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Hey everyone, i'm new to this site as well. I actually just came across it a few days ago and thought it was such a great idea. Already i've been in contact with a couple of people and i feel more motivated. I have alot of weight to lose, and nothing has really worked for me. So i would love to hear from all of you about how you've lost some pounds and kept it off. i'm inspired by all the success stories on this site. Hope to talk to you all soon!
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Hi! I'm Melissa and the mom of three little boys. I never lost the baby weight after my first child (almost 8 years ago!) and my weight has only gone up from there. I am on a mission to loose the weight and be a healthier, more energetic mom. I also would like to have one more child and would prefer to loost at least 30-50lbs before we start trying.
My hubby of 7 years is a full time firefighter and we live in Maine.
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Hello all! I am Shelly from Missouri. Been reading and minimally posting for a week. I find myself at my highest weight ever of 287, I am 5'8 or 9" and NOT able to hide it. My loving husband just tells me that I am beautiful just the way I am, but I sure don't feel beautiful.

I am a 2nd grade teacher and am having time keeping up with my 23 kiddos. I also have RA and Acid Reflux. I have just been tested for diabetes and gall stones (get those results Thursday). I am run down and grumpy. These are all results of unhealthy eating, I know they are and I am finally going to do something about it!

I started the No Flour No Sugar Diet on Thursday and already have seen a difference in the reflux issue. I also have had more energy. I am afraid to weigh, I'll let you all know on Thursday my weight. I know I have peed about 82 thousand times so I must have at least lost some water weight.

I have gotten much inspiration from the posts on this site. I will be needing MORE as I lose almost 1/2 my weight! So....Thanks in advance!
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Hi everyone! I'd love to join in here! My name is Joannah, and I'm a stay at home mom to my beautiful 3 boys! I've always been overweight, but finally decided it's time to get something done about it. Not getting any younger I suppose!
I've been on and off every diet imaginable since jr high... but this time I'm just gonna do the good old "stop eating junk and get more exercise" plan!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Once more, with feeling!
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but this time I'm just gonna do the good old "stop eating junk and get more exercise" plan!
Hmm.. I think I've heard of that one. It's supposed to be a total fad though!
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Hello. I'm 42 years old, married for two years. I've been overweight since puberty, and I have gained and lost many times.

In 2003, I lost 82 pounds. Since I got married, I've gained back 58 pounds My husband has also put on a lot of weight since then, so we're losing (winning ) together!

When I lost the weight in 2003, I plateaued at 190 for 3+ months, which was very discouraging. As well, it was the first time I had lost a significant amount of weight since my 20s. The way my metabolism/body/skin reacted to weight loss at 40, compared with 26, was also discouraging, as well as a shock.

However, I once again feel tired all of the time, and out of breath after climbing stairs. My blood pressure is creeping up, and my last blood sugar test was borderline. Not to mention that the bargain clothes shopping I did after Christmas was another size up.

So... here I am!
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Hi Everyone!

I came across this website a few days ago and am excited to join and be a part of it. It seems to be a very encouraging bunch of people here!

My name is Holly and I live in Minnesota. I started fresh with my weight loss endeavor at the beginning of January. I've weighed over 200 pounds since I graduated from high school and that amount has increased year by year. Last year I was successful at losing about 30 pounds, but after getting married and keeping up with my husband in the eating arena, I put it back on. I want to get rid of all the excess weight once and for all. In addition, we would like to start our family this year, and I know that my chances of getting pregnant, as well as having a healthy pregnancy will be so much greater if I am at a healthy weight.

On day 1 I weighed in at 265.5 pounds. I'm currently down 10 pounds (yeah!) as of my weigh-in this morning. My husband and I are losing weight together - we both have a total of about 100 pounds to lose - our household will be 200 pounds lighter when it is all said and done! We are doing the South Beach Diet, but using that as a catalyst to total change for our food lifestyle. Right now we are in Day 10 of the 'strict phase' which is tough, but getting easier and easier with each passing day.

I look forward to getting to you all here and being able to encourage you on your journey as you are encouraging me on mine!


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Welcome Newbies! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Holly - My husband is also doing this with me...we both have 100lbs to lose and we are both doing Southbeach. We are also in Phase 1 and you're is tough!
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For a fit, healthy me!
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Smile One more newbie checking in.....

I have been lurking for the past week, but have decided that I need the give and take of support so I have delurked. I am a SAHM of 4 girls under 10 and have lost and gained many pounds over the years. I think I am at my all time high now and this year I am focusing my energy and resolving that. I have been on a "diet" since I was about 6 years old. My entire family struggles with obesity and I do not want to pass that legacy on to my girls. I have lost big in the past with liquid diets, Atkins, Jenny Craig etc. I have always lost to get pregnant or for my wedding or some other reason. This time I just want to get healthy. I am a binge eater so until I get better control of that I am eliminating sugar and white flour from my diet. Perhaps some day I may be able to do "all foods in moderation" but that is not now. My other plans are to stay with leaner proteins, lots of veggies and fruits. I also plan to move more and progress to an exercise program. Finally, I am journaling every bite I put in my mouth. I have been on plan for 8 days with little craving and am feeling better already.

I have really enjoyed all the profiles of both the newbies and the pro's. There are so many things I can relate to! What a great group of people!
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Starting over 3/24/2017
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Since I have 111 lbs total to lose, I suppose I fit in this forum. However, I am focusing only on 65 lbs to lose for 2007 so I don't get too bogged down with the overall picture (which I tend to do and thus get discouraged). January 2008, I will see where I am at that point, re-adjust my goals accordingly, and finish losing the rest of the weight to be down to my wedding weight of 150 sometime in 2008.

I look forward to getting to know each of you as we embark on this rewarding (but sometimes daunting) journey! Together we can offer the support needed to reach each of our goals. Here's wishing us all a very successful 2007 and beyond!!
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Hey everybody

I just finished reading this thread and wanted to offer some extra encouragement.

We're ten days into January now, and I know the shine is starting to wear off for some of you

I hope that you will all continue to post...EVEN if you have not done perfectly!
I have been off plan for over a year now, and gained all of my loss back plus almost ten pounds. BUT, I never left...and I'll never give up on myself, I'm nowhere near the end of this fight...and I'll continue to fight until I win.

The people here are my friends...some of them know me better than my real life friends...because I can express here, things I can't with people I know.
My friends here, KNOW how I feel..what I struggle with every day. They also know that we are wonderful people regardless of the number on the scale. point is this: Nobody's perfect Please stick around even if you've had a nibble, or an all out binge-O-rama..we're here for each other and we just have to keep on keeping on!!! As the saying goes...."We don't fail by falling down, we fail by staying down"


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Hi I'm Andrea
47yrs old, married and have 5 children, and 4 grandchildren.
I live in the UK.

I'm sick of yoyo dieting and need to get to my goal weight and stay there.
I would love to make some good friends here, so that we can support each other along the way .
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Hi everyone! I just joined in Jan...and live in Texas and Mexico. I have ( ugh!) 100 lbs to lose...but, this time around...Am going to make it. After so many quick fixes, 50 lb weight losses (again and again), I wasn't to be fit, healthy, and have energy to do anything I want to do. I have an aversion to, that's my biggest challenge. This time, after losing 3 close friends, I am seriously committed. Good luck to you all!
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Smile Hi, from Jessica, another newbie

Hello, everyone!
I have already lost 100 pounds (since December 2012) and am looking to lose about 60 more. Glad to be here.

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