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cherryarmy 01-02-2002 01:39 AM

can i join the club?
can i join the club even though i got more than 100lbs to loose?

i'll introduce myself. my name is carla and i'm from seattle. i'm 23 and i got about 200lbs to loose. i love the web, i love movies and i love music. i'm in dire need of some support ;)

this is me:

lorelei1 01-02-2002 10:56 AM

welcome carla!!
Of course you can join in! Basically this area is for those who need to lose ATLEAST 100 pounds or so, a lot of us need to lose more, trust me. I have lost 39 pounds but still need to lose 114 more. You can do it! Like I say to everyone-come here often it really helps since we can all relate to what you are going through. Dont starve yourself either thinking the weight will come off faster-you will get too hungry and quit or atleast wreck your metabolism and make it get used to getting less to eat! I try to keep my calories between 1800-2000 a day and I can still lose weight. Just think by then end of the year you could be close to half-way to goal! It sure beats gaining even more weight, huh??

feel free to check in daily and report your progress on our various threads like Valentine's day goals, etc..

good luck!!

nasus40 01-02-2002 12:40 PM

Hi carla welcome to the club. we are always looking for new friends.

cherryarmy 01-02-2002 03:01 PM

i was on WW for months i think it really worked well for me then i hit a slump and just stopped going to weigh-ins. so now i think i'm going to just try to do the WW program on my own and sign up for the online program. i'm really bad with exercise. i signed up for a gym in june and still haven't set foot inside, although i've been paying :)

Baby Blue 01-02-2002 03:55 PM

Hi Carla
Hi I too am from Seattle (born and raised) but now I live about an hour away in Chehalis.

I am following the Atkins program (less than 20 carbs aday) and have lost 9 pounds so far although I did go up to Seattle New Years Eve and had some beverages but I am back on track again and thats the important thing.

This Site has helped me out alot and I hope it does you as well. Its nice to be able to talk with people that struggle with the same kinds of weight issues and are there to support and encourage you on your journey. I encourage you to visit this site often to help you achieve your goals and dreams...

Barbara Ann:)

cherryarmy 01-03-2002 01:02 AM

you're right, it is great to be able to have this place to come to and it seems really busy too. i'm a sucker for a message board with this type of system actually :)

what made you move to chehalis?

w8Bgone 01-03-2002 01:35 AM

Hi Carla!
I am new here as well. I am 30 and I need to lose approximately 160, so I will be around to chat with for a LOOOONG time! But its going to be a lot of fun, I guarantee it!
I have started a new thread called "WannaBLosers: Week One"
It is for anyone who wants a place where they have to be accountable for the decisions they make each day or each week or just whenever they feel they have to report. I know myself that daily is a must, or I will lose my willpower very quickly!!! I am just trying to eat a reduced calorie diet, eat protein with my carbs always, and exercise more.
So, join the group if you want! I look forward to talking to you again!


PS: You are very attractive (no, this is not a come-on LOL)

Jenniffer 01-03-2002 02:58 PM

Hello cherry..and welcome!

The 100 Lb Club was created (I was around back then, lol) for ppl who had a large amount of weight to lose. Battling a 10 lbs loss is very different that battling a 100 lb loss. Weightloss is weightloss, but those of us who have a great amount..are doing it for much longer and require much more support and determination. So, this group was created for those who had a long road ahead of them. We welcome everyone who wants support, a 20 lb loss or a 200 lb loss.

So happy you found us..

cherryarmy 01-03-2002 05:19 PM

you're absolutely right jenniffer :) i'm going to need every bit of support i can get. do you believe that i'm actually thinking of starting my dieting on monday instead of today? i hate when i do these things...

and thank you tammy :)

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