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Default Any older ladies out there??

Hi I'm Pat I'm 62 and was wondering if there were any ladies out there around the same age. I really need some help. I just can't seem to get my mind set on dieting. I have dieted many times in my life and always have gained back just about all of my weight. Any help and ideas on how to get motivated. Thanks Pat
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Want to feel better
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Hi Pat,

I just wanted to say hi and welcome. I know that in my surfing I have come across some ladies around your age, but now I can't remember where I found them ~ LOL. Explore around, and maybe you will find them ~ or maybe someone else will be able to point you in the right direction. You are welcome anywhere here.

Take care
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Pat, please feel free to stick around here no matter what your age. One of the people here is in her 60s (can't remember who that is, however). I'm 53, so I'm one of the older ones here. I applaud anyone here who has the courage to change his or her life no matter how old or young.

Regarding motivation, health is a big one for me. I think the older you get, the more the concern is for health and less for vanity, although, to be honest, there's a lot of vanity in it for me, too. I'm much healthier in my 50s than I was in my 40s. I started losing weight when I was 49, looking at 50 in just six months. I experienced some chest pain, and, frankly, it freaked me out to think of paramedics trying to lift my severly obese body onto a gurney. It's taking a lot longer than I thought to lose weight, but I've never given up. My father is 90, and I've watched him go through health crisis after health crisis because he has diabetes, and I know that's one disease I do not want to get! Okay, he is 90, but if I'm going to make it to 90, I want to be 90 like the two 90 year olds in my water aerobics class (one who is on her way to Peru!), not shuffling along with a walker and getting short of breath just going to the bathroom.

My suggestion is not to think of losing weight as a diet. Just change your lifestyle to a healthier one that you can live with the rest of your life. Take baby steps like drinking more water this week. Next week add in a 30-minute walk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then start working on eating right. For me, it was commitment and persistence that's paid off. It doesn't matter how long it takes to lose weight (you'll see benefits after that first 10% drops off)--just that you're eating healthy and exercising daily.

Please stay around and post often so we can get to know you.
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Hi Pat,
My name is Carol and I'm 60.

I understand the not getting into this diet.
I am watching portion and eating good plain food-not into fancy expensive receipes. I got a book to help with the calories. I try to be around 1600. I have to write mine down. You may be surprised how much you can eat and not feel starved. If you get cravings, take a weight smart vitimin with egcg to cut the cravings-it is also a multi-vitamin.
You can do it.
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Onward and Downward
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Hi PAT. . .

I'm 63 . . . actually I'll be 64 in another few days . . . Granted, most of the posters around here seem to be younger than we are, but there are a fair number of us "old hens" around 3FC. Try taking a look at the SUPPORT GROUPS forum area.

Regarding the motivation thingee . . . as has already been said . . . it's time to stop thinking "diet" and start thinking "better health and fitness". We've definitely hit that age when health problems start to develop and/or worsen and losing as little as 10% of your body weight can help a great deal. I have type II Diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol problems and since I've lost 50 pounds, I've been able to reduce a lot of my meds and that is a real, measurable, accomplishment and it definitely helps to keep me heading in the great downward direction. I won't try to tell you it's easy because it definitely is not. But I do think it's worth it.

Stick with us, girl . . . look around all the forums . . . and jump in wherever something seems to be a fit for you. You will be welcomed with open arms and lots of support, wherever you go. You've already taken that first and most important step.

Hope you have a great moving and shaking kind of day . . .
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ReadytoRetire...this is for you!!
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Default Any Older Ladies Out There???

Hi Everyone!

Thanks Sandi for bumping this up for me. I am 57 and looking for some ladies and gents who are closer to my age and posting for this forum. I am divorced and work full time to support myself. My weight reached an all time high and I have to do something! I sit at a computer all day so exercise is going to have to be one of my goals. On January 2nd I said enough is enough and I started on the Somersing program. So far it is working okay but I know it is going to slow way down. I would be interested in knowing what you are doing for weight loss and what motivates you to get out and exercise. Looking forward to any replies.

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I lost weight with Weight Watchers because I like the support and accountability. I'm just about 54 year old, by the way, and already "retired," although not by choice. Anyway, what works for me is commitment, rather than motivation. I've made it a habit to exercise. I set my gym bag out every night, and set the alarm for every morning. I go to classes most of the time because people miss you when you're not in class (ergo, an incentive to go), and it's also fun to meet other people. I also work out by myself because I've set some fitness goals. I like seeing muscles emerging, too, and I work with a trainer who is 65, and she's in incredible shape. I want to look like her when I'm grown up!

It's not easy, especially after 50, but it's certainly doable, especially if you don't give yourself a timeline. You've already lost almost 10% of your body weight, and you should start, if you haven't already, seeing some good health benefits. Good job!!
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