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Default Time to start avoiding "The Hut" I think...

I lost 7 pounds over the 1 1/2 week break from school, and since going back on Tuesday, I've re-gained 4 pounds. But I think I've figured out why!

The evil Pizza Hut!

I love pizza. And everytime we go there I pig out.

Its kind of become a tradishion with us though. I go to school with 14 male firefighters (who are all very buff, but eating 17 slices of pizza doesn't seem to cause them any harm), and being the only girl, they've kind adopted me as their "little sister" of sorts. So I'm forced to go with them to where they go for lunch. Which I really don't mind, but pizza hut seems to be a problem. I have a very hard time controlling myself.

If we don't go to "the hut", we usually go to bars to eat, which I do better with because most of their food is yucky.

I think now everytime they want to drag me along to pizza hut, I'm just gonna have to put my foot down.

No more pizza for me.
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LOL, 14 Firefighters, you can make a calendar.
seriously yes Pizza hut will do that to you. I love Pizza, the nearest I have come is Amy's frozen individual pizzas. It is better than nothing.
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Default Do you really like Pizza Hut????

Girl, I can kinda don't give many clues....but small town and fire fighters......I am guessing we aren't too far off in what we do........................that said..

My ticker does not show the whole story, the true story, nothing but the whole story, and I am not going to go through it here.......let it be said, I was fat all my life, and one day, I just got, the ticker says 155, but I spent my youth and adult life up to about 45 years of age over...way over 200 #s.

My question is, how can lunch at Pizza Hut keep you from your goal?

I am a HUGE (NOT!!!) fan of Pizza Hut, but SO WHAT if is your biggest bliss? Eat two pieces and be done! I do think I can relate to the comraderie thing, but do your usual magic, dazzle the guys, choke down two pieces, eat sensibly the rest of the day.........and accomplish your goal!!!!
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Cheese, I love it, but it has so many calories.
Pepperoni, it's really pork and pretty fatty pork at that.
Sausage - again, I love it, but it's spicy organ meats I think. Lots of fat.
Big dose of salt. Refined white flour with little fiber.

It's the kind of thing that only kids can get away with eating.

I used to make a version of pizza with sahara bread (pita bread). I'd hang it in front of my quartz heater to crisp it up. (While on the couch watching tv, lol). Then I'd put tomato sauce on it that I heated up separately. It was healthier than the greasy stuff at the pizzeria.

These days you can also get tofutti in individually wrapped slices. It melts like cheese and looks like cheese. The yellow, cheddary stuff is pretty good.

Beware of broccoli pizza too. Loaded with fatty cheese. Tastes great though.
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I have less blubber!
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Our Pizza Hut has a great salad bar....If possible could you just try to stick wih salad?
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Pizza makes me lose control as well, I love all kinds!

I have not been able to give it up completely... I either have a Lean Cuisine pizza or make my own mini pizzas (fat free cheese, turkey pepperoni, veggies, sauce, a tiny bit of ground turkey all on low fat muffin halves. Mmmm)

Good luck saying no to Pizza Hut!!
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This is a real problem for her because it's how she socializes. It's a lot of temptation, but how is she going to get her friends excited about eating rice cakes? Impossible, so she has to quit hanging out with her friends which is misery.
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Girl, you can totally do this. I went to Pizza Hut today. Matter of fact, it was the healthiest choice for me. I have to know what I am eating. For example, I WANTED teriyaki or something of the like but I couldn't narrow down the calories so I went with something (Pizza Hut) that gave me a general idea of what I was putting in my motuh. Food is a part of life. We can't avoid it because unfortunately food is the way that people socialize. I went with some friends. I did not get the salad bar (it's kinda fatty). I didnt eat bread sticks....could have had one if I wanted! I ate 3 (THREE!!) slices of Chicken Supreme medium pizza because I dont eat beef/pork. Anywho, it was great! That totaled 540 calories (but I rounded it up to 600 calories) ....alot for one meal BUT salad will be my dinner.... It was worth it. The MOST I will splurge on one meal is 700 calories (which does not happen alot) but then that still leaves me with 800-900 calories for the rest of the day (here is where the salad comes in) I go out to eat every once in awhile (not often) and I try to make wise decisions; if I deprive myself then I won't be able to stick with this. Also, today's experience taught me something. I could have been satisfied with 2 slices of pizza and I will have to be more strict with myself. The salad bar will be on menu next time....I will use the vinegar for dressing!

I guess it really depends on what type of plan you are following....for example calorie counting and weight watchers will allow pizza whereas low carb will not. Best of luck!!
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I just wrote a blog today about pizza... I won't restate it here, but do remember that thin crust saves some calories, as does ordering only "light" (as in half the amount) of cheese. You can easily cut 60 calories a slice by doing those two things. As for toppings, vegetables and chicken will be the best choices.

It sounds like you're going to buffet though, which presents a problem because these "healthy options" aren't out on the line 90% of the time. In that case, I suggest just getting whatever has the most vegetables on it. As another poster said, "two slices and be done with it." Fortunately, those lunch buffet slices are a LOT smaller than 1/8 of a pizza!

I know it's a pain to deal with, but you shouldn't have to be a "recluse" simply because of dietary choices. It does narrow down the menu quite a bit, but the broader choice is to either never eat out or only do it once in a blue moon. And how likely is that to happen? Besides, you'll gain confidence and strength in your ability to resist temptation when you go out. After a point, it might make you lose your appetite, too (not that it's a good thing).
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This is hilarious to me! Earlier today today my brother (lives with us) asked if I wanted to order pizza. I explained that there will be no pizza for me until I get to 159 ("normal" bmi) and he looked at me like I was crazy. He's so sweet though, he still got his pizza, took it to his room to eat, and took the trash straight out to the can outside. I didn't even so much as smell it.
I seriously always come up with some rationalization when faced with a pizza. Somehow I come up some great rationale that allows me to eat 5 pieces...
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Ah, pizza and dieting...

Several hundred years ago when I was young, broke, and deluded into thinking fat was evil, I tried to eliminate cheese from my diet. (I almost wrote "cut the cheese" -- he he.)

BF/DH and I would order a veggie pizza, "half with no cheese." More often than not, the delivery guy would show up with a pizza that was half veggie and half *just* cheese. Bzzt.

The good news -- or bad, depending on how you looked at it -- is that the company would usually let us keep the first pizza, and they'd bring us another one. It was almost as good as a two-for-one coupon.

Incidentally, bread baked with tomato sauce and veggies on top is reasonably tasty, but it isn't pizza. Far better to do portion control on one of the "healthier" regular options: veggie, chicken (as long as it's on a tomato-based sauce and not an alfredo-based sauce), or even Hawaiian (pick off some of the Canadian bacon).

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Pizza is my favorite food and Pizza Hut is my favorite place to get it. I haven't been to Pizza Hut in almost two years. I still talk about that day with fond memories. It truly was cooked to perfection. *sigh*

I do make a homemade pizza that my Sweetie and I adore and it satisfies that need. For those that care here is what I do.

2 oz of lean hamburger, seasoned with oregano, basil, and fresh garlic. Press onto a cookie sheet into a flat round that will fit on top of pita bread. On other half of cookie sheet spread out chopped veggies. I use zucchini, broccoli, onions, green peppers, and a little more garlic. Cook all that for about 15 minutes on 375.

Toast a split whole wheat pita under the broiler. Both sides. Watch it closely!
Place meat on pita bread, spread with 1/4 cup pizza sauce, veggies, sliced black olives, low fat mozzarella cheese, and 4 or 5 slices of turkey pepperoni.
Pop back into the 375 oven for about 7 minutes.

This pizza is around 500 calories and is sooooo tasty and good for you that it won't make you feel bad about enjoying it.

To the OP. I agree that socializing with your buds is important. Have a huge diet soda or water and limit yourself. If you can have a salad that would be great. Oh and eat everything super slow!
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Ohh, you guys are making me want pizza for dinner. Thanks for the great idea. I've got some ww pitas I'll use with lots of veggies and maybe some shrimp on top - yum!
Pizza is not my favorite food, but I do get in the mood for a piece of really good pizza from time to time. I guess in my family we used to eat it so much that I was really sick of it. But my favorites are very thin crust, or Pizza Hut deep dish. There is so much oil in the bottom of that deep dish pan that I don't think I'll be able to justify eating it again. That's why it gets so deliciously crispy down there. When I'm faced with no other choices, sometimes I'll just eat the toppings and cheese with a fork and leave the crust. Wasteful, but healthier for me.
Pizza with 14 buff firefighters sounds like heaven. I wouldn't miss that for the world! Even if I had to save up all my calories for the day for it...
And by the way, if it makes you feel better, probably at least part of your 4 lbs is water - there's so much salt in those pizzas.
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I am so bad in those situations, and I too have avoided Pizza Hut since I started this. However, I never get invited to go to Pizza Hut with 14 buff firefighters, either!

Last night, my husband invited me to a movie, and he got popcorn for the first time in a long time. He's been avoiding it for my sake, but he really loves it, so I encouraged him to get it if he really wanted it. (My 13YO daughter sat on the other side of me with Junior Mints, too! **SIGH**)This is silly, but it worked for me, so that's why I'm sharing. That popcorn smell was intoxicating, and I knew that it would be almost impossible for me to not eat any through the whole movie. So, I promised to wait fifteen minutes and think about whether I wanted it or not. I decided that I really did want a little. So, I then made up rules for when I could eat it, how many kernels I could have at once, etc. At the end of the movie, I had consumed 30 kernels of popcorn at most and two Junior Mints. I didn't regret eating it, and I didn't regret not eating it. All in all, a good outcome for me, though next movie, I'm going to request it be junk food free.

You have had some great suggestions on what to eat. Maybe doing something similar to what I did could help you with controlling the quantity while still having a great time with your "brothers." Perhaps you decide to drink a full glass of water prior to eating your first slice. Then, maybe a salad with low-fat dressing and another glass of water prior to your second piece?? I am the WORST at portion control, so I wish you the best of luck in this tough situation. And, like someone else said, while I might encourage the group to go somewhere where you're less tempted, I wouldn't give up socializing with your group of friends, either.
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Pita420 - Thanks for those pizza recipes!

sockmonkey70 - Stick to the salad bar with all that pizza just sitting there waiting to be eaten and enjoyed?!?! Not to mention all those guys eating it all around me. You must be kidding, right? lol... I've tried that, it just doesn't work. I have to have it.

hellokitty81668 - Yeah, I could make a calendar. I've thought of it a couple times because they are all deffinately hot enough!

Thanks everyone for your input! I'm just gonna try recommending other places to eat, and if that doesn't work, I'm gonna stick to a 2 piece limit, and stear clear of the breadsticks!
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