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I think if we can incorporate what Robin, Lisa, and Ritzy said weight would cease to be an issue. Wonderful advice from everyone!
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Thank you, Friends! I can always count on you. So, I now have a plan of attack again. I will begin by purging my house. I had done this before and it worked well...I'm not sure why I allowed the junk food to return, but its outta here! I also will start journaling. I've thought of doing this many times...I even created a blog...but, I've never actually taken the next step of writing down my thoughts and feelings. I will plan treats for myself....planned only.
And, RitzyFritz.....I believe you have hit on my biggest problem of all....I have forgotten my relationship with God. Yes, its past time to open up the dialogue with him again.

Thank you all, again. Losing weight is truly the most difficult thing I've ever attempted...even tougher than quitting the cigarettes....and I appreciate the reminders that this can be done!
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Oh Rhonda, I know exactly what you're feeling! You've heard as many options as there are people who respond. To me, that just says that there are MANY ways to lose weight...finding what actually works for you is the hard part....once you find that it really does get easier. (Not easy...but easier) It's so very hard to try and use someone else's method if it isn't for you. I'm not saying that's what you're doing. I'm just blabbing.

So, what I do when I "NEED" something sugary, know the stuff. I grab a Southbeach Diet Peanut Butter Cereal bar and I leave the house. I either go for a walk and eat it or I go for a drive (not near any main roads that have NO food joints) and eat it. I also have water with me. I eat the bar and drink the water and eventually (within 1/2 hour) the craving has been sated and is either passed or manageable and I can return home. I've been finding that this is happening less and less and my box of bars is lasting longer and longer. I always make sure to incorporate that snack into my calorie limit.

I'm with Lisa and Mel....I don't restrict anything completely because then I start to obsess. However, obviously Robin restricting worked wonders for her. I don't know what works for you...but I know that if you keep looking you'll find it. Maybe it's Southbeach, maybe it isn't. But we'll be here to help keep pushing, encouraging, motivating, hugging, or whatever it is you need.

Hang in there!!!!
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So much great advice! I've saved the comments for my own future reference. Thanks for starting the thread, Rhonda.

I actually had lots of advice, but it seems to have almost all been taken. My big friends are journaling and exercise. I just had one quick thing to add, though.

The first couple of days are always the easiest for me, whether it be the first commitment or a re-commitment. I've struggled the past weekend with emotions and pre-menstrual stuff. My son had a birthday on Saturday, and his birthday cake was seriously in jeopardy Friday night. I don't ever remember cravings that desperate or strong. And, yes. I ate cake on Saturday - way too much of it. I stayed within calories just because that was almost all I ate that day, but I felt HORRIBLE. So, Monday was a recommitment day. And it felt really, really good to get back in control.

So, I would recommend that you plan every detail of a "recommitment" week. Plan not only for each meal and snack, but for each moment. I can go all day without wanting any food (I force myself to eat when I'm on plan), then I try to fill a bottomless pit in the evening. So, in my recommitment zone, I make sure that I'm scheduled for those evening hours right up until bedtime - whether it be the endless shuffling of children to activities or taking an evening walk (which also serves as an appetite depressant for me). Just for a week, it's possible to micromanage all of those details. Then, the cravings seem to decrease, and you strategize for the second week, only maybe this time you don't have to be so detailed in your plans. When you have been able to stick to an established plan of healthy eating, pick and choose some of the excellent strategies presented by so many of the responses above to help you maintain that plan despite the cravings.

Just a thought. I so admire your determination despite your obstacles, and I love your courage in posting your gorgeous picture. I have not been brave enough to get "before" pictures yet, despite the fact that when I look at your picture and the other pictures, I see personality before weight. I am really looking forward to watching your ticker move all the way to your goal! (Then, when that genie shows up, you can split your fortune with all of us here, as you'll have already lost the 100 lbs.!)
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Thumbs up Rhonda...

Thank you SO much for starting this thread! I'm an emotional eater too..I have been since I was a kid..but I never thought about how I felt when I was getting ready to binge until I read your post! That 'jumping out of my skin' feeling. Just needing something to numb those emotions! I especially like your idea about journaling. I have a lot of trouble putting my emotions on paper, but they need to go somewhere instead of being stuffed down with food. I'm on WW, and I have a points tracker, but I need to track how I feel vs. what I'm putting into my body.

Thank you all for all the great advice. I don't post here very often, but I'm always lurking. Breaking out of isolation has been a challenge for me, but please know that I'm always cheering you on, even if I'm not posting.
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I too am an emotional eater. If I get upset.. watch out.. pizza, chips, ice cream. U name it. UGH! Im trying to get it under control though.
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The thought of God makes me binge. I'm a peculiar individual - I adore theology, philosophy etc, and I'm actually going to do a degree in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics later this year at university!

However, I had a lot of unacknowledged spiritual unease on a personal level...does God exist/not exist, and all related questions. Since I've come to the firm conclusion I personally do not know, and rather suspect he does not exist, I think I'm beginning to feel a little relieved. My point (honestly) isnt to be controversial, BUT I want to highlight how unacknowledged spiritual issues can manifest themselves through destructive behaviours.

But..I'm still a bit of a binger, well to be honest, sometimes a lot of a binger! I remember just making myself "sit it out" when I was 17. That summer, I cried SO in for about an hour per night. But I guess I'd rather feel it than wear it?


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Originally Posted by royalsfan1 View Post

So, what I do when I "NEED" something sugary, sweet.

I'm with Lisa and Mel....I don't restrict anything completely because then I start to obsess. However, obviously Robin restricting worked wonders for her.
But that's just it - I rarely, rarely "NEED" something sugary, sweet anymore.

Anyway, I said I needed to be completely restrictive initially. I didn't know how to set limits for myself. And whenever I would eat the carby/sugary stuff it just made me want more and more of it. I was insatiable. I am not satisfied with 150 calories worth or 450 calories worth for that matter, of pasta or cookies, I AM satisfied with 150 calories of protein and/or veggies. Totallly and completely.

I have since had the occasional sugar/carby stuff. Like when I'm at a party or a social event. A few bites of this, a couple of bites of that. I have become a calorie snob though. I just can't help but think I could be eating something healthier and more abundant for my calories. And more satisfying. So, basically I just don't enjoy eating that stuff anymore. It's a miracle!!! Yay!!!

Just like with the 100 calorie packs. They're over in 2 seconds flat, I'm not satisfied at all- I want more of it. It starts my cravings going. There's no nutrition in there. And I'm starving 2 minutes later. It just does absolutely nothing for me - but start trouble that is. It satisfies nothing for ME.

I have come to realize that not only do I LOVE food, I love the act of eating. And I want it to last a loooong time. I like volume, I always have, I always will. That's where the veggies come into play. I can eat a huge amount of them for relatively few calories and they're all nutritionally sound calories. And it satisfies me. It doesn't leave me wanting for more. It keeps my stomach full. It satisfies my need to eat for a long time. The fiber is an absolute winner as far as weightloss goes. You burn more calories digesting fiber then anything else. And I LOVE them. Miraculous, but true. It's just a win/win situation - for me.

Rhonda, you WILL find what works for you. You are a kind, intelligent woman and so very strong and determined. Keep trying. Keep trying. And keep trying some more if need be. We're all pulling for you. If there's anything at all you need - anything, please feel free to PM me.
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Another thing we haven't talked about much (or maybe we have and I'm too lazy to go back and reread the thread ) is exercise. I used to hate when people said exercise is stress relief. "Are you kidding me?" I thought. "Exercise is one of the most stressful things around!" Obviously I've changed my ways.

It's not just about exercise for the sake of weight loss, though. It's about finding an activity that you LOVE. For me, as you guys know, it's running. I do other things, but running is my big stress reliever. I'm alone, I'm doing something continuous, I have a long time to myself where I can just think or NOT think. It has replaced a lot of my emotional eating, I think, because it relieves my stress and therefore my need to reach for extra food.

As for the food choices, I have more to say but I'm going to refrain because I think I must not be wording my posts right. Every time I present my point of view on that, it seems like I don't get my point across very well. That's not good, since I'm a writing teacher!!

Seriously, though: exercise is a wonderful replacement for emotional eating, but probably not if you exercise just for the sake of burning calories.
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Never want to go back!
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I get where you are coming from on the food thing, Lisa! It's just about finding what works for each individual. We should all just be open to listening to our bodies and tinkering with our plans until we find what works and what we know we can stick with long term.

Some people will find that they need to remain open to a variety of food in moderation to stay with this for the long haul. Others will feel that one bite will set them up for a backward slide. The important thing is there is room for every perspective so long as each individual finds something that they want to (and can) live with forever.

I think it's also true that our views on including special treats may change throughout this journey. Early on, a stricter regime may give a person the headstart and sense of control they need to stick with it. Later, that person may find that, for example, one Hershey's Kiss a day isn't going to hurt them and actually helps them stick with their plan. Or they may never feel like that is an option. Our bodies and brains are powerful things and they're all unique. If something feels like it will set you off on a binge, then listen to yourself and avoid it. If you know you can handle a small amount of a treat without triggering a binge, if it fits into your plan, and makes you happy and able to stay true to your goals, then have it!

The beauty of it all is that if your plan works for you, you've found the right one! And that is all that matters in the pursuit of good health...
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Originally Posted by LisaMarie71 View Post

As for the food choices, I have more to say but I'm going to refrain because I think I must not be wording my posts right. Every time I present my point of view on that, it seems like I don't get my point across very well. That's not good, since I'm a writing teacher!!
LisaMarie, you've gotten your point across beautifully. Beautifully. It's ME that is having a hard time getting my rather odd and difficult to grasp point across . I know my point sounds weird and restrictive and DIFFICULT, but I promise you - it isn't. It's something you really can't understand unless you're doing it. And the thought of doing it sounds terrifying to most people. I get that. So, yeah, I'm having a hard time trying to explain it.

But really LisaMarie, I "get" 100% what you are saying, as I think all of us here do as well. I see your point totally and completely. I understand how and why your plan "works". But that doesn't change the fact that it wouldn't work for me. It wasn't my answer. It wasn't my solution. It's not what would have worked for me. In fact it hasn't worked for me in the past. But that's okay. Cause' there really IS more then one way to lose weight. And hey, you can't argue with success and you most certainly are successful.

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Robin, I think maybe we both thought we were being misunderstood but we actually are being understood! Does that make sense?

Anyway, I just want to say....I love you guys! This forum is so awesome. We all have our different ways of doing things, and we all come out in support when someone's having difficulty, and I just think that is an AMAZING thing and we're all lucky to have found 3FC and to have found each other. I was just reminded of that, so I wanted to express my appreciation!!

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