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Almost the Big 50!
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Default Quirks??? What is yours???

OK as dumb as it is, I do not let anyone read my magazines before me, I dont know why but this is deadly with me, if we (son and I)are at a checkout and i lay a magazine down, and he opens it, i get another one from the back of the rack....LOL
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I have that one too!!! My newspaper as well.
I also cannot stand seeing things laying around. If the kids play a game it HAS to be at the dining room table because seeing it spread all over the end tables in the livingroom drives me INSANE!!!
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LOL, those are pretty funny. Mine is whenever my husband watches a movie he never puts the movie back into the case after he's done so I always have to go through all of our movies we have shoved everywhere in our tv stand to put them back so that when I wanna watch it myself I don't open the case and be like wheres the movie??
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I deserve to feel good!
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I can't get comfortable and go to sleep until I've stretched/cracked my back and applied chapstick (I have 3 different tubes on my bedside table!).
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This is actually a weight loss related one. I have a couple of really bad binge foods that I know I can't allow myself to eat - even in small amounts ('cuz, of course, there's no such thing as a small amount for me with these foods). But when I go shopping, I like to pick them up, hold them, look at them, sometimes even carry them around for a bit. Then, I put them back. I don't do it all the time, but I really like to do it sometimes. My husband thinks it's really bizarre.
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I can't get into bed unless my sheets and covers are perfectly straight and tucked in and my pillowcase has no wrinkles. On days when I don't make the bed in the morning, I have to make my bed before I go to sleep. My Hubby just thinks this is crazy.
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I scratch my cuticles with the sharp corners of objects I create for the purpose. My favorite "toy" (my husband refers to them as "toys" as he finds them all over the house) for years has been the gold foil peeled from chocolate coins... I tear each foil in half, then fold it over to create a sharp corner. Gum wrappers will do in a pinch. If I use anything firmer (razor blade, e.g.), I'll work on them till I bleed.

I have no idea why I do it, have done it since early childhood. I remember folding a bit of bedsheet into a corner and rubbing it over my cuticles... it's one of my earliest memories. No doubt there is something ghastly and Freudian about it.

Weird, huh?

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I'm full of them.

My main ones are:

The gas cost has to end in a 3. If I miss the 3 (like 38.94) then I have to go up another 10 cents to 39.03. I have no idea why.

I can't go to sleep without a bath and shaving my legs. This is the case even if I want to take a nap.

Everything that goes into my cart in the grocery store is from the very back of the shelf.

I always have songs in my head and I tap them with my fingers to thumb.

One of my family's favorite past-times is talk about all my quirks. They get a big kick out of them.
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Woman on a mission
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I will only drink from a straw. Weird I know and I don't know what started it.
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Default re

Let's see if I can think of some of mine:

When a room is dark I must reach in and turn on the lights before I go in. If there is a time when the light is in the middle I open my cell phone or turn on lights in other rooms so it's bright enough in that one

I wont look in mirrors or out windows when its dark

I tap my crackers after I take a bite cause I dont want crumbs

When I'm nervous I pick off all of my nailpolish

Everytime I go in the BR even if I have to go really bad I check out my face to make sure I don't have anything on it

Everytime I leave the house I must spray myself with bodyspray, when I get in the car after I have been out I spray myself...etc....I must smell good

Before I get up I crack my toes. Everymorning....

Those are a few of my many many crazy habits
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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hehe these are fun! we're all nuts

sometimes if a tune is stuck in my head i'll play it on the piano...umm... by that i mean the pretend piano of my steering wheel but the real finger movements

i will NOT stay and watch a movie at the theatre if I'm late...and by late i mean missing any of the "coming attractions" 15 minutes BEFORE the movie starts!

if i have a little dish of potato chips, i save the weird folded up one for last

omg these are hilarious to think about!!!
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I have less blubber!
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HAHA Love this! I go into a homicidal rage if I pour myself a drink (at home or fast food or whatever) and someone grabs it from me a takes a sip before I can.

I also have this irrational fear of my pinkies being bent backwards until they are broken...Anytime I see someone pull their pinky back I get fidgety and anxious.
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I cant stand it when people do dishes wrong. If someone soaps up the dishes and then just leaves them to dry without rinsing them off, I throw a hissy fit on the inside.

I dont like my foods to touch, in instances with gravy, pasta sauces, etc, its not so bad, but I get really antsy when my greenbeans touch my potatoes or my fruit.

If either of my shoes needs to be tied, I have to tie both of them, starting with the right shoe.

If I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I thoroughly check the bathroom for spiders. I dont when its daylight, for some reason.
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Never want to go back!
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Oh my god! You all are as crazy as I am!!!!!

I can't stomach the idea of maple syrup touching anything savory. It makes me literally gag. Maple syrup touching eggs or bacon or those McGriddles (what twisted mind came up with that?!). I can't even stand the smell of maple syrup in the air mixed with savory breakfast items. But I love them s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e-l-y.

I can't fall asleep without the tv or my iPod playing. Silence at bedtime makes me insane.

Paper being creased with fingernails gives me the heebie jeebies. I've had to excuse myself from meetings if the person doing it was someone I couldn't ask to stop. And seeing someone put paper in their mouth gives me goosebumps and makes my teeth itch.

All the cans in my cupboard have to face forward and the labels lined up.
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I have less blubber!
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^^^ I have to sleep with my TV on LOL.
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