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POOKIE88 04-11-2007 02:53 PM

Zonya's Health Bites on TV
I recently came across a show that I had never seen before. In my area it is on once a week on a smaller channel (25).

Zonya doesn't talk about any particular diet, but she gives LOTS of good ideas about things like:

Ways to Control a Sweet Tooth
The advantages of Changing to a lower fat version of milk (avoid those "Cow Fat Globules") :moo: There is actually more calcium in some of the lower fat versions.
Comparing food choices in the supermarket (reading labels)
Watching for 100% Whole Wheat on the label and not being fooled by Whole Wheat on the label. (It could just be partially whole wheat)
Healthy Shopping
Healthy Cooking
Healthy ways to add flavors to foods
Ideas for feeding children
Ideas to cut back on certain carbs or fried foods or sugars or trans-fats.
To give a clear visual about fats in some foods --she spoons out teaspoons of shortening (lard) to show how much fat is in that particular food. She also spoons out teaspoons of sugar for some processed foods.

Some of her ideas fomr her website:
Zonya Foco RD, is leading America in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease through smart nutrition and fitness. She is the champion of the diet-downtrodden, a coach to the nutritionally challenged and a crusader with a common-sense approach to healthy eating.

The Power of One Good Habit
A certified professional speaker, Zonya uses her inspiring energy and visual humor to deliver key points for helping people adopt one good habit at a time.

Zonya's Grocery Picks
Learn to maneuver in the grocery store and find both the healthiest and best choices in each food aisle. Zonya cracks the code on food labels in every aisle.

Lickety-Split Cooking

Busy lifestyles mean time-poor families looking to save minutes in the kitchen without compromising healthy meals. That is why in the kitchen Zonya shows you how to make everyday family favorites easy, delicious and nutritious.

Junior Bites

Zonya teaches parents how to get kids to adopt one good habit at a time – at mealtime, playtime and family time.


Indoors or out, this segment covers all elements of physical fitness. From simple exercises to yoga, Zonya illustrates quick and easy workouts attainable by everyone in the family.

You can also listen to her "Motivational Minutes" on her website.

Zonya is a Dietitian and she also has Guest Nutritionists and Guest Exercise experts etc.

>>If you want to see if Zonya's show is in your area --you can go to Station Listings:

I also brought some Shopping Guides and Power of Positive Eating from her website. She is VERY energetic and inspiring! I wish she was in my area, because she goes out and gives speeches with LOTS of info. They show portions of these speeches on some of her TV shows.

Has anyone else come across this show? If not keep your eye out for it, you might enjoy it. --Pookie

barbygirl43 04-11-2007 03:07 PM

that looks like a cool show. She doesn't show on any of our public television networks. :(

Dinah55 07-04-2011 12:41 AM

Yippeee! She's on in my area. Entering the slot into my calendar now.

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