Food Additives to Avoid: Potassium Bromate

Food additives like potassium bromate have the ability to cause cancer within your body. These chemical based products usually become metabolized into harmful substances within different organs, and generally target those specific places once produced. In the case of potassium bromate, cancer usually develops in the kidney or thyroid when consumed frequently and in large doses.

What is Potassium Bromate?

This chemical substance was once widely used by bakers and food producers who specialized in making bread products. Bromate helps the dough become full and obtain a larger volume. However, not all of the food additive gets absorbed by the body. Those who consume products that contain potassium bromate remain at a higher risk for multiple types of cancer.

History of Potassium Bromate

Potassium bromate was originally allowed and accepted by food regulating agencies around the world. Once studies verified that bromate does, in fact, have the potential to cause cancer, these positive views changed. The substance was banned in Europe and nearly every other part of the world–with the exception of the United States.

Rather than banning the substance completely, the United States Food and Drug Administration chose to simply recommend that food manufacturers stop using bromate. Many companies of all sizes listened to the request while several others still have not.

Avoiding Food Additives

A large group of leading food manufacturers still knowingly use the potentially harmful substance in their products. The following list provides a number of foods that you may want to avoid:

  • Fast food
  • Buns
  • Rolls
  • White breads
  • Dough based desserts and snacks

Most of these choices have poor nutritional value because they are produced in mass quantities. Food additives remain especially popular in these types of items because of their ability to increase or enhance the products’ taste or appearance.

For example, some fast food restaurants use potassium bromate in their buns to make them appear, feel and taste big, light and fluffy. Contacting a food production company’s corporate offices or searching online for nutritional information will help you choose bromate-free products.

Most knowledgeable sources recommend that you avoid overly processed foods, regardless of your physical fitness goals. You will often find the highest concentrations of bromate in fast food items and sugary snack foods.

Other Details

Since the US Food and Drug Administration has not fully banned many food additives, producers who use these types of substances in their products usually have to follow other guidelines. For example, bakers and food production companies in California that use bromate in their foods must put labels on their products. This allows customers to become aware of the possible dangers of the chemical food additive.

Also, this type of regulation generally forces food produces to eliminate the use of potassium bromate in their foods. If customers are constantly asking store employees what an ingredient is or why it’s in their food, sooner or later the actual producers may hear from their retailers. This cycle generally causes companies to stop using substances like potassium bromate.


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