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Default Holiday weekend plans?

With the "last hurrah of summer" weekend coming up, what are your plans? How are you planning to stay on plan during the weekend? Thought it would be a good idea to share thoughts and ideas here.

I'm going to be pretty busy this weekend. Got a whole weekend of racing action in my plans. I love racing. Friday night I'm going to watch at state fair speedway. I know a few people who race there, and they are winding down their season, so there aren't many more opportunities to go watch. They race the bigger cars and I love watching them. Friday will be easy enough to stay on plan. It's my higher calorie day, so I can even have something from the concession stand.

Saturday day will be normal at home stuff. We need to get the lawn mowed and carport cleaned up. And take care of other house stuff before hubby leaves next week (he's in the National Guard and will be gone Sep 7-30). Then Saturday night's it's another race track. This is the one where my brother races. He actually doesn't have to race....Saturday is the last night of points racing and he's far enough in 1st place no one can catch him even if he doesn't race. I'm so excited for him! That song "we are the champions" has been in my head for the last 3 weeks...that's how long he's had it locked up. Mathwise with the number of points possible, he's been the track champion that long. Saturday, it will be official, so to speak. I'm planning on taking healthy snacks and he always takes an ice chest with plenty of bottled water. Then Sunday, it's back to the track again for a special race. Brother won't race, but a good family friend who may as well be related will be. He's in 3rd points place now, and if he does well, it may boost him to at least 2nd, if not 1st. Again, I'll take snacks/water. And I think Monday my mom is having a championship cook-out. Grilled chicken - yummy!!! I'll get up and get my exercise in each day. All in all, even with the excitement and celebration, I am determined to stay on plan. So, anyone else looking forward to know how they'll plan for the weekend?
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My parents are going to be visiting so I've got to come up with a delicious, on plan menu. I'm looking forward to it! I'm sure we'll eat out, some, but we'll also be eating in some and I want those times to outshine the restaurants!

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Fri night: Dinner out and a run to Sam's Club to get some things for our weekend festivities:

Sat: domestic stuff, followed by watching football (English soccer) on TV, then picking up our friend from England at the airport, followed by dinner out (again--gotta be careful!)

Sun: relaxing by the pool with friends coming over for a party to meet our English friend.

Mon: Labor day BBQ with my partner's family

There are several food events this weekend. I will have to do some heavy duty advanced planning to stay OP.
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We are taking the ATV's to WV and riding - we'll leave tomorrow early afternoon and won't be home till late on Monday. I LOVE riding, and can't wait to get there. It is pretty easy for me to stay on plan down there now, I just pack what I want, and I get LOTS of exercise in each day too.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend.
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We have been buying school supplies, so funds are low. Saturday there is supposed to be a party at a park, music , food, and I can hike there ( lots of trails), hopefully we will go, but I will still have TOM's and my dd wants to go into the pool there. Sunday , I have no idea( maybe another park to go in( there are 170 parks near me), and Monday we will be grilling some food. That is about it. Cheryl

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We'll be spending the holiday weekend at the lake, boating and bbq-ing. DH is actually going down today, other family and friends going tomorrow morning, and the kiddos and I will be heading out tomorrow evening after DS gets off work. Since I have the day off tomorrow, I thought I would take full advantage of it and go to Soulard (big farmers market downtown) and load up on the fresh veggies and fruit. I figure I'll have enough time to get it all cleaned and cut up so I can just take big ziploc bags filled up with the stuff ready to go. That way we can do all the fresh fruit and stuff in the boat without everyone having to wait for me to get it ready. Tons of fresh zuchhini and other squash can go on the grill for part of dinner. Lots of exercise while we're there, so hopefully it will all go well!
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I don't have any plans really, except to clean my house.

I'm on call for the ambulance all weekend, so I'm sure I'll be busy, we always are when there's a holiday, especially in the summer.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Be safe in whatever you do!!
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We own a campground. Everyday is pretty much routine for me. I'll stay OP like I normally do by planning ahead. Lots of vegetables to snack on.
Everyone have a safe and fun weekend. Exercise, exercise, exercise, Plan, plan, plan.
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Going to my parent's house and cooking them something yummy AND healthy!
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Saturday is DH's BDay. We're going up to the Ocean Expo park...lots of walking to be done! We're having dinner at Sam's (a teppenyaki restaurant), so I'll be pretty ok OP.

Sunday I'm working, so I'll be good OP. I always bring my food in my little Coleman coolerbox.

Monday I'm working again, lol. So I'll be ok again.

The only threat to my weekend is DH being home. I'm always self-concious about exercising around him, so I'll probably ask him to go for walks instead of doing my DVD's.
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We're having a game night tomorrow night... I always find that it's easier when we're in charge of making the snacks - because I can be healthy with the foods without friends knowing... (ie, using baked chips for dipping, turkey chili, fat free hot dogs, etc)....

As for the rest of the weekend, we don't have any formal plans really. We've really been getting into walking (this is my 3 day in a row doing 6 miles!!)... so we'll probably walk some more... we may go have a BBQ at the in-laws house on Saturday....

Then church on Sunday - I know that they're having a church picnic after morning service, we may stay for that......
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Monday I'll be leaving for Ottawa for the week. All the meals will be eaten out and on the road.... I'm going to try my best!!
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I'm off to a water park for the weekend with my parents, brother, niece and nephew - full out family fun. Definitely am planning to bring some meals and snacks, since I know the water park will not be providing healthy options. And I have already found a place to get in my running while we're there - the I&M canal runs through the town near the water park, and it has a nice path to run along, so I know that will be a good place to get my miles in. I was thinking how much things have changed for me that I'm actually planning all this out in advance.

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!

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No long weekend here, unfortunately. I really need one at the moment. Our Labour day is the fourth Monday in October and marks the start of summer for us. Looking forward to it...

Anyway, I'm meeting a friend tomorrow for a walk around the wetlands - there's a loop track that's about 3 kms long, so that's going to be fun. Depending on the weather on Sunday I might head out to the beach and go for a walk along there.

Have a great long weekend, everyone!
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Well-looks like it's poolside for us! Weatherman says it's gonna be 112+ all weekend. Which means the pool will be 96 degrees.
And of course-there is the Jerry Lewis Telethon which I'm forced to watch every year. Hubby thinks it's a hoot because he knows that show drives me nuts.
So everyone-have a safe and healthy weekend!!!

"Calvin Klein's never FELT sooo good!!!"
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