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Default And all these years, I though I was pear-shaped!

I'm sulking this morning. Just for fun I took my measurements, and looked them up in a catalog to see what size I should wear. Well, my bust is 18W (if my arms would fit), my waist is 22w, and my hips are 26w.

I always thought I was pear-shaped. Nah, more like a bowling pin! [whines and stomps feet] With about the same proportion and slope to my shoulders, too. Keeping bra straps up is so not happening. That's why I love my sports bras, unflattering though they may be. Straps can't fall down!

Gonna throw a party when/if there's ever less than a 4-size difference between boobs and butt!
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I think as we get closer to goal, our shapes will even out( wishful thinking) I am 40" at the bust, 41" at the waist, and 51 " at the hips. So I also look like a bowing ball. My hips will always be bigger, they were big before kids, now with kids and weight they have gotten bigger, but I know they will go down slowly, when I began this journey, I think they were something like a 56 or 58 inch so they are going down. Just keep the faith.
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It all evened out for me, so honestly, there IS hope yet. I started off as a 22 bottom and 18 top and ended up as a 4 bottom and 4/6 top. But for a while there, I really was shaped like a bowling pin because I lost from the head down first!

The last 20 - 30 pounds came 100% off my hips, butt, and thighs. If I had thrown up my hands in despair before I got to goal, I would have ended up as a small on top and a 12 or 14 or so on the bottom -- a very, very weird shape.

Let me check my measurements ... I lost:

10 inches off my bust

13.5 inches off my waist

and 22 inches off my hips

So even if you're a pear now, you might not end up that way!!

Edited to add: Cheryl, my starting hip measurement was 57", right in between what you think yours was.
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I always thought I was a bottom heavy hourglass. Then about 6 years ago I had a major kidney infection. Since then I'm more like a watermelon. Forget apple, it doesn't stand a chance. Seems like I lose 1/2" from my bust and golly gee, what's that? Look, it's there at my waist! I'm hoping as I work on losing the weight and not focusing on the current shape things will eventually work themselves out. Hopefully back to something somewhat normal!
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