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Kelly M
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Default Clothing alterations?

How many of you have had professional alterations done as you're losing weight? Let me explain....

I have these two pairs of pants that I purchased at the local thrift store for $5 per pair. They looked brand new, and I love them more than I've ever liked any particular piece of clothing. When I got them, they had two sizes, and I bought them both. The larger size is now in the garage sale pile, and the smaller size will be there soon...they're already getting baggy in the butt. I love them so much that I thought I would check into buying anther pair of them NEW. Well...that's not going to happen! I checked the tags and they're both from Talbots. I knew it was a higher end catalog company, etc., but holy cow! I found the pants online and they're $98 per pair!!!! Good heavens, I couldn't bring myself to pay that for one pair! On the other hand, these pants are absolutely fabulous, and I'm rethinking the garage sale pile. I know I only paid five bucks for them, but based on that and the retail price, I would be willing to drop about $20 per pair to alter them. So here are my questions:

1. Have you had pants altered?
2. Were you happy with the fit after you had them altered?
3. What did you pay for the alterations?

Thanks so much for any input!
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I haven't had the pleasure of needing alterations yet - congrats! I do a fair amount of sewing (and some altering for other people) and would recommend taking them to a reliable tailor for his/her recommendation. Pants can be tricky (unlike a skirt or even a dress) - some alterations will wind up completely changing the line and the look of the piece (depending, of course, on how much needs to be taken in). The tailor can pin them for you so that you can see what they will look like. S/he can also give you an estimated price.

That being said, maybe check eBay for your pants in a smaller size??
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I llive at the tailor. She's my new best friend. Everytime I walk in (yesterday in fact) she says to me in her accent - "You here again, you lose more weight?" At first I didn't bother with alterations, but then as I was getting smaller I was finding clothes that I really love and didn't want to part with, so I started having them altered. It sounds like these pants are keepers for sure and I would definetly give it a shot. I always tell her to make the things real tight, so that I can have them a bit longer as I lose more weight (although I always get nervous that I won't). The price is usually between $15 & $20. I've been fairly pleased so far. I would ask her her opinion if she thinks they will look the same way and what it will cost.
Maybe you can get a recommendation from a friend who has been pleased with someone's work.
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Kelly M
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Thanks for the info LWM and Robin!

I like to sew, but these alterations are a bit above my ability. I don't mind a tuck here or there, or even taking in the entire seam on a skirt or something, but reworking these trousers makes me nervous! Now, my grams was a seamstress and wouldn't have even measured me. She would've taken the pants, looked at me for a moment, and a day or two later called to tell me they were done....and they'd fit me like they were custom made. Grams passed a few years ago, and I haven't had things seriously altered since then!

Like I said in my original post, I've never had pants that are this awesome...if you can afford them, I recommend them completely! LWM, I've been checking Ebay and haven't seen any yet, but I've got my eyes open!

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Kelly - There is a Talbot's here near us and they have GREAT clearance sales. That's when I shop! If you have one available where you are, try that. You'll be thrilled! I'm talking 75-80% off. They do NOT keep things hanging around!
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I am a bargain shopper so I don't worry about alterations too much. My only problem is I have short legs so I do have to be careful with the legs of my pants.

That said, I usually don't pay more than $20 for any piece of clothing and my target price is somewhere around $10. I don't shop in thrift stores and I try to shop at fairly nice stores such as Nordstroms, Macys/Lord & Taylor, Eddie Bauer, J. Jill and I recently bought a bunch of clothes at New York & Co (15 pieces, for about $100) which I think is my new favorite store. My exception to my price point are more expensive pieces like coats. I got a nice wool coat for $30 a couple months ago.

My advice is to look for bargains If you really love something though then go ahead and alter. I think I am too cheap for alterations though I know Nordstrom Rack will do alterations for stuff you buy there and will do alterations for things you don't buy there with a minor surcharge.

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