Foods to Avoid if You Have a Sensitive Stomach

There may be many underlying causes to having a sensitive stomach. These may be anything from stomach ulcers to excess gas to digestive disorders. No matter what the cause, there are some things that you can do to help lessen your stomach sensitivity. One step you can take is to watch what kind of food you consume.

Spicy Foods

Many stomach conditions are aggravated by the consumption of spicy foods. The acid content as well as the oil commonly found in spicy foods can lead to excess gas and heartburn. In addition, spicy foods can cause ulcers to flare up and intensify any existing stomach problem. Avoiding spicy foods is one way to prevent further upsetting a sensitive stomach.

If you love spicy foods like chili, it may not be necessary to totally remove these foods from your diet, but you may want to consider modifying your recipe. Eliminate the chili pepper and only add a tiny bit of black pepper. Or you can eliminate pepper altogether and enjoy a “lite” chili.

Dairy Products

While you may find having a bowl of ice cream or a nice cold glass of milk a delight, the lactose in ice cream and milk can cause an upset stomach. Cheese, butter and other dairy products can also sour your stomach, even if you are just mildly lactose intolerant. Consume dairy products in moderation if you are lactose intolerant. There are, however, dairy substitutes available if you really cannot handle dairy. A wide variety of soy milk, soy products and soy-based infant formula is now sold in the market.

Fried Foods

When you have a sensitive stomach, you may notice that it gets worse when you eat fried foods. Fried foods are harder to digest and can cause excess gas. While you may not have to completely give up fried foods because of your sensitive stomach, you should consider cutting back. Instead of deep-frying your French fries, try baking them in the oven. You will likely notice less stomach irritation.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol if you are having stomach issues. Soda pop, beer and beverages like these are known to intensify and worsen stomach problems. Any type of carbonated beverage should also be avoided. Tea, chocolate and energy drinks also contain caffeine.


Avoid processed foods, junk foods, eggs, beans, nuts, broccoli, cucumber and cabbage. They are known to increase gas in the stomach.

Having a sensitive stomach is no joke. You may regard stomach pain as one of the worst types of pains. By modifying your diet and eliminating certain foods from it, you can also eliminate some of the discomfort. Be cautious of what you consume as a lot of different foods and drinks can aggravate an already sensitive stomach. Know what food your stomach can and cannot tolerate. Eat slowly, chew your food well and drink plenty of water. Do not skip meals. Eat small meals on a fixed schedule. Consuming a heavy meal all at once is harder on your digestive system.


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