May I join?

  • I'm beginning this journey with 108 to lose. I've had a lifelong struggle with being overweight and have been successful in losing weight in the past (maintaining - not so good). My husband and I are both committed to losing weight and keeping it off - we have 2 small children and want to be good role models! The last thing in the world we want is for our children to struggle with their weight. Anyway, I'm here if you'll have me, I'm going to be an active poster, and I'm GOING to lose the weight for good this time.

  • Hi and welcome to the forum!!! You're gonna love it here. This place is great for encouragement, support and advice. It's great that you've got hubby along with you for the ride. That's a big plus. My husband's lost 20 pounds since I've started without even trying. Perhaps it's the fact that I no longer cook like I used to. . No more fried this and fried that. Men really take it off easier then us women, it's not fair. But that's just the way it is.
    I am really looking forward to getting to know you better. So post often. Good luck to ya.

    P.S. Can I make one teeny, tiny little suggestion - it's your name, just a thought, perhaps you want to go with something a little more positive. And before you know it your name will be obsolete. Which is a good thing. I mean you're not gonna have 108 lbs to lose for very long!! I changed my name a couple of months after being here, it was "fed"up and I no longer felt that way, so yeah I changed it. Just a thought. We'll take ya with whatever name you put out there.
  • Welcome! My husband is also joining me on this journey. My 10 year old daughter has already developed a small weight problem...and I see her making the same mistakes I make...she eats out of boredom or when she is upset about something. We are doing the right thing for both ourselves and for our children.
  • HI! Welcome aboard! It is great to have you here....... This is the best place in the world for ideas and support. on taking the biggest step! Good luck - you can do this and Robin is right - your current name will soon be obsolete.... Hope to see you around the boards!!

  • I can't wait for my current name to be obsolete Actually I thought about it being negative, etc., but I deliberately chose it in order to remind myself how far I've come. I'm sure I'll change it eventually, though.
  • Welcome! Sounds like you're here for all the right reasons! Jump right in-- I look forward to getting to know you!
  • Glad you're joining us!
  • we are so glad that you are here. My husband is joining me in my journey this year too. I think making it a family thing will help!! Check out this thread for more info on how things work here in the 100 lb club!
  • Welcome to the forum! I think it's great that your husband is joining you on this weight loss journey. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you!