Food Nutrients In 6 Surprising Sources

We all need to watch our food nutrients. Sometimes this is an easy task since we know that certain foods, such as vegetables and fruit, are high in vitamins. Other times, we are a bit more confused.  We know we need to be eating a variety of foods that can meet all of our nutritional needs. Yet, we don’t know what all of these foods are, and we become bored with continuously eating the same healthy foods. For this reason, we need to be open to new foods and further our nutrition education.

Surprising Source #1: Soybeans

Soybeans contain many food nutrients, and they are low in saturated fats and transfats. This makes them a great food product to eat when you are watching your cholesterol, or hoping to prevent heart disease. 

Soybeans can meet your complete protein needs for a day, and they are rich in vitamins and minerals (such as folate and potassium).

Soybeans can be found in a number of food sources such as soymilk, soy nuts, and veggie burgers containing soy oil. You can also find many baked goods and cereals that are made from soy protein.

Surprising Source #2: Peanut Butter

Many people are aware of the food nutrients that are contained in peanut butter, however, they fear its fat content. Its fat content does not need to be a concern, since it only takes a tablespoon or two to enjoy its health benefits which include lowering your total cholesterol level (including the ldl, bad, cholesterol) and lowering your trigylcerides. Another major benefit: peanut butter is filling.

Surprising Source #3: Eggs

Eggs are a good food nutrient because they contain high amounts of choline. Choline is critical for brain function and helps to improve our memories. Eggs also contain lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are two antioxidants that help to keep our vision healthy.

Surprising Source #4: Avocado

Avocado is a heart healthy food nutrient, and it is loaded with monounsaturated fats (the kind that are good for our hearts and body). Avocados are also loaded with lutien, beta-carotene, and Vitamin E.  Studies have suggested that they can also help prevent cancer.

Surprising Source #5: Mushrooms

There are only a few food nutrients high in potassium, and mushrooms are one of these.  They are also low in calories.

Mushrooms have the ability to give our immune system a boost (great during the cold season). They can also slow down the growth of some cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer.

Surprising Source #6: Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is a condiment many of our mothers used to use on pancakes and waffles. Now it has been established that it contains food nutrients that can help us in many ways. It contains such minerals as: 

  • potassium
  • iron
  • calcium 
  • magnesium

Blackstrap Molasses can help give one energy, without the jittery feeling that caffeine products give us. It can also help many small wounds to heal, help repair hair damage, and help cure the effects of dermatitis.

The above six foods should be added to our diet for vitamins and minerals. One way to make sure we get the right amount of food nutrients is to learn about the food pyramid, and to try to follow it. The food pyramid is a food plan the United States Department of Agriculture created to help us to eat a well balance and nutritional diet.


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