Weekly Weigh-In Sept. 3 - Sept. 9

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  • Well, my ticker is finally moving back in the right direction after I gave myself a kick in the rear! I weighed in at 180.4 pounds, down 3.2 pounds from last week's 183.6. I just have .4 pounds until I'm both merely overweight and HALFWAY to goal! Hopefully, I'll be there tomorrow and I'll have to figure out how to take progress pictures of myself (I know I have a tripod somewhere that I have to dig out)...
  • Great losses, everyone!

    I'm finally back to weighing in every week and back to trying to lose instead of maintain. This is my first day back on plan, and I weigh 176. I had gotten down to 171, so it sucks to be back up, but I went ahead and changed my ticker and everything. I refuse to take down my 100 lbs. lost chickie though!
  • IM still 216, same as last week but last week was 216 point something and this week its an even 216. IM glad I didnt gain while on all that bedrest and still cant work out.
  • 2 lbs!!
  • I'm down two pounds this week. This makes me happy because all of last week I was constantly second guessing myself and I was so tired of it all. I kind of feel like I can think more normally this week.
  • Quote: 2 1/2 pounds this week. Which is great, but I'm so puffed up from TOM and the hot & humid weather that I really have no idea what I really weigh.

    I really want into the 220's this week. Somehow, in my head anyway, the 220's seem like regular fat as opposed to the 290's which was just crazy fat.
    I know exactly what you mean. Robin you and I seem to have really lost at a similar pace. I mean this in the nicest of ways, so please don't be offended - you must be just as obsessive as I was/am.

    Some really nice losses here. Congrats everyone. And for those of you who were disappointed with your weigh-ins, hang in there. There's always next week.
  • Quote: Well started my 7th week and only down two pounds total...nothing this week wondering if I have something wrong, like a thyroid or a medical thing, I hope not I so hope not. I really hope that I can lose in case I am proned to diabetes. I am afraid to go to the doctors and find out...procrastinating..urgg


    I went through the same thing a couple of years ago while doing a calorie watching low fat diet with DH... I lost about 4 pounds in 2 months... It was extremely frustrating to me... DH did very well, he lost about 20 pounds in the same time frame eating the same foods as I was...

    I'm insulin resistant (you being concerned about diabetes is part of what makes me wonder if you have a similar problem). I'm now on South Beach, which in part uses the glycemic index to determine allowable foods. I feel great, am losing weight at healthy rate and my blood sugar is under control.

    I believe that for some people, it's not only calories that matter... what you eat really can have an impact on your weight loss.

    Hang in there...
  • Congrats to all the losers!! Hang in there those who didn't loose, or gained, next week will get better.
    I am down 5lbs this week. Hiking for 2 days in a row helped alot I guess. I am 2 lbs away from my half way mark. If anyone would have told me I could loose 54 lbs, I would laugh. I haven't been this weight since my Son was 5 yrs old( he is 17 yrs old now). I am amazed at this, I hope the next 54 comes as easy as these 54 lbs did.
  • 205 today, down from 209 last week. Getting back to where I was a month ago, woot!
  • You GO Jenny!!!

    Now, for me, I went on an ATV riding trip - and although I did watch what I ate, I knew there were some things that were not on plan. I have maintained my 188 status again, although, there are NO gains! I consider that a great accomplishment in itself. I CAN go on vacation and maintain - and to me, that is something VERY cool.

    NOW I am back home and next week I'll be pushing the 180's out the door.
  • I'm down only 3/4 of a lb....but right before my weigh in I discovered...TOM! So, hopefully it's the reason for the small loss... I've had a lot of people notice the inches in the last couple of days. That's encouraging!
  • My first weigh in on the forum!!!
    I am SO EXCITED! I stepped on the scale this morning for my first weigh in and it said 264!! Thats a six pound drop! I am so incredibly motivated by this!
  • ah I always end up adding onto this thread on the back end of it as my weigh day is a Sunday. However - having been stuck in the same two pound range for (what seems like) FOREVER I've dropped 3lbs this week. Now sitting nicely at 80.1kg SO close to getting into the 70kg range (which I can't wait for as then I'll only have x amount of kgs to lose but in the tens (as opposed to the 58.5kgs to lose I started with)

    And its 6.20am on Sunday- and in twenty minutes I'm off swimming! Can't wait its my reward for going running every morning this week
  • The first week is ususally the best week for weight loss, at least for me. I lost 10 lbs on the nose and 8.75 inches!!!

    Congrats to all you losers!

    (I'm at the end too because my weigh in is on a Sunday!)
  • Well, the whole beginning of the week I was weighing in at 186, then friday and saturday I was up to 189, today I'm down to 187 lbs. so I'll take it!