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Default Weekly Chit Chat - March 12

Happy Monday!! How is everyone doing??

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I didn't even get dressed until after 12:00 on Sunday! Spent some time outside which was nice.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. I am enjoying the warmer weather.

I wanted to share my newest (Most favorite) picture of my boys!

How are you guys this week?
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Sandi.... Jacob is starting to look so much like you! Sweet picture.
We are going to enjoy the warm weather here today too! The mountian of snow is melting very fast here... little rivers going down our street.

On the 27th of March I'm going to see Taylor Hicks sing, when he comes to Green Bay.
This Thursday my health freak friend (who is also my scrapbooking buddy and my dh's boss's wife) is going to take me to her health food section. I'm actually pretty excited. I'm looking for great ideas.

Time for school here...
I'll check in later.
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Great idea Sandi!!

We had a busy weekend cleaning the ATV's and the truck - we are going for another ride this weekend (leaving here Thursday afternoon) so I'll weigh in a day early again this week.

Spring is HERE! It was in the 50's all weekend ~ and I am so GLAD - I am tired of the cold and snow!

Dana -there is a lot of great stuff in the health food sections of the stores now - have fun and experiment with some new things!

I went to Krogers last night - they had my Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats on sale for $1.99 a bag, I bought all the bags that were on the shelf!
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Good morning!

Sandi - Very cute picture!

I got out and enjoyed the nice weather with my dog on Sunday...very nice to get out and walk in just a few layers instead of my big winter jacket! Did some clothes shopping on the w/e too which was much more choice now.

Hope everybody has a good Monday! (or as good as possible...)
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Yep, looks just like you!!!!
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Sandi, Jacob is what like almost 6 or so? I think he is close in age to my boy but he looks really tall! I know that sounds silly considering he is sitting in a chair but his legs look really long. Cute picture! They look very cozy.
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Beautiful picture, Sandi!

Hubby and I went to Georgia for the weekend. We contact a realtor who took us around the area and showed us some of the housing communities. We love the area! Its so pretty....there are rolling hills and beautiful trees.
Spring is starting and the jonquils are blooming and the cherry trees are covered in pink blossoms. I just love spring! And, we loved the people. They were so the restaurants, stores, etc. And, we can finally have our dream home with enough room for Mom-in-law to have her own suite/studio area. It won't be an extravagant mansion! But, compared to our little home we have now, it will be double the size and have some things I've always a breakfast nook, fireplace and a rocking chair porch! And the school district is awesome! This is the main reason we decided to start looking for another home.

We are still praying about the move as we don't know yet if Hubby's department will let him move beyond a 5 hour drive to the nearest office. My department has already given us the go ahead. And, getting our house ready for sale and moving is very very stressful! So, I will really have to make sure I stay on-plan so I can lose more before we move.

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Yes Jen, he is 6 1/2. Steve is 6'2 so I think Jacob will be tall. He is such a good boy.
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great pic Sandi, they both look adorable.

70s to 80s here in Mobile, AL. Looks like another nice day and tomorrow to

Yay to Taylor Hicks, we have the soul patrol down here for him
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Default Thanks for starting this, Sandi!

We're getting warmer here in Colorado, too. Dug out my flower bed because the tulips, daffodils and others are trying to grow. I love spring, too. We have a little longer to go yet, but the trees are starting to show starts of buds.

My son, 10, starts baseball tonight. Yet another sign of spring! We went to the batting cages. He had fun because he moved up a level in speed of pitching. I freaked out because the ball hit so darn hard, but he was good!

My daughter, 12, and I worked on her volleyball. It was beautiful at the park in the sand volleyball courts. She wanted to spend some more time together at the mall afterward. I said we couldn't go to the mall, but we could go for a walk. Teasingly, she said, "It's like you don't even know me!" I told her that it's more like she doesn't know how much I want to hang onto my money!! ha!
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Cool Don't rub it in Sue

I crave your sunny days and warm weather. I am a way jealous canadian girl.

This weekend I was walking my dog and I fell on some ice. I went down like a tone of bricks and hurt everything. Ok not everything but I sure am sore today. On a brighter note my hubby and I went out house shopping. We want to flip a house and we just love to see how people decorate. It's like watching a reality t.v. show in real time and all the stairs you walk is extra exercise to your day. Cheerio for now. Jennifer
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Oh so he is a year older than my son. They grow up so fast, it is really scary. My husband is tall too so I'm hoping my son got those tall genes! Already he is past half my height. He'll be still in primary school and taller than his mom.
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Too cute Sandi!

Jennifer - I hope you feel better.

It was beautiful here in Phila today. I think we hit the high 50s. Spring is here!!! I'm so excited. We didn't really have much of a winter, but still...
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Oh Sandi your son is precious. He REALLY does look a lot like you.

Jennifer I hope you feel better. Did you ever see the show "Flip this house"? I like it a lot. Good luck.

Rhonda I hope it all works out for you. It is a very stressful time though. But SO very worth it. And packing and hauling boxes is a great way to burn calories!!

We hit the 50's this weekend too. It's supposed to be 60 tomorrow. I LOVE it. But unfortunately it's not supposed to STAY that way. The weekend is looking quite cold again.
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Can I join in the discussion here? I only (hah) have 70 pounds to lose.

The weather here in Jersey was great today. Does anyone know if springtime plans to stay in the Northeast?
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