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Default Were you afraid to give away your "big" clothes??

I have some pants I want to give away, but then I hesitate and think what if I gain the weight back?( I know negative thinking brings me down), and will have to spend money on the clothes again.
I live in a small rental house, and if I get rid of these clothes it would be great., right now I have some clothes , ready to give away, on top of a bookcase.
When did you feel ready to give up your bigger clothes? These clothes are super loose on me, some are 2 sizes to big, but why do I hang on to them??
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I'm the same way about hanging onto clothes, lol. I just recently cleaned out my closet and decided to keep alot of my smaller-sized clothing that I wore like 2 years ago in hopes that I'll fit into it again in a few months. It's either that or once I lose weight, I have to spend $100s (that I don't have!) on a new wardrobe...
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Oh my goodness NOOOOOOOO
The first batch were knit pants that had gotten so huge on me it was really embarrassing - but I was so scared to try to buy something smaller. When I finally went shopping and tried on pants - I found I was down like 4 sizes. I threw them away - pants, shirts etc. I know it was kind of selfish - I should have put them in the collection box but it was symbolic. Now the three pairs of pants I had bought are hanging off of me and I'm going to give those to a friend. I have quite a few fall shirts etc that are huge and a brand new really nice winter coat - gonna give them all away. I will NEVER let myself get that out of control again !!!

GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!
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I only throw away clothes when they are too far gone for anyone to wear - like they have torn or I downgraded them to paint the house/work outside in the yard clothes. I give stuff to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I gave some things Dress for Success once and that made me feel really good. Unfortunately, they were all clothes that were too small on me, not too big! I'm hoping that soon I will be able to get rid of clothes that are too big. I don't have a ton of money to spend either so I guess I'll be wearing them until I just can't stand it anymore. Since I don't have to tuck in shirts, I can run a new seam up the side of my pants to make those last a little longer.

Good luck to everyone! May we soon flood all the thrift stores with big sizes. Maybe we could think of a way to trade clothes or something.
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I held on to mine (packed away in a tub that I couldn't see through) for a little while...part of it was security, but then I finally just donated them to get them out of the house. Refusing to buy those sizes again is my incentive right now!
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Default get rid of them!!

I gave/donated/threw away all my to big stuff. Now there is NO chance that I can get so out of control that I need to be in them again. I refuse to buy big clothes, only smaller ones. Feel good about the progress that you are making and DON'T give yourself an option of going back!!
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I have some too-big clothes I need to get rid of, but I'll have to drive 60 miles to find a place that will take them! Ah, the joys of living in beautiful places...
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I have a couple pairs of jeans Im gonna give my sister. She is a little bigger than me so as we drop sizes she is fitting into ones I just got out of.
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I got rid of my clothing immediately. I didn't hesitate, not even a little bit. I knew there was no way on earth I was ever going back to a size 26/28. I knew that when I finally left there - there was no going back - no way on earth. I did save a few pieces though, just to have see how far I've come and to see how I fit in them in the future. It's amazing to me, simply amazing to see how gigantic they are on me now.

I started buying new clothing fairly quickly. I felt so much better in the smaller, more fitted clothing. It was very important for me to feel good as I was going along this journey.

I actually just cleaned out my closets and drawers these past few days. I've just packed up a bunch of clothing to give away from 2 months ago. The very large clothing I donated to charity. These newer, smaller clothing I have been giving away to friends. Amazing how that in itself has changed. It was kind of awkward offering my friends my very recent, but bigger sized clothing. But they're thrilled to have them. They're practically new. I have no need for them. They're too big on me and I won't ever be fitting into them. Never. Ever.

I am never going to gain more then 5 lbs from where I am now. I am never going to gain more then 5 lbs from wher I am now. I am never going to gain more then 5 lbs from where I am now..... She says over and over again as she tries to ram it into her brain.
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I can't wait until I can get rid of my big clothes. I have some really nice things and will donate them. Before my boyfriend, when I was stuck in an unhappy marriage and never left my home, I lived in knit pants and over sized T-shirts. You know the, "fat girl uniform" When I got with my Joe all those clothes went into the trash and he bought me knew stuff. It was so hard to buy clothes that didn't come from Wal-Mart because that is the only place I ever felt worthy enough to shop at. I now know that my Sweetie giving me this new self-worth is one of the reason I'm so convinced that I'll lose this weight, and like Robin, I'll NEVER gain it back!! I have way to much to live for now.
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I couldn't wait to get rid of my clothes! I did hang onto a few shirts that were almost brand new. I tried them on about a month ago and they just hung on me. New or not they looked terrible and I with Robin I don't ever plan to get back into them and I don't want to have to buy a larger size. I think the fear of having to go naked will keep me on track.
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I AM healthy!
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am never going to gain more then 5 lbs from where I am now.
Hooray! lol

I have some stuff and I packed it up the other nite and is still there. Unfotunately my dd is very heavy right now and I think, well maybe.....she will want them. Even though she ONLY wears black!

I just need to go thru it all and ask if she wants this or that and if she don't chuck em.
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Its all about choices
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I donate any good clothing to the Salvation Army or a local resale shop that supports our woman's shelter. The stuff thats too big is already gone. I do have some that I am just shrinking out of. Once I have replacement clothes on hand, they will be gone too. Until then, I do have to wear baggy clothes.
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I give mine away IMMEDIATELY! I have a friend who is just starting out on a weight loss journey and she is just a couple sizes bigger than me so it's a perfect match. I give her everything that I'm shrinking out of and it isn't long before she shrinks into them.

I have only 1 pair of fat pants....and those are just to put on to see how far I've really come. They're hideous!
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I also get rid of mine the instant I realize that they're too big. I'll literally drive a single pair of pants to Goodwill in the middle of the night. I don't even wait until I have a bag full. I never will need them again and I certainly don't need to see them to remember how miserable I was at 245...
At first I threw them away, but they were really old and worn out (never bought new clothes at my highest weight) anyway. It felt good to walk them all the way outside to the big bin! BUH BYE!
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