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Angry 100 Pounds! How did it happen?

Hello to everyone! this is my first post. I'm just beginning the long journey to my goal weight. I'm so hoping to reach it by Christmas. Right now things are going pretty well. I attend T.O.P.S. meetings weekly. I'm finding the support really helpful. I can't believe I have to lose 100 the heck did I let this happen?
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It happened over time.

You can do this, but try not to think in terms of 100 pounds. That seems so daunting. Look at it, instead as shorter term goals. Something by Easter, something by the 4th, etc, etc. Make your goal to be something that is reasonable - 2 pounds per week. You can do it.
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Jennylou is right -- you definitely have to look at it in smaller chunks instead of thinking of the whole 100 pounds. For years I was so intimidated by the number of pounds I needed to lose that I just didn't even make a serious attempt. This time I split the 110 pounds into 4 mini-goals, and I also looked at it as 10 pounds at a time. I made little goals of getting into the next "decade" so I was excited when I reached the 260s, then the 250s, the 240s, and so on. Now, 70 pounds later, I can say I only have to lose 40 pounds. That may sound like a lot to some people, but to me it sounds really doable, and you'll be in the same place before you know it. The time is going to pass, one way or another, so you might as well get this weight loss going! 10 pounds at a time -- you can do it!
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Talking I feel your pain!

I have quite a bit to lose as well and I know how it can just sneak up on ya. One day you're wearing a size 10 and they are too big the next thing ya know, you're size 14's are too snug. Oye! In 2 years I have jumped up 4 sizes!
I'm trying new recipes and different foods that I tought I'd never eat (hummus?) and it's fun so far. I really want chocolate though So I eat a fat free chocolate pudding cup mixed with fat free cool whip. Its like a chocolate mousse. Yum-o!

Good luck to ya!
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I so feel your pain too. I needed to lose over 160 big ones. So yeah, I feel your pain. I finally realized though instead of trying to figure out how it happened, just to say "screw it, it did, it's over with, now do something about it for goodness sakes" You don't have to know exactly why something happened in order to make a change. You have to start chipping away at the numbers one by one. And before you know it, the numbers start to decline and what once seemed insurmountable is well within your reach. You can do this, you really can. I'm glad you're here, this is a great place for support, advice and encouragement. Looking forward to getting to know you.
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On my way to 160!
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Hi Stampah!

Welcome! You found a GREAT site here!

The chicks on this thread already have given you terrific advice! I'd like to add that I found it VERY important to write down each and every success in my journal each day -particularly as I was just starting. The reason why this is important is that not every victory that you have will be related to the scale. Sometimes it will be a more positive feeling when a zipper goes up easier or when you notice that your skin is more glowing because you are drinking more water. In my journal I also try to focus on things that I have learned that day. Weight loss is often a personal journey of discovery as well as a loss of pounds!

I wish you much luck and look forward to your posts!

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I was always intimidated by the sheer AMOUNT of weight I needed to lose. So, like others, I broke it down, first in 25 lb segments, but started feeling like alot too, so like others I did 10 lb segments. Everyday I find something to admire about myself, physically. Yes, yes, I know it's what's inside that counts, but if thats all we were all<everyone worldwide was worried about>, aside from health our weight wouldn't matter. So, one day it's how my collarbones are being exposed, and how sexy that looks, or hos my newly muscled shoulders and arms look if I glance over my shoulder, or how I've suddenly gotten a hollow armpit instead of a poff of flesh. Weight loss isn't always measured by a number, remember that. The scale is a lousy rat bas^%$ with nothing better to do than annoy you. Use your measuring tape and take pride in what you DO accomplish, whether its staying on your plan with calories for the day, excersizing, drinking water, or noting small changes in your own appearence. Good luck! Welcome
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Yeah, I know what you mean as I have a little over 100 to lose myself. I know that when I hit 310, I was like "How the **** did that happen???" and that was after being overweight nearly all of my life!

I'm now four pounds away from TwoVille and I never dreamed I could be so happy to hit 299! We'll all get there! Here you will find more support than you could ever dream of!
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Yes I'm with the 'how the **** did that happen' gang. But just as weight can creep on without noticing so that before long you are 300+lbs it can also slide off and when you're down 100lbs you'll be wondering how the **** THAT happened - I do! It is very good advice just to tune out the total amount of weight you need to lose and just focus on achieving small and realistic goals you set yourself and reward yourself (with non food stuff) when you achieve a 'big' goal - like losing 20lbs or something. I had a list of rewards hanging up that I could have if I reached certain goals - like have a facial, go and get a manicure, go for a massage and they really were quite special treats when I succeeded in getting where I wanted. It almost makes it enjoyable!!

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Default Thanks

Thanks so much to everyone. I can see that I've stumbled into the right place. The support just radiates off my screen.
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Don't think about the numbers!!! That's the best advice I can give. You cannot control what the scale says, no matter how hard you try. You can control what you eat and how much exercise you do. Once you are doing those things, the numbers will follow! Good luck!!!
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Just like everyone else, I don't know how it happened either! One day you wake up and it's there....reality smacking you in the face! But rest assured, you can do this! However you need to break it down to make it feel reasonable, do it! And as the others have said, take stock in all the achievements, not just the scale!
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Smile I know how it happened!

Now that I'm particularly proud of it, but I know exactly how I put on 80 pounds in almost no time flat, after having lost the same 80 pounds and I don't know how many dress sizes--enough that when I looked at the sizes I used to wear it just seemed impossibile...and now I'm back in them.
What happens is that we first notice that 1 or 2 pounds extra and we say "Oh, that's nothing; I'll take care of that tomorrow." Next thing we know, there's two more pounds to "take care of tomorrow." And before we know it--since the tomorrow that we take care of it it never comes--blam! we are staring at the huge number on the scale in total disbelief and kicking ourselves for not having "taken care of it" when it really was only 5 or 10 pounds.
But however it happened, here we are...all in this together...and the advice in this thread has really been terrific, especially--for me--the one about concentrating on each little thing that you do better than the day before instead of the numbers on the scale. And we have to lose it the way we gained it--in those small units of 1 or 2 pounds. They slowly added up to more than they wanted; now we have to make them reverse direction until they slowly decrease to where we want them.
So, that's about as wise as I get at 11:15 on a work night; I will be really sorry when 5 a.m. rolls around and I didn't get to bed at a decent hour.
Talk to you all again soon.
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