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Default ok so the recap of the weekend out of town

So sorry...this gets a bit long.

Alright well despite my attempt at staying on plan I do have to say it was definatly a partial failure....The food wasn't bad but it wasn't great, mostly because I was attending wedding events all weekend so there was no choice.....the real down fall was the alcohol....Friday night me and the wedding party drank like sailors...maybe because the groom is actually a sailor. I'll just leave it at that.

I started out well on Friday, had a healthy breakfast and brought a healthy lunch on the train so I didn't have to go to the cafe car. When I got into the city we went to the Spa and got mani-pedis (me the bride, the groom and our friend Randy....yes you heard it....the 2 guys at the spa getting pedicures...its a classic image) .Dinner on Friday was fantastic, it was my first Kosher experience and the food was Kosher Middle Eastern food so aside from the rice I have no idea what anything was but it was great. It was buffet style but not the sort of situation where you have multiple heaping plates, so I had a modest amount of food. Really I had a small taste of everything and there were lots of vegetables and I skipped dessert....but when you add in all of the drinking we did there and for the rest of the night it sort of canceled any good choices with food right out.

Saturday I was on my own all day so breakfast was room service.... I had french toast....skipped the syrup & butter and got it with fresh berries...which were the best part. I went out and worked right on through the pre-wedding night hangover. My hotel was in a great location....right on 56th & 5th so I went for a walk down 5th ave and did some people watching, ended up at the Central Park Zoo and went in and walked all around there for a while, then I went to the MOMA and toured the art for most of the afternoon so I did get a good amount of walking in. It was nice to go out on my own and just wander around....thats probably my favorite part of traveling is my alone time so I was happy to get time to do that. Lunch was late and I just grabbed a subway sandwich....turkey on wheat with lots of veggies, no cheese and no dressings so not too bad. It was a night time wedding and I walked to it from my hotel (about 12 blocks) but I did it in 4"heels so my calves got a good workout! (and it after spending the whole night in those shoes it is going to take my feet at least a week to recover!)

Everything was beautiful, it was held at the Hudson Theatre at the Millennium Broadway Hotel...absolutely gorgeous. The band was wonderful, dancing on the stage the whole thing. There was a pre-ceremony cocktail hour that started at 7pm so I had a couple of nibble of some of the appetizers and again the drinking began. the ceremony was great....totally my first Jewish wedding so I was lost for most of it but that didn't seem to matter. Then was the reception....dinner didn't hit the table until after 10:30PM so it was pretty much a lost cause after that. I had the steak (the other choice was fish and I don't eat fish) but it was correctly portioned so it wasn't like I ate a 16oz sirloin. Then there was more drinking and more dancing and needless to say for the second night in a row it was 4am before I even got back to the hotel.

For Sunday I had the french toast from room service again and headed to penn station to catch my train back to Boston and on the train munched on some rice cakes and an apple. I won the battle against all travel take out temptation so that was one for the win column. When I got home my mom had left me some homemade turkey dinner so I had the turkey and the broccoli which isn't bad either...oh and not a drop of alcohol on Sunday/

So overall I'm putting the food in the win I didn't have many choices for most situations, and even though I had off plan food nothing was an over sized portion, I didn't binge, I didn't feel out of control, I stopped when I was full and resisted all train station take out. The alcohol was in the lose column.... The exercise was mid range...I didn't actually work out but I did do a lot of walking...which was more than my friends...while I went out walking around they all stayed in bed recovering until 3pm! I did have some cigarettes this weekend so thats a lose too.

No matter what I had a great time, this morning I am up 2lbs since I last weighed last Thursday so its time to counteract that. I'm right back on schedule and on plan and I'll be ok if I don't see any alcohol for times to come. I can't wait to get to the gym tonight and get in a real good workout. No matter how fun it is to go away its always just so great to come home too!
oh...and everyone thought I was looking great (this is the first time these folks have seen me since I started losing) so hearing those compliments is just making me want to go further and further!
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Default I think it sounds like a good overall weekend!

Just drink lots of water and stay on your plan. It sounds as if you had a great time. The really good thing is that it was a weekend AWAY and although you enjoyed yourself you know that now you are HOME and back on track.
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So glad you enjoyed your weekend...and great job with jumping right back on plan!
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I's now behind you and not something to fear! haha When you drink that much alcohol you's possible that once you kick the water in you'll might realise that you didn't do so much damage after all. Glad you were able to keep the food in control and got in some good walking.
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It's great to have a fun weekend. That's a part of life. Get back on plan.. and no harm done! What I thought was good was that you stopped when you were full. I bet you never did that before. Good for you. You did a lot more good things then bad.. that's for sure
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