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Unhappy Anyone Out There? Brand New and Overwhelmed!

Hello - I just found this site and joined today. I'm 44, female, have to lose 100lbs. and I am overwhelmed and nervous. Yesterday I knew I had to do something because I felt so physically taxed just moving around. I have a husband, 3 children, 3 dogs. Everyone depends on me and I find myself sitting down and lying down more and more because I feel 20 months pregnant! I have a bigger butt on my abdomen than the one in the back and it causes me such back pain I just get tired and achy. I have done all diets, I have been, for it seems a brief moment down to 155lbs, but climbed back up to 200 again and again. I'm ready, I'm really ready. I want to use this site but I'm not sure how - computers are fairly new to me and I have to learn the lingo and operation of the site. Not sure if this post will even appear and where!

Maybe someone out there can advise me where to begin - I weighed in today and took measurements. Exercise will be tough - I get so out of breath - can I start just walking? I'm a sugar and bread/pasta freak - I know I need to get off those - how do you decide which diet is best suited to you? I lack energy, enthusiasm and belief now. But, I want all that to change - I want to feel good, look good and have my confidence back - not just confidence of looking good (although that would be amazing) but also confidence in my body - I saw a show on surviving the other day and I thought, if I was in a survivor situation, I'm too out of shape to make it. I want to be able to climb the stairs, play with my kids, fit in a seatbelt without feeling like I have to hold my breath.

Well, over in the corner on the screen here I see a book called You on a Diet - maybe I'll get it and start there. Baby steps? well, hello to all you "brothers and sisters" out there - I'm committed and could use some advice.

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Hi Stargal!

You are in the right place!

You have to start somewhere and coming here was an excellent choice. As far as exercise, any kind of movement in the beginning is fine, walking is perfect! Baby steps!

As far as diet goes, that's the hard part. Only you know what sort of diet or change will be good for YOU. Personally, I am on Weight Watchers and I like it because I can pretty much eat ANYTHING, I just have to be accountable. I don't like diets that tell me what and when to eat, I need to have my freedom. If you feel that you need some structure you COULD already start out with something else so that you didn't have to think of what you have to eat and when.

Keeping a food/exercise journal is something I would recommend. Especially at the beginning. Many times you can find out your triggers (food, stress, emotions, etc) when you write things down. From there you can learn how to deal with those triggers.

There are so many here who can support you. Good for you for making the first step!!
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You have come to right place!! You'll get the hang of the site in no time! It might help to read this thread too.

As far as you plan...that's up to you. Some people control what they eat by counting. You can count calories, you can count points (weight watchers). Some people don't like to count so they control what they eat. They cut out sugars, or carbs or a combination. There are so many choices. But no matter what plan you choose you need to choose something that works for you (ever body is different) and you need to choose something that you can stick to for the rest of you life. You don't need a diet, you need to change your life.

As far as exercise, yes, you can start out walking. Do however much you can as often as you can. You'll be suprised how quickly you'll progress.

Glad your here, post often!!
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Hi and welcome. I could have practically written your post. I just turned 43 and have 3 kids, no dogs, but a really, really big fish tank.

I stared losing weight when I decided I no longer wanted to be fat. I mean when I REALLY, REALLY decided I didn't want to be fat. That for me was the key. I was barely able to walk 2 blocks, I was just so darn inactive. And I already have great, great improvement. I started out walking 15 mins and it was torture. I slowly increased it to about 35 mins., but my knees couldn't take it. So I did and still do sit ups, leg lifts and stretching. When I stopped the walking, I started dancing virgorously and that's what I'm still doing. Even though I no longer "walk" per se just to walk, I do walk almost every day. I have a shopping center about a 1/2 mile from my home and I find some excuse to get there at least 4 or 5 times a week. I've yet to join a gym, but 2007 is just around the corner...........we shall see.

As far as the food, pasta and bread were my big, big downfalls. And therefore I've all but eliminated it from my diet. And I don't miss them even one little bit. I count calories trying to stay under 1400. Eating mostly low-fat protein like non-fat yogurt, white meat chicken, soy products, fish and the like. And I eat tons and tons of veggies. I eat every 2 -3 hours so that I am never hungry. The first 2 -3 weeks were very, very hard, but I got through it, because I no longer want to be fat. And then it got MUCH, MUCH easier. You (and other people) start seeing results, and the cravings practically stopped and the scale moves and you start feeling better and that propels you to keep on going. I also started a journal. I wrote in it all the things that I would gain as I lost the weight, and I would look at it and add to it often whenever I wanted to eat just for the sake of eating. I also keep a weekly record of my weight in there.

This is an absolutely great place for advice, support and encouragement. Look around and see what appeals to you. Why not join us on our "Daily Commitments Thread", here at the 100 lb club. There are many other great threads here as well. I am also not a computer whiz, but you will figure out just enough to get you by.

I wish you tons and tons of luck. And I promise you, you really CAN do this, if you want it badly enough.Just looking around here and seeing sooo many people that HAVE done it is a great motivator. I look forward to hearing from you often. We can always use more people here at the 100 pound club.
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Welcome to the forum Stargal! Renee said it great...walking is perfect, only you can decide which lifestyle change will work for you, and keeping a journal.

I count calories and I allow myself the special treats that I feel like I can't do without. But I avoid any trigger foods - if I get an urge for cake with icing I'll allow myself a dove dark chocolate bar or a WW desert, but I know that under no circumstances can I eat a bite of cake with icing because it would set me off!

As far as exercising, you'll find if you start out with the short walk you will notice fairly soon an increase in your energy and you won't be so out of breath. And when you're just sitting around, try to make it a habit to's amasing how many calories those little movements use up. I started off (this time - my last time!) at 323 and I swear there were days that I thought I would have to rest just walking up the stairs of my house. Yesterday I wore a pedometer and I took over 12,000 steps and I didn't even feel the least bit out of breath (I did however feel tired at the end of the day!) and that is just after 2 months being back on program! I can't wait to see what I can do a year from now.

Good luck with whatever plan you decide to go with. Post often and let us know how you're doing!!

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Wow, thank you so much to all of you for welcoming me - it's just what I needed! I "surfed" around looking at information about types of diets - funny thing is, I could probably write a diet book - but the hard part is putting the knowledge we've gained into a way of life. Another deterrent to starting is that I have done it so many times and then ballooned back up, each time higher than the last high. I did go to the kitchen, with whom I have a love/hate relationship, and threw out some obvious bad guys - oh, to part with my rum raisin ice cream - all that creamy delight melting in the garbage pail! I'm definitely a food addict - moving to an isolated rural area hasn't helped either - I am soon to be back closer to my sisters and that will help with the comfort factor. I know I am in a cycle of bad behaviors and thoughts - just like a drug addict - but today, I am taking responsibility - because wherever I am and whatever circumstances I'm in, I control how I eat and what I eat - bottom line. I am sick of being fat, sick of looking in my drawers at pretty clothes that don't fit, sick of driving around a parking lot 100 times until I get a close spot so I'm not winded by the time I walk through the mall doors, sick of going out to eat and fretting about "will I fit in the chair? will I fit through the resaurant aisles? Yes, something has snapped and I am ready.

Thank you again and I will go around and check out how to use the site - thank you for the link(?) on how to navigate around.

Ready to make friends with veggies! Ready to kick Mr. Haagen Daz to the curb!

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Hi Stargal!

Welcome! Everyone's given you great advice! I'd like to also encourage you to keep a SUCCESS journal. When I decided six years ago that I HATED the Christmas pictures that had me in them, I knew that I needed to make A LOT of changes! Keeping a journal which focuses on successes really helps! I guess by writing down all kinds of stuff like weight and measurements it kept me accountable to myself and able to measure my progress. By ALSO noting little victories (ie. "Brownies were on the staffroom table today, but I had a delicious apple and SAVED hundreds of calories by NOT eating four or five brownies!") helped me even more.

Six years later I still record my victories over bad food choices, exercise successes, and things that I notice that AREN'T just scale victories. Believe me, it really helps!

Beside the writing of journal successes, I would encourage you to read the threads on this site marked NSVs. These are NON-SCALE VICTORIES or things that are going great EVEN THOUGH the scale is NOT moving. These have been really helpful to me recently. I have NOT lost any pounds lately, but am losing INCHES due to exercise. I have been able to buy smaller sizes because I have been working out more. Sometimes we can get so focused on the SCALE that we lose sight of other good changes that we are experiencing!

Oprah had two other suggestions that I have incorporated into my plan. They are picking up the weight you have lost in pounds by putting weights in a box or a bag and then lifting it or carrying it around, and also stopping ALL eating by 7:30PM. Both of these tips have helped me keep focused and have contributed a lot to my progress.

The last thing that I'd like to suggest to you is to remember to reward yourself for those small victories along the way. I get a new pair of jeans or a CD that I like or even treat myself to a new color of nail polish when I go down with pounds or inches. I don't use food as a reward, though! That's what got me weighing what I did in the FIRST place!

Write out your plan and keep it in front of you. You CAN do this! Be sure to visit the AWESOME before and after pictures on this site. I LOVE to look at them for inspiration!

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Once more, with feeling!
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to 3FCs!! Good for you for throwing out that ice cream, doing things like that are so hard! Just don't keep them in the house!
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Originally Posted by Cheryl14 View Post

Be sure to visit the AWESOME before and after pictures on this site. I LOVE to look at them for inspiration!

Hi StarGal! I just started here myself. What Cheryl said about the before and after pics....that's what keeps me motivated and inspired too. Best of Luck to you.
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I too, lost weight only to balloon back up beyond where I had started. I think a big key is making SUSTAINABLE changes that YOU can stick with. I think of it now as making a commitment to a way of living.

I got there by baby steps. I started bringing lunch and snacks to work and watching portions (using a small plate helps, as does portioning out everything -- put snacks in a small bowl and put the bag away, for instance...)

You don't have to figure it all out at once. This is a great place for advice and info!
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Never want to go back!
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Welcome, Steph!!!

Oh my goodness, I, too, could have written your post. I have felt for years that I could write a diet and nutrition book, but had trouble consistently putting it into action. I have tried lots of diets and I'm done with following a script. I tend to fall into the all or nothing trap - one deviation from the script and I throw in the towel. So no script for me! I am just trying to eat food that is minimally processed (lots of veggies, fruit, chicken, fish, raw nuts, etc.), eating on small plates (surprising how well this works), weighing all my food on a small digital food scale (I had no idea how large my portions were!!!!!), and started exercising.

I was so tired when I started that the thought of walking was overwhelming. But I went out and promised that if I could only last 5 minutes, that was okay. I'd just add a minute or two each time and try to build up resistance. The first walk was the hardest of my life. I felt awful. But it quickly got easier. I had to switch to an elliptical machine because of a bum foot, and on that, I lasted 5 minutes and thought I was going to die! But now I can go for 20 minutes and am trying to add a minute each time I use it. It's only been since November that I've been doing this, so the improvement has been rapid. Just remember that if you start today, you are already going to feel SO MUCH BETTER in a month! And better a month after that. And after that...

I'm glad you've found us! This is an AWESOME group. We're glad you're here!!

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It's been so long...
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Stargirl... there's not much I can say that the other ladies haven't, they're fast and they're good I just wanted to chime in and say hello, and wish you good luck... hope you stick around and post with us a bunch
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Hi Stargirl -

Welcome to the club!!! I think the biggest thing for me was I was sick of being fat and I wanted to lose weight for me. Not anyone else or because I thought someone wanted me to lose weight.

I started doing cardio and I add 2 mins each week to my workout. Also, I use one of those big gym balls. The Gold's Gym has a great one at Walmart and it comes with a plan on how to use it.

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You've gotten some great advice here. Stick around so we can get to know you.
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Hi Stargal,

I think the key thing that you said was baby steps. Every time I've tried to diet before it has been an all or nothing approach... which is why my attempts never lasted that long. I'm learning now that small changed now will get me where I want to be. It wasn't the "bad day" that got me to the weight that I am now, it was all the days following the "bad day" because I just gave up.

I know how you feel right now, you want to change... but part of you wonders how you'll ever do it. It's like you're to tired to do it, and too tired not to do it. The thing is, you can make small changes that will make each day a little easier than the last.

You might want to join the daily commitments thread. It will help you to commit to little changes each day (i.e. drinking water, taking vitamins, eating veggies, taking a walk... what ever works for you). I've found that I'm more apt to do something instead of just thinking about it if I post if first. Plus, the ladies on the thread are Soooo wonderful and supportive.... it truly helps me.

Good luck.... I know you can do this
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