January Newbies...introduce yourself!!

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  • We get lots of new members during the month of January and we'd like to welcome all of you! Feel free to jump right in. You might want to check out this thread for more information on how the 100 lb club works.

    Please introduce yourself here so that we can get a chance to get to know you!!
  • Hi Sandi,
    My Name Is Sheila.. I'm from Louisiana...i joined this site a couple of years back but forgot that name and email account so i started a new one LOL..Just looking for a group to keep me motivated and on track when i feel down or just BLAH
    I started 250 now 230 goal is 160 i'm almost 5'10 in height so im hiding all this weight well UGH
  • January Newbie
    Hello everyone.....I am new to this site. I am looking to loose about 60 pounds when all is said and done. I will probably be doing Weight Watchers also but like other sites as an inspiration. I lost 45 pounds about 5 years ago but I have gained it all back. I have some back problems that have restricted my exercising. I am starting out by going to an Aquacise class this evening. I am hoping to do this on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
    Good Luck to everyone, we can all do this together.
  • Welcome Sheila and md! Sheila - I'm right there with you...height hides the pounds well, but ugh!
  • A re-intro from me. I'm Whitney, single homeschooling mom to my three kids. I'm a 31-year-old college student and work-at-home mama, and I also work at the gym childcare a few times a week (and get a membership out of it). I have about 100 pounds to lose, which I plan to do within a couple years.
  • Welcome everyone!!
  • I'm new too
    Hi all, I'm Anne. I joined back in December, just ahead of the holidays. But during the holidays I saw some photos of me at my current weight and I was truely embarrased! It was an awful moment but it also motivated me to do something about it.
    I've been heavy pretty much since I was a teenager. I also was in a car accident 6 1/2 years ago which limits what I can do a bit. It just makes it very uncomfortable to do any impact kind of exercises involving my hip and knee. So hubby and I decided on an exercise bike, which works good for me.
    I'm starting out at 265....I had lost 5 lbs over the holidays, but then weighed myself this morning and saw it was back up to 264 , so not sure if its water weight or if its an actual gain, I will weigh again tomorrow and see. I just started to drink more water...up until now, its been very little water intake on my part....BAD I know. But I'm working on it.
    Anyways, I would like to lose around 100lbs....but I'm trying to not worry too much about numbers, I want to be able to keep up to my 2 little ones...they are 2 and 7 months.

    Well thats me! I cant wait to talk to you all and work on this together!
  • Hello everyone...I would like to join in as well....my name is Raven
  • Hi all, I have been visiting this board for a few months. I love that there is somewhere I can go when I need to distract my self from eating!

    I am a 33 year old homeschooling mom with two boys, 5 and 7. I have been overweight my whole life. I am a total sugar/chocolate addict.

    My goal is 155, a loss of 100lbs, a weight I havent seen since 9th grade. I am trying to be patient, but It's hard. I enter my food into My Food Diary every day. I aim for 1lb loss a week. I am working on a regular exercise routine. I dont eat white sugar or flour, no soda or sweets. I focus on protein, whole grains, fruit and veggies (not my favorite must learn to like veggies!)

    I'm down 23 pounds and I'm looking forward to saying good bye to many more!
  • Quote:
    I am a 33 year old homeschooling mom with two boys, 5 and 7. I
    Another homeschooling mom! My kids will be 7 this month, 5 in March, and 3.
  • I joined a week or so ago, I find it fun to read the posts and see what others are going thru -- if nothing else, it keeps me from snacking for an hour or so in the evenings

    So many of you have such busy lives, taking care of kiddies all day (you deserve a freakin MEDAL in my opinion!!!!), and trying to lose weight as well. I have NO EXCUSES whatsoever, as I have no children, and a supportive husband who would eat a lettuce leaf for dinner if I asked him to LOL He's got weight to lose as well, but if he cuts out beer for about a month, he's down to his high school weight ergh I hate him LOL

    My problem is good old fashioned LAZINESS...it's WAY easier to eat crap, sit on the couch and do nothing, and just keep on buying BIGGER CLOTHES!!! However, I recently turned 40 and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm not a kid anymore and I'd like to see 50!!!

    My goals aren't too extreme, as in I'll NEVER do this or that again, as that's doomed me to failure a million times before. Instead, I'm making a few simple changes for a few months and see how that works out -- so far in a few weeks I've droped 11 lbs., and haven't really noticed it being difficult. The next 90...well I'm not so optimistic My committments so far:

    1) stopped eating McDonald's
    2) cut out diet coke
    3) increased water
    4) 4 walks a week (believe me, this is HUGE for me!!)
    5) make dinner @ home, go out only 1 night every 2 weeks (big change!)
    6) take lunch to work, don't buy it at the greasy spoon next door

    Not too much to take on at once, and I'll increase as I go along! Good luck everyone and Happy New Year
  • Hello everyone,
    This is great, I just though I'd say hello to everyone. I've been posting here for a couple of months now and its great. I sit at a desk all day long so I always keep this site up in my browser so that I can be distracted from whatever office munchies march my way.
    About me, I'm 26 and my starting weight was 238lbs, currently I'm at 222 and my goal is 140, which as far back as I can remember is smaller than I've ever been. I made it through the holidays with no pounds lost but none gained it was a successful maintenance of my so-far progress and I'm ok with that! Um... I'm single, and can't seem to be bothered with dating right now and I have no kids...I'm not sure if I want any either (or if I can have them for that matter but thats a horse of a different color). I live alone with my cat who insists on whacking me in the face while I do morning yoga. I just finished my masters degree so now with my newly found free time I'm concentrating on getting healthy....8 years of higher education beer an pizza has taken enough of a toll!
    Well thats enough of an intro....work is over...time for the gym!
    best of luck to everyone!
  • Hi! My name is Dolly. Today I started anew on the way of eating healthier for the rest of my life. It's been tuff. I weigh 266! I did the same thing last year at this time and lost 40#'s. In June I got down to 229. On my birthday ate crazy and from there on I have gained all but 5#s back! I have to wonder what the heck is wrong with me? I have been over 200 since the '80s. Every 5 years or so I will lose alot then slowly gain back. I always feel so good when Im thinner but I always mess up. This time I want more then anything to change for life. I'm 55 and I know if I'm gonna do it I had better get on the ball. Im here to find others to help me and I will do my best to help others.
  • Quote: Another homeschooling mom! My kids will be 7 this month, 5 in March, and 3.
    Nice to meet you!
  • Trazey, I can relate to your goals. I miss soda! I am trying real hard to get 8 glasses of water, it's hard! I just keep trying. And the cooking at home and limiting eating out, we're trying to do alot more at home too.

    Dollychick, I did the same thing last year. I lost 30lbs, then gained all but 5lbs back. I just hope I learned from the experience and will not repeat the same mistakes.

    NESunshine, I had a cat for 18 years before she pased away. I miss her wacking me in the face! Congratulations on your degree!