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Default Review of Spinning Class (Fitness)

Over the weekend, my YMCA opened their new pool and had a special on joining the Y. I haven't had a membership for over a year (maybe two?) now but since I use local pools twice a week, I decided to spring for a membership (a whole $35/month). It's good a 4 of my local locations and includes all sorts of classes that I've been wanting to try.

So this morning, I tried spinning. A little background on me fitnesswise: for a fat girl, I'm pretty fit. I swim, dance, yoga, walk and, during the summer, commute to work along a 4 mile very hilly stretch.

I don't recommend this class for someone just getting off the couch.

However, if you're looking for something to shake up things, it was a great class. I selected one that was for "all" fitness levels. Sweat was pouring off me and the beef jerky instructor was fun - he talked about an RV coming up behind us on a long stretch of him with 9-year olds sticking their tongues out at us.

The intimidation factor is pretty high! Spinners are fitness freaks. They take their class very seriously. The bikes are actually pretty complicated because of their adjust-ability. I showed up about 15 minutes before class, hoping to find the instructor but he hadn't arrived yet. I started to try to comprehend the bike (it was a philosophical moment). Finally, I looked pleadingly at the woman behind me and said, "I'm new." She jumped right off and helped me out. Very sweet!

So, what exactly do you do in a exercise class with a bike? Ok, so there's music (in my case, techno) and the instructor talks about pedaling in time with the music. There's also a resistance wheel. So he'll talk about cranking up the wheel for long hills or sprints and then cranking it back down during intervals. He talked a lot about heart rate and exerting energy, "On a scale of 1-10, you should be a 7. You're mouth should be open. You should be sweating and starting to pant." etc.

I can definitely feel the class's effect on my quads today. Next time, I'm going to try leaning over the bars more so that I use more of my glutes and thighs. Yes, I do think they'll be a next time. I don't think I'll become a regular but it was fun enough for me.
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Jessica - I've always wanted to try a spinning class! I enjoy really hard cardio so its possible this class is for me! I just have to find a place nearby that offers it! Thanks for the review!

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Hahah... I was *just* looking at the group fitness classes at my gym. And thinking about "Spinology" as it's called here.
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Great review Jessica !!

It brought me back to my first spinning class... looking lost, trying to figure it out the bike... and then when I moved to Spain they had completely different bikes, so I got to experience it twice !!

I´m a big fan of spinning now, it does wonders for my legs and butt...
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I did my 1st spinning class last week and it was defientely something new. I generally do stair stepping, elliptical and belly dancing classes for cardio. I was not prepared to be exhausted the first 5 minutes. When everyone else stood up on their bikes I tried to as well as soon as I did my legs started screaming. I sat down most of the class but the instructor warned me in the beginning to only do what I can. By the next day I couldnt walk and it took 3 days for hte soreness to be gone. I defientely had sweat pouring off me. I understand why they sit and stand so much, those seats arent comfortable and you get bruised in places you shouldnt be after exercising. Now bruised in that area after 1-1 exercising is a completely different story.
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