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Alexis79, I'm not sure what the numbers on my thyroid report were, I'm gonna look for them and check out the website you mentioned. But I've been a compulsive eater my whole life so I think most of my weight gain has to do with that. But I'll check out the site anyway

Robin, I have this mental block that prevents me from accepting that eating 5-6 mini meals a day would help me lose weight, despite all the evidence around me. But you're right, seeing as how it made me binge out of control by the end of the day, I'm gonna give it a shot. I'll post whatever I ate today at the end of the day.
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Dawntodusk, good for you for acknowledging that you are responsible for your weight. I used to go to doctors and they would ask me if I ever had my thyroid checked and this and that and I was always "Umm, nope, I just overeat - A LOT". So, yes I too am responsible for every pound that got onto my body. Period. I think it's important to acknowledge it because if you don't, well then how can you possibly change it?

You are taking a step in the right direction. You are noticing that past behaviors are not working for you. I know it sounds crazy that to eat more often you will actually LOSE weight. But, this is a realistic, SMART approach, and when done CORRECTLY, it works. And it's one that you can live with - forever. We'll be more then happy to help you out. Because I promise you, it IS possible to lose the weight. Really, it is.
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[QUOTE=Dawn2Dusk;1615717]Alexis79, I'm not sure what the numbers on my thyroid report were, I'm gonna look for them and check out the website you mentioned. But I've been a compulsive eater my whole life so I think most of my weight gain has to do with that. But I'll check out the site anyway

cool... i mean it is just something to consider, so i'm glad you are looking into it. personally, i have gone through eating disorders... from anorexia to bulimia , back and forth (and think they are all different forms of a very similar addiction... as a matter of fact, bulimia and compulsive eating share so very much in common that they are nearly identical, except for one major difference... but that just took one time for me to cross that line into purging before i fell deep into bulimia.) i have found it interesting to discover in my recent thyroid and adrenal fatigue journey (that's a long story, btw ) that hormone imbalance goes hand-in-hand with addiction. and food obsession (whatever its form) is basically an addiction. and in fact, my twin sister went right from one addiction (the disordered eating) to full-on alcoholism. it's just amazing how dependent every system within the human body is on every single other system...when one gets out of balance, so do all the others. and, our mind and our bodies are one... they are not separate... so our cognative systems are just as dependent on our hormone levels as , say, our i dont know... help me out here... digestive systems?? i dont know... but you know what i mean.
anyhoo, good luck on your weight loss journey. you should really listen to rockin robin on this one.... a few years ago i did this very thing (before my thyroid got really bad) and it worked. i could feel my metabolism being revved, despite my developing thyroid issue.basically, if you look at your metabolism like a fire... you want to constantly be giving fuel to the fire to get that fire going... spread out the fuel. what you DONT want is to let the fire slowly die down by waiting too long to give it fuel, THEN throw a ginormous log on it.... then we're stuck with a log that wont burn and that wont fit into our pants. dont mean to preach. you probably heard all that already. but, i do know that now, with this stupid thyroid thing... there's nothing i can do for my weight but get my thryoid treated. wish me luck, as i have yet to start on the hormones. in the meantime, i'm just gonna be nosing around this site. its inspirational. good luck~ you can do it.
peace ~alexis
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Default Dawntodusk....

I wanted to offer another thought on your co-worker who seemingly has no effects of eating all that food. Just because she has yet to show outside manifestations of eating poorly does not mean she isn't doing damage to her body. She may end up with high cholesterol or b/p. I agree with Robin. YOu need to stop looking at this just as a weight loss diet and start planning how you can fuel your body to be healthy and fit. As for the hotdogs, they are done and over. It happens. You just turn around and continue your plan. Sounds like you already figured out that you need to up your calorie level. Great job!
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