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Default **OT** Hubby's leavin'

So, my hubby leaves this Friday and will be gone the rest of the month for a National Guard thing. While I will miss and worry about him, I have to confess...I'm a little bit excited that he'll be gone. He's been very supportive of me the last two months, don't get me wrong. He's been great. But I am really looking forward to three solid weeks of doing exactly what I need to do, rather than letting myself think things like "eh, we could go out tonight..I can pick well." or "I dont wanna cook...Daniel loves pizza....." He's never said anything, but I think I've used his wants as my excuse more times than I'd like to admit. But, with him gone I won't be able to do that. Don't they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit? Well, I'll have 21 days to make it a habit of no excuses. I'm also going to "accidentally" throw a few things out while he's gone. lol.
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I completely understand. My boyfriend is graduating in December and I am going to graduate in May; for the semester in between that he is going to look for a job and there may be one back home and like you said I would miss him terribly, but I'm also kind of excited. I don't want to tell him this cause it would make him feel like I don't want him around, but he too loves fast food and pizza and ugh. I've never lived on my own and we are too the point of getting married so I kind of like the idea of living by myself for a little while. Enjoy your time pizza free
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Default I can totally relate

I can totally relate to the honey being gone and doing what you need to do. Although mine is only gonna be gone for 4 days fishing in the 1000 Islands. Since we only have one vehicle I'm taking 2 vacation days for Thursday and Friday so I will be at home for 4 days straight with nothing to do other than clean the house, go for bike rides and workout with my weights, spin bike, treadmill, Jari Love DVD (which I absolutely love), my stability ball etc. Also while he's way I live off of veggie burgers and veggie dogs, etc. Not that we eat bad when he's there but like you said "I don't feel like cooking" so if we're coming home late from the gym we order out and pick it up on the way home. He even told him he's gonna come back and not recognize me cause he knows that's all I'm gonna is clean around the house and workout.
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I understand 100% , my husband job takes him out of the area sometimes every other week, and I love it. As I posted in another post, I have to make seperate meals for us, because he will not give up on red meat. When he is not home, I make one meal, we all eat it and there is no complaining. My husband goes out and brings back chips, sweet breads, and soda. He works very hard, so he is only 15 lbs past a healthy weight for himself, and doesn't understand that this food is bad for me.
so you are not alone.
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My husband has been running a construction project out of town for the last 10 weeks and has 5 more to go. He comes home on weekends, thank goodness, or I'd be having a nervous breakdown over the whole thing. We are one of those attached at the hip couples that so many people hate.

But the upside has been really getting to concentrate on my program and doing everything just for me. You don't get that very often in this life.

The fun part has been that every Friday when he gets home, we do the spin and twirl where he gets to take a look at the new me and he gets to tell me how scrawny I'm getting. (Scrawny being a very relative term, lol)

It really does make it easier to make good decisions when he is around. The things we used to eat constantly just don't seem like options anymore.
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Trying so hard....
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I can understand you wanting to be exactly on plan for that time he is gone. Besides, maybe he will come back and notice your weight loss since he wont' see you for a while.
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I lost 5 pounds the week my DH and DS were visiting DH's family across the country. They don't have much impact on how and when and what I eat: I'm perfectly OK if they order pizza while I eat something healthy. I think it's more the free time, and freedom, to work out when I wanted to, which meant I could get more exercise. It's so much harder to carve out "me" time when there are three schedules to juggle than when there's just one.

Enjoy, but don't forget to have fun during your DH-free time. You know when you start having one-sided conversations with the cats, it's time to get out...

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I also agree

I had my best weight loss while Rudy was gone firefighting 2 years ago. I lost almost 40 pounds in about 4 months.

Now I've gained it all back plus 20, and I can't seem to do it again!

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I looove when DH deploys. Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly and miss him so so much. But deployment time allows me to do what I want when I want. I don't have to worry about picking him up or dropping him off; it's also the only time the military isn't calling us 24/7, it seems. He can't come home and ask for Pizza Hut or BK.

Anyways, I know how you feel and I wish you luck in your 21 habit forming days!
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I don't have a boyfriend or husband that's in the military, but the guy friend of mine, that I've been drolling over for the 2 1/2 years is. I was really excited when he was going to be gone for 5 months doing training with the guard, because it would give me the chance to lose a bunch of weight, and maybe impress him when he gets home, unfortunatly, he ended up not going, and won't go now until Feb. But I'm not letting that stand in my way, I can still impress him, he'll just be around to see the progress as it happens.
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Christy, good on ya for turning hubby's absence into an opportunity to work out some of your own issues!! It's hard being apart from the one you love, and lots of people would use the excuse to do just the opposite of what you're doing.

My husband recently received a nice promotion with his company, the drawback being he now travels more frequently. While we don't enjoy being apart, I decided to be grateful for this chance to focus on my weight loss without regard to his food preferences. It's been quite liberating! There aren't tempting leftovers around for me to resist, and I've been freed from the responsibility of cooking regular meals.

Another unintended benefit is I get more exercise, since there isn't anyone else around to help look after all our animals... by the time I get done feeding, watering and mucking out for 18 chickens, 4 cats, 3 ducks, 3 goats, 3 dogs, 2 llamas and 1 horse twice a day, I feel like I've added an extra element to my workout routines! <whew>

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