Let Me Introduce Myself!

  • Hi!
    I am new to these boards and would like to introduce myself. I am looking for some new friends to give me support when I need it, and I will return the favor whenever I can!

    Real name: Tammy

    Geographical location: Western Canada

    Age: 30

    Marital Status: Happily married

    Children/Ages: None yet, that is why I am here!

    Occupation:Investment Specialist

    Pets: One cat, Herbie

    Hobbies/Interests:cross-stitching, movies, crafts


    Eye/Hair Color: Blue/usually blonde but now strange red/blonde/brown color after hairdresser sister got a hold of me

    Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: today (for this time around)

    Starting Weight:308

    Present Weight: 308 (yup, I even ran to the scale and doublechecked, but it has not changed since this morning and crossing my fingers made no difference)

    Goal Weight: 250 to start, 145 ideally

    Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss:Emotional Eating!! I eat when I am happy, I eat when I am sad, I eat to celebrate, I eat to cry!! I need to find other things to replace the eating!

    Following any specific plan: Move more, eat less, journal all the time

    What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: I have battled in the past with depression, but I feel that I am past that now and I am ready to see the real me emerge. I want to lose weight more than anything as I would love to start a family, but not at this weight. I have fertility problems, and want my weight to be less of an issue when I am straightening these problems out.

    Anything else you would like to share with us: I am happy to be here!! I would really like to meet someone in the same position as me who is trying to lose weight before starting a family.

    E-mail: pm me and I will tell you!!
  • Welcome Tammy, Other than a few things you could be talking about me! I joined a year ago this Jan. This place has been a godesnd to me. All that was required of me is to log on daily. I stayed connected here no matter what the scale said. I hope you do to I will try and bring up some regular threads that keep working their way off teh main board tomorrow when I am off.
    Hello! I love the name you chose for yourself!

    As fralick said...you have come to the right place! You have put it in words, my friend...now you must put it in action! You will get all the support you need around here! The secret is....COME HERE!!! Post often and read often! We are ALL in the same boat! I started here and on my plan (low carbs) on June 15, 2001 and have taken off 46 so far. I started at 262 and would like to lose a total of around 100 and hit a size 14. (I am 5'9") I am 43 and have been battling WEIGHT most of my life. It is a commitment....but I am sick of this fat suit!

    I wish you much success in the new year with the NEW YOU! You can do it....one day....one meal.....one minute at a time!
  • welcome to this great group too!!! one step at a time is the way to go!!!
  • welcome!
    I too started at 300+, it's a hard thing to say isnt it?? I started at 313 (5'9), now I am 274. 39 down, 114 to go. I want to weigh 160 and I have to say coming here is the best thing you can do. It really does help. For weight loss, I just count calories. If you keep your calories around 1800 you will still lose due to your starting weight. dont start too low like 1200, you will feel like you are starving and want to quit!! Also if you could stick to that low of calories your body will eventually get used to that little of food and slow your metabolism and who wants to do that??

    best wishes to you and check in often!
  • Hi Tammy
    Hi Tammy. I'm new, too. My names Christine, and I've got 145lbs to lose, and this is the year I'm gonna do it! I could sure use an accountability buddy. I refuse to write my weight since it went over 2somethingsomething. YUCK. Anyway, good luck to you, and me, too. See ya later, and if I can give a tip: carbs really spark those binges. I know it's hard to lay off them, but when you do, it DOES become easier to follow your plan. bye for now, curley
  • Tammy - WELCOME

    You sound ALOT like me. I started out at 311, I love cross-stitching and I had fertlity problems as well. Take it from someone who delivered at 340 lbs, get all the weight off you can before you get pregnant. I wish I had listened to my own advice.

    One of the reasons that I am getting serious about losing this weight is because in October I want to start on #2 and the doctor wants me under 200 this time.

    Hope to see more posts from you!!!
  • Hi Tammy,

    My name is Dee-Dee and I just joined 2 days ago. I am in the same boat as you with the weight. I need to loose 120 lbs. I have 1 son who's 11 and my hubby and I want to start trying for #2 soon. I would like to be at a healthier weight before conseption. This is a great start for the both of us. Good Luck, You Can Do It .
  • Thanks for all of your warm welcomes!!
    I am truly greatful for all of your words of encouragement and willingness to share your lives with me! I look forward to sharing more with you as we go through this journey together.
    Hello to Pat, 25_hopeful, Sue, Lorelei, Baylee, Christine, Sandi and Dee Dee! Congratulations on all of your hard work so far, and I want you to know that I am here to help you continue your success!!
    I truly do need to be accountable; I totally agree with Christine/Curley!! For me it is necessary each and every day. I would like to start a new thread where we can share our daily successes and struggles. I would like to post my daily food diary here, and I will report my weigh in once a week. Anyone game to join me?? I hope you will! I know having to report to someone is the structure I need right now. Even if you can only pop in once a week, please do so!!
    I will start a new thread called "WannaBLosers: Week One" starting tonight! I am sure the first thread will go for more than a week, but I am being really optimistic that everyone will have lots to say, and lots of good ideas for one another-like Curley's carb tip! You are so right-they set me off for a binge every time. I crave them after work something fierce!
    Hopefully we will have some mommies to be in the year!
    I am off to start the new thread! Hope to see you all there!


    "I think I can, I think I can....." - The Little Engine That Could
  • I love your idea!
    Here's my entry for today. Hope it doesn't discourage anyone, but rather serves to show you, "See, I wasn't so bad afterall~ there's someone who is worse off than me!!"
    Today I awoke and made a vow to do what it is that I know I should. I'm sure I don't need to include that part here. I promptly ate some chocolate candy, made breakfast, and snacked on cookies throughout the day. Later on I went out alone, and thought it was a grand idea to stop off at Burger King and order their 2 for a buck tacos. Parking in a remote area so as not to be seen by anyone who may think "Look, it's a fat lady sneak-eating". I was enjoying the last few bites, when my husband called and asked me to pick up Chinese on the way home. Of course I got his favorite, AND mine.
    Tell me, does anyone else do crazy things like this, because it's sort of the norm for me? That candy really set me off in an eating frenzy. I wish I could feel hunger again, because I haven't since Thanksgiving. I really do hate this cycle I'm on, and want to get back on track. I feel hopeful that now I have some place to share instead of keeping this nasty secret all to myself. Thanks, ladies. Hope to have a bunch of encouraging words before my first bite of carbs in the morn.
  • Curley {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

    you sure need one. have some hard boiled eggs ready for when you get up that will help start your day off right. focus on the first half the day and work on that for this week. take it one day at a time OK??? this is a life changing process not some thing that is temporary so we all will have bad times we just need to learn hot to deal with them focus on just a small goal first if you look at the big picture then it becomes too over whelming so just start of small learn hot to eat right before you focus on the bigger picture (NO PUN INTENDED )
  • hey Tammy and Welcome! I am a little bit with the welcoming, but looks like you got the warm welcome you deserved. I too suffered with infertility..if you ever want to chat..am here for you.

    Wishing you all the best along your journey
  • Thanks Sue!!
    I appreciate the encouragement. I am having a much better day. I never thought of just focusing on PART of the day before. I guess there are some things this veteran dieter could still learn. I am going to put that into effect immediatly. It's amazing how much I suffered from lack of understanding from those around me, because I am really reaping a lot of benefits already from you guys who have been, and still are, there. Thanks!!
  • Christine i have been helped wondeerfully by those here at this forum! There is nothing like some one who goes through it with you and understands the feelings. we all are there or have been there. We know how hard it is. So prepare your self for a great journey!!! with tons of new friends!!!
  • No Gingered Beef, but I wish I had the Potstickers!
    Regarding my recent binge that included Chinese food, I just want to say, with all the guilt about eating when I knew I shouldn't, I ordered food that I didn't really like! I was asked if it was gingered beef, but it wasn't and I wish I would have gotten what I wanted because I didn't even enjoy it. Why do I do this?? Anyway, I have decided to count points once again. I will still focus on the low to no carb meals during the day, but the points system helps me to see what I am actually eating. My 14 year old daugher is doing it with me, and since I homeschool her, shes here all day with me. Poor her, I have contributed to her 50lbs of unwanted fat by making her my eating partner. So anyway, we will weigh in on mondays and have a little accountability meeting before we start school. SO.... I could use some prayers in this area, as I have been at this unsuccessfully for a long long long time. I am so happy to have you all for support, though. You guys have been great already! Looking forward to the journey. I will keep a record of our weekly weigh-ins, and occassional other writings too. Bye for now.