'm making this my "new year" resolution -- to turn 38 at least 50 lbs lighter and so much happier!! Who needs a January 1st to start over -- any day is a good day!!!

I have a plan -- cutting out sugar, more water, my kid's are both in school starting next week (at least for a few hours, the little guy is in preschool) so I know have no excuses to not exercise. I meet with my doctor the end of the month to get a referral to a counselor who specializes in eating disorders and I'm finally ready to take care of me, instead of everyone else.

I want to make this positive, not like punishment. My life hasn't stopped just because I let myself go -- little steps -- a little make-up, some nicer clothes (burn the sweats!!) and I'll be on my way Wish me luck!!
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You Go Girl!!!!

I think your plan sounds awesome!! I know you can do it!!
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Good for you, Shelby!

Sounds like you know exactly what you want and what you need to achieve it, so you're already a success!
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Best of Luck to you Shelby!

What a great plan. You can do it and you're right why wait until Jan 1.
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Yep, here you go...on your way to slenderness!
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Great plan!!!
You can do it!!!
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I started my journey the day after my birthday! It's a great place to start. I know I didn't want to let another year go by and not make any progress on this weight thing. Hopefully, we'll both be celebrating much lighter birthdays next year!
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Hey there birthday girl. What could possibly be a better gift to ones self then that of a healthier and more fit and active and therefore, happier self? Nothing I could think of.

I hear some excitement in your post. And that's a great thing. It IS exciting to think about what staying with a healthy eating and exercise plan can bring about. And all the wonderful changes it can make to your life.

I just KNOW this is going to be your year. Just think of the possibilities!!!!
Ahhhh.... Good luck Shelby. I'm excited for you, cause I know you can do this. I just know it.
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Nah, you don't need luck--you've got a plan, which is a lot better than luck! Go for it!
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Good luck Shelby, your plan sounds great! And, for the record, I second the idea of burning the sweats. Nothing will make a woman feel more frumpy than a pair of nasty old sweats.
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Starting over 3/24/2017
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Go, shelby897, go!!

You are going to be posting some awesome losses here shortly!

By the way, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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Great Plan!!!!
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